The 30 Day Challenge – How to Win at Anything!

What is the 30 Day Challenge? How do you win at anything? Frankly – its a simple mind set shift.

And the 30 Day Challenge is a way to set yourself up for success in anything you want to achieve.

Most people hear 30 Day Challenge and automatically think of some fitness boot camp or eating challenge. But…

I’ve used this concept to take on challenges in; business, health, fitness, mindset and so on. What I want to cover is:

  • The 30 Day Challenge
  • How to Apply The 30 Day Challenge
  • Starting Your 30 Day Challenge
  • 30 Day Challenge Example
  • The 30 Day Challenge Summary

And, i’ll show you how to apply it in those 4 areas in particular. Let’s go!!

The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 day challenge is a concept I received from my business mentor to use to take on any business challenge I wanted to set as a habit.

Habits are the quintessential of all success to be honest. Without them we will always revert to self sabotaging behaviours.

So basically what you want to do is break down your most important goals to what I call the Super 6.

The Super 6

The Super 6 is a name I gave to something I learned from years and years of study and just gave it my own name.

I honestly can’t remember who it was at this point in time tho I wish I did.

Basically every single goal you want to achieve requires you to do 6 core tasks on a daily basis.

An example of my Super 6 for business are;

  1. Business study: to expand my knowledge of my market and niche
  2. Social strategy: Facebook and Instagram primarily with YouTube too
  3. Syndication: I create content daily! It only makes sense to use it as much as possible (you should too)
  4. Daily email: 7 and 8 business owners claim 80%+ of their profits come from email marketing
  5. Facebook LIVE: to engage and provide value. I’ll be doing this on Instagram soon too
  6. Morning and Evening Rituals: mindset is literally everything in business this is a must-do daily business task

I know for me if I get these 6 things done i’m on track for my success.

And I started small with bad YouTube videos like this;

And have built up to the point I can now do live videos around 14 minutes without anxiety or fear or difficulty;

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How to Apply The 30 Day Challenge

So how do you apply the 30 day challenge to what ever it is you want to achieve?

You must have your goal in place first.

For example the Super 6 above is for my $10,000 monthly income goal with my online business. And i’ll be riding it all the way to $20,000 I believe.

What’s your goal? Get healthier? Get fitter? Create a morning ritual?

Let’s break it down with a few other aspects of my life.

The Super 6 Health and Fitness

Before we talk about it here’s my Super 6 for my Health and Fitness:

GOAL: 89 kg’s and 10% Body fat

  1. 18 hour fast: Intermittent fasting is a powerful way to control your weight and health
  2. 3.5+ litres of water: And it must be high quality water. The higher the quality the better
  3. Protein shake: I use these to get my protein intake up as well as super food intake
  4. Healthy smoothie: fruit, veg, and super foods are a powerful combination
  5. Quality sleep: 6+ hours of good sleep preferably 8 as I workout 6 days per week
  6. Exercise 6 times a week: I know this isn’t achievable for all but we’ll talk about that later

I know that following my Super 6 I will achieve my dream goal of 89 kg’s and 10% body fat all in due time.

Will I have to make adjustments? Absolutely! But we’ll talk more about that later.

Starting Your 30 Day Challenge30 Day Challenge

Once you have your goal you make sure you set out your goals in a 3 X 10 day period.

I know that starting with 6 things to remember and track daily are difficult.

And, we’re not doing this for short term weight loss for your health, or profits gain for your business, but rather long term habits as we touched on in the beginning.

And here’s what i’m suggesting which is quite different from most of what you’ll learn out there:

In the first 10 day period, this is when the new behaviour sucks the most, pick your 3 easiest of the 6.

Then over the next 10 day period, this is when it gets a little easier and you’re starting to get some momentum and belief which means your will power and discipline is building, you want to pick the next 2 easiest to add to your 3. So now you have 5 things you’re doing daily.

Lastly, yes you probably guessed it you want to add the 1 last thing. This should be the most difficult for you personally. And, for the last 10 days you are doing all of your Super 6.

After this 30 day challenge your habits and rituals and routines and schedules and disciplines should be locked in. Well, at least 3 of them anyway.

And, you’ve just gotta keep going to attain the success you desire.

You see how its more about building up rather than trying to overwhelm yourself in the beginning with too many things?

Slowly build your momentum, your will power and discipline, and after the 30 day challenge you are in full control!

30 Day Challenge Example

For me for example i’ll use mindset here because that’s a huge and very important topic.

Me personally my super 6 are as follows:

  1. Visualising
  2. Journaling
  3. Goal setting
  4. Meditating
  5. Reading
  6. Affirmations

So how did I apply my 30 day challenge principle to get these rituals into my daily life?

I actually broke them down even further. Understanding that morning and evening rituals are both important.

I started with morning because I remember reading once; if you win the morning you win the day.

Brilliant quote that has stuck with me and so morning rituals have always been highly important to me.

So I started with mornings for the first 10 day’s and did micro goals (1 to 2 minutes on each activity).

You might be thinking why micro goals? Remember, the first 10 days SUCK. So you want to simply set yourself up to win by making it super simple from the start.

Being Flexible to Achieve30 day challenge

Let’s be honest I don’t always have the time to sit down in the morning for 30 minutes and do my morning rituals.

Sometimes I don’t have the energy at the end of the night to sit there and do 30 minutes of my evening rituals.

So, I have to be flexible in order to achieve. Remember, my goal is a Super 6 per day.

I give myself the pass, and yes it is okay here and there, that if I can’t do all 6 in the morning or evening i’ll just do 3.

Or, i’ll do a condensed version for example;

  1. Meditate: Mindful breathing for 2 minutes
  2. Visualising: Primary goals for 1 minute
  3. Affirmations: Just pick 3 to really focus on

The goal is success. The super 6 daily. So if you can’t do it all in the order you want to do it in exactly be willing to be flexible and get it done when you can.

The 10-10-10 Formula

So I started my first 10 days with these 3; Goal setting, Visualising, and Reading.

The next 10 day set I added these 2; Meditating and affirmations.

The last 10 days I added my evening routine and started; Journaling and Meditating again.

So after the 30 days I was now doing my super 6 for my mindset every day and honestly had I not start off a little easier and built up to it I wouldn’t have stuck to it.

I’d started morning and evening rituals in the past and failed by doing too much too soon and demotivating myself due to overwhelm.

The 30 Day Challenge Exception

I’m pretty strict with exception’s because I believe in building a system and sticking with it until you’re successful.

But, this is one for the positive.

You might be thinking: Sam, I already do 2 or 3 things easily without any effort.

Brilliant! It just means you start at Phase 2, you pick 2 more and do 5 in total, instead of Phase 1 and then build it up as much as you can.

Me personally with the mindset development above I don’t do Super 6 anymore, but I had to start with the 30 day challenge and Super 6 as well as 10-10-10 to get there, I actually do more like 9 or 10 in a single day between evening and morning.

The 30 Day Challenge Summary

I hope now you see that using the 30 Day Challenge concept you can really apply it to any area of your  life.

This is how you win at ANYTHING. Literally no b.s. Work thru the 3 phases and build from 3 to 5 to 6! Within 30 days you’re well on your way to achieving anything you want.

So be flexible, start where you are, and build build build until your rituals routines and schedules are completely on lock and complete control by YOU.

Comment below how you’re going to apply the 30 Day Challenge concept to one aspect that’s more important to you in your life.

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