5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid!

1 year into my blogging career and I started reflect on 5 blogging mistakes to avoid from the get go!

This blog post was really put together with love.

For my followers, readers, subscribers, customers – this is absolutely for YOU.

There are so many blogging mistakes we can avoid. What we’re going to cover:

  1. Not Building Your List
  2. Not Using SEO (white hat)
  3. Being Incoinsistent
  4. URL’s Lacking
  5. Self Hosted Site

This post is loaded! And, it covers some very prevalent points you must consider before you start on your blogging journey.

Today, I want to share with you 5 that I think are highly important for you as you decide to start blogging.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #1 Intro

When I sat down and wrote up this list I really wanted to hit this post off with a bang!

One of the most common blogging mistakes is not collecting email’s from the very beginning.

Make sure you do this! Let’s get into this oh so critical point.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #1: Not Collecting Emails

Many people when starting out think that their blog is for selling.

You see theres a big difference between an e-commerce site, like Shopify, or a blog.

Most think they have a shop. And they’re trying to sell products from their site.

The biggest blogging mistake to avoid without a doubt is NOT collecting emails.

Why do you WANT to collect emails? Without spending too much time on this topic, cos we could talk all night about it, this is essentially how you make money.

Ever heard the money is in the list? Well, that’s not true lol.

Money is in the relationship you have with your list!

And, the only way to build a relationship is to collect emails and email people daily.

Is it really worth it? Well, when 8 figure earners can send 1 email and get $50,000 in 24 hours I dare say its worth it!

Grab this comprehensive email marketing guide with training video tutorials to help you email like a pro:

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #2 Intro

Not using SEO is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid without a doubt.

Now, i’m not talking about keyword stuffing or black hat SEO.

Or spammy tricks to try and ‘get one over on Google’ – NO!

Google is WAY too powerful for YOU to try and trick them into thinking you have relevant content for their customers.

Let’s touch on this and advise on some tools to help you out.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #2: NOT Using SEO

What is SEO? For our new to online marketers it is Search Engine Optimization.

Basically, its a way of letting Google know what your content is about.

For example; this entire blog post is OPTIMIZED for the keyword Blogging Mistakes To Avoid.

There are 2 way’s to do this;

  1. White hat SEO: Following certain things to ensure that Google does know what your content is all about. This is the way to go.
  2. Black hat SEO: This alone is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid. DO NOT use black hat SEO. I’m not going to talk about it just don’t do it.

Why use White hat SEO? Again, so Google knows what you’re talking about.

The easiest way to do it when you’re starting out is by using a WordPress plugin.

Personally, I use SEOpressor plugin and its always worked well for me. Helps me out ALOT!

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Here you can see some of the things this plugin covers.

It is quite a powerful tool that’ll no doubt help you out alot! It has me.

Especially when you’re starting out it can be confusing what to do and what not to do.

How to format a blog post and what to avoid. This will help you out for sure.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #3 Intro

This is a biggie I have to be honest.

When I started out I consistently blogged. And by consistent I mean just once a week.

And, within 4 months I’d generated my first big sale, even without knowing what I was doing as an email marketer, a $1,250 commission.

So do I urge you to get consistent? Absolutely! Let me explain a little further though.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #3: Being Inconsistent!

Google likes blogs that are consistent.

Just like Youtube likes vloggers who are consistent.

OH, wait a second, doesn’t Google OWN Youtube? Yep 😉

You see when you type something into Google they want to make sure they send you the answer within a click or 2!

And, in order to do that they have to send you to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

If you blog inconsistently Google will not be so interested in sending people your way.

And by being consistent i’m not talking daily blogging.

What i’m talking about is you choosing a certain path and STICKING to it.

  • Can you only blog once a week? Thats fine!
  • Can you blog twice a week? Thats fine too!
  • Can you blog five times a week? Great!

Whats most important is that you pick a number and stick to it.

And in due time Google will note your consistency, and start seeing you as an authority in that market or niche, and start sending people your way.

Being inconsistent is one of the biggest blogging mistakes to avoid make sure you pick a game plan, commit to it, stick to it, and just keep going!

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #4 Intro

Now, this is something a little different that you won’t hear much about out there.

Its something that I started doing based on some research that I did into SEO.

And, I tell you what? It worked! How so? Lemme explain…

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #4: URL’s

URLs? Really Samii? I read this far and all you’re talking about is URLs?

Hang on man give me a minute! This actually cut my bounce rate by 200%!

Have I caught your attention now? Yeah, thought so 😉

Now, in the SEO section above I already spoke about SEOpressor.

In SEOpressor they do talk about URLs. Like having the keyword in the actual URL.

And, it talks about putting the keyword in the URL within a link in your content. Like THIS ONE HERE (just as an example).

What they don’t talk about is something thats so ninja, I feel kinda bad a$$ about it, that I use this but most don’t!

What I am suggesting is this: put URLs to other blog posts within your blog posts.

Here’s an example of what I mean;

Do you get it now? Why would I do this? I personally do it for 2 reasons:

One, To reduce my bounce rate! And, it worked so dam well. My bounce rate used to be around 60-65%. As you can see in this diagram you can see its now down in the 21% range and honestly i’ve had as low as 19% which is almost unheard of:

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Two, To increase my opportunity at getting more opt in’s! Which takes us back to point #1. The whole purpose of your blog is to collect leads and by leads I mean email addresses. If i’m sending people to more relevant content for themselves doesn’t it make sense to put a clickable link, where I can, based on what they’re reading? Absolutely!

I urge you to put URLs wherever you can! Now starting out this is a hard blogging mistake to avoid. BUT, after a few blog posts you can start ‘cross promoting’ them by inter-linking your blog posts to provide more targeted value for your reader.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #5 Intro

The 5th and final, in this blog post, blogging mistakes to avoid is not having a self hosted site.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about build yourself a legitimate site!

Don’t go using wix dot com or weebly or wordpress dot com.

Go to WordPress dot Org and build yourself a self hosted, you’ve got full control, website from the word go!

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid #5: Self Hosted Site

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Having a self hosted site thru wordpress.org is the way to go. Why? Full control! End of discussion.


No, let’s talk a little further and disscuss what why and how to go about doing this.

Having your own website really puts you up there as ‘professional’ and as much as I hate it; perception truly is reality.

What you want to do is setup a wordpress site, and blog, thru wordpress.org and run it yourself from that platform.

Don’t have the tech ability? Neither do I! You can go to sites like these;

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Elancer…

There are a tonne out there. I’ve used Upwork.com with other sites, and various projects, and its worked very well.

Alternatively, if you’d like me to set this up for you for $97 USD I can get your site and blog up in no time.

Just email me directly: sam@samnuku.com and we’ll organise that for you.

This is something you must do.

One of the main reasons why is if you use say weebly or wix or wordpress dot com, and they don’t like what you’ve put up there, they can literally shut you down without any hesitation and ALL of your information is GONE.

Another reason why you want to have a self hosted site is a blogging mistake you want to avoid like not being able to customize your site!

See as you grow Brand YOU Inc you’ll want to upgrade your site, how you see fit, without limitations to suit your audience and personality.

This is something thats key that is often overlooked! Don’t let that be you.

So go to WordPress dot org when you’re ready to set up your site and your blog and start making things happen.

blogging mistakes to avoid

5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid Summary

Well there it is! 5 Blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs. In summary:

  1. Not Building Your List
  2. Not Using SEO (white hat)
  3. Being Incoinsistent
  4. URL’s Lacking
  5. Self Hosted Site

Ensure you use each and everyone of these to get start off on the right foot!

Are there blogging mistakes to avoid that I perhaps missed, have your say by commenting below!

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