5 Steps To Become More Disciplined

Learning to become more disciplined is one of those “are you serious?” topics.

However, learning to do so will actually be the difference between your long-term failure and success.

What most people honestly miss is the fact that self-discipline doesn’t limit you but rather frees you from a lot of things you don’t need in your life.

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to become more disciplined which are, and we’ll discuss more as we go on:

  1. Emotionally Engage Daily
  2. Work Before You React
  3. Take Action Daily
  4. Focus on 1 Thing Only
  5. Reward Yourself

And these 5 things aren’t in any particular order 1 is just as important as the next so don’t get caught up on which to do to get the highest returns.

If you want to just start with 1 then so be it. Pick the 1 that resonates with you most and build from there but its best if you can do all 5!

This blog post isn’t going to help you master self-discipline today but my goal is to help you become more disciplined.

And I know doing these 5 things, 4 of those 5 dailies which’ll keep you locked in, then you absolutely will become more disciplined and more importantly you’ll WANT to remain self-disciplined long-term!

Let’s get stuck into it…

Become More Disciplined Tip #1: Emotionally Engage Daily

become more disciplinedLearning to become more disciplined requires you engage daily with your dream each morning of your life.

How do you do that you’re asking?

This is where your morning routine is so important!

For me the way I engage with my dreams each and every morning is 3 different ways:

  1. Goal Setting (click here for a lot more on this!)
  2. Visualizing – visualise your dream on a daily basis and be emotionally locked into what you really truly want deep down inside your heart of hearts
  3. Affirmations – I do affirmations slightly differently. I have my dream life for the coming 1 year written out, all I want to accomplish that is, and I read it to myself every morning.

I’m sure you can see that by doing these 3 things you’re actually engaging with your dream every single morning?

And here’s where the true power lies… in engaging with your dream’s you naturally become more disciplined because you SEE and lock into your dream every single morning before the day even begins.

And this is highly important as we’ll discuss next…

Become More Disciplined Tip #2: Work Before You React

become more disciplinedThere’s a reason why those who rise early in the morning get ahead of the rest of us.

Its no coincidence that those who work before they react get ahead of the rest of us.

Remember the old say “the early bird gets the worm.”

There’s a reason why you must work before you react.

Especially here in 2017 a lot of us wake up, and I’m guilty too sometimes, of waking up and looking at our phone.

We end up reacting to this notification, using that app.

We also react to this email, right on our phone before we even think.

And then, we end up replying to that text or call, before we goal set or visualise, or affirm our dreams.

And, then we won why all of a sudden, we’ve lost 30 or 40 minutes and we have to rush out of bed to get to the job we hate.

And, for us parents, we get angry at our kids with the tiny little things that cost 5 or 10 seconds blaming them as to why we’re late!

Surely now you can see reacting to the world just isn’t smart?

My suggestion is to wake up 1 hour earlier. Until you can get to a point of waking at 6am or even 5am.

Sound a little crazy? Well, if you want to become more disciplined this is a great practice!

And, it’s not for the faint of heart cos it’ll test you the moment you open your eyes and you’re tired, or you’re cold, or you hate your job so much you don’t wanna move!

This is where having a vision, a dream, is so dam important. You’ll wake up daily like me, ready and WANTING to wake up and get out of bed to work.

Getting up early allows you to build the life you want. First go thru your morning routine that I mentioned you build earlier on.

Second go to work on that dream!

Sounds a little “airy fairy” but I’m here to tell you by working on your dream before you react to anything on anything on your computer or phone you’ll become more disciplined.

What can you do? Well, if you want to build an online business you can:

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Create a YouTube video
  3. Study a topic related to your businesses niche
  4. Write a value post for your social platform

What if you want to improve your health as your dream?

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Stretch your body
  3. Drink 500Ml of water
  4. Do some yoga
  5. Go to the gym
  6. Play the sport you love

What if your dream is to have a powerful mindset?

  1. Visualise
  2. Read
  3. Meditate
  4. Goal set
  5. Affirm

Right off the top of my head in a matter of minutes I’ve been able to rattle off 4-6 thing sin 3 different areas!

So, whatever your dream is I’m sure you can come up with a handful of things to really focus on and do your work before you get stuck into the rest of your day.

Which Segway’s well onto our next topic…

Become More Disciplined Tip #3: Take Action Daily

become more disciplinedThe idea of taking action is that you do something every single day to move you 1 step closer to the dream you’re building towards in your head.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do get stuck in the getting ready to get ready. Meaning setting plans to do those plans.

The power truly lies in taking action daily. This will undoubtedly lead you to become more self-disciplined.

Yes, creating a plan is important.

Yes visualising, meditating, and goal setting every day is important.

The most important thing however? Take daily action!

Let’s go a little more with our discussion above about things you can do to improve your health!

Tell me… is there any amount of visualising that’ll beat you going out for a daily jog? No.

Further… is there any amount of meditating that’ll beat you going to the gym daily? No.

Finally… is there any amount of goal setting that’ll beat you playing a sport you love daily? No.

These are easy ones, right?

Again, I’m not dismissing the things I mentioned first like visualising, meditating, and goal setting.

I mean I do them daily because they’re super powerful for conditioning my mind and body to go out and achieve my goals.

But make no mistake without taking actual action… I’ll never achieve any of my goals at which point I can forget about wanting to become more disciplined.

And you don’t have to be crazy like me and do 30+ things to build your dream.

Just 1 step, each day, will take you heads and shoulders above those who simply visualise, meditate, and goal set.

Action is so powerful that most of us neglect is because of its simplicity.

In fact, I guarantee you 95% of people who read this won’t even read this step thinking “well, of course I should take action daily” yet they wouldn’t even take 2 minutes to read this section of this blog post?

If you’re willing to take action then how do you become more focused?  Let’s discuss…

Become More Disciplined Tip #4: Focus On 1 Thing

become more disciplinedThis might seem a little counterproductive especially for all my multi-taskers out there!

But the power of the 1 Thing isn’t to be underestimated.

One of the biggest mistakes I made earlier on in my life is focusing on too many things.

You see by doing that I basically became a jack of all trades and the master of none.

Do you know what that means?

It means you’re kinda helpful sorta for some people.

Catch my drift? If not… it means I was basically useless! Lol.

Truth is who gets paid the most? The best! Those who’ve mastered what they do.

And in terms of getting ‘paid’ I’m not just talking about your job its merely a metaphor.

Those who have the best health master their diet, their fitness routine, their sleep schedule and so on.

Those who have the best relationship have mastered their partner, how to speak to them, what kind of support they require to feel loved.

With your business, its finding those handful of key tasks that you need to lock in on.

Then, when you’re doing 1 task forget about the rest because the only thing that matters is what you’re doing at that moment and time.

The past has been and gone. The future isn’t guaranteed. The only thing we absolutely have right now… that’s why its call the “present” 😉

Therefore, the only way to ensure we build our future is to focus on the 1 thing we can do to get us closer to our dream, our goals, to accomplishing our vision we’re building daily.

How do you stay motivated tho???…

Become More Disciplined Tip #5: Reward Yourself

become more disciplinedThis is something I’m not very good at to be 100% honest with you however is a must.

How you become more disciplined is doing daily tasks that help you achieve your ultimate goals and then rewarding yourself for accomplishing those tasks.

Habits are the baseline key to everything we’re trying to achieve here.

And the only way to achieve creating a habit successfully is by rewarding ourselves when we accomplish something.

Now, a reward doesn’t have to be a trip overseas or buying your dream car.

Especially if your tasks is going for a walk every day for 10 minutes.

Make it relevant to the tasks so that you’re more motivated to become disciplined to achieve that goal.

If it’s a huge achievement then give yourself a huge reward!

If it’s a small achievement it doesn’t mean that you completely ignore it.

Take a day, or night, to acknowledge yourself by going to a movie or having a few beers with friends.

If you make it a social event too you can talk with people about WHY you’re celebrating.

This’ll help enforce what you’ve accomplished as you gain support from those who matter.

How do you go about rewarding yourself? A few things matter here…

When starting out rewarding yourself sooner rather than later is important.

As you go along you can lengthen the time and increase the size of the reward.

The goal here remember is to become more disciplined so positive reinforcement of your achievement earlier on is a must!

I neglected this for a long time and I struggled as a result.

Using our business goal above to talk further about this point let’s explore a little.

If we’re going to build our blog your goal could be to create 1 piece of content on a daily basis.

  • It can be a 10 minute content piece for your YouTube channel.
  • Or it could be a 500 word blog post for your blog.
  • Maybe its adding 5 people on Facebook and chatting with them about your business.
  • Maybe its posting on your profile, your daily action plan to attract ideal customers.

Whatever the tasks are its up to you to figure out what your business requires you to get done.

Every day as you accomplish the tasks you’ve set out, mark it up on a calendar as achieved, and at the end of the week reward yourself.

Go see a movie you really wanna watch. And spend up at the candy bar whatever you want.

Go to a friend’s party and have a couple of drinks. And stop worrying about what time it is.

Take your partner out to dinner and enjoy it! Stop worrying about the size of the bill.

Remember, you’re rewarding yourself! So, stop worrying about what comes with it.

Reinforcing accomplishing the goal you’ve set out will naturally help you become more disciplined as you start to associate and anchor that achieving your goals feels GREAT.

Summary to Become More Disciplined

I trust this blog post was helpful to you and your journey whatever that may entail!

It’s not easy accomplishing what we must in order to have what we want and enjoy it along the way let’s be honest.

So be sure to apply the 5 How to Become More Disciplined things we’ve discussed:

  1. Emotionally Engage Daily
  2. Work Before You React
  3. Take Action Daily
  4. Focus on 1 Thing Only
  5. Reward Yourself

Now, tell me below which 1 you’re going to start with today to become more disciplined!

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