5 Storytelling Tips For Business

I still remember the first time I learned about storytelling tips for business.

I still remember how much the course cost cos I was shocked! $997? REALLY?

To learn how to tell my own stories?

Further more as I got into storytelling tips for business there was another course I came across at $1,997!

Business storyteling techniques or not I was thinking thats quite a bit…

But, my mentor told me how important it was to learn this part of the online marketing game so let’s pony up the dough.

Do you see what I just did? I just told you a story & now you’re 100 words into it.

Into what? Nothing really. Just a simple little story.

Storytelling is wired into us way back even in ancient days where we’d sit around the campfire and share them.

I’m not exaggerating we’re literally biologically wired to tell stories.

Thats why its so important to learn tips for effective storytelling for your business.

So with that being said… Shall we? Before we do here’s the video training iv you prefer that type:

Storytelling Tips For Business #1: Start With A Story

Whenever you’re writing start with a story. Just like I did above.

I could’ve started with facts about this and that.

How it boosts bottom lines by this much and that it’ll do this and that. BUT…

And its a big but mind you, starting with a story is so much more interesting!

The key of the online content marketing game is EDU-TAINMENT.

Edu: Education + Tainment: Entertainment.

I suppose you could ENTER-CATION? Doesn’t quite roll off as smoothly.

Tips For effective Storytelling

So, your goal is to both educate AND entertain people.

Can you be successful with just 1 or the other? Absolutely!

Will it be harder to be successful using just 1 method? Absolutely!

So why not just learn to utilize both? Absolutely! (I HOPE you’re saying).

Yes it’ll take some work because most of us solopreneurs are used to doing our own thing. Lone wolves. Snipers. Out there doing it alone.

So storytelling can be the opposite to what we’re used to doing. This brings me to the next tip

Storytelling Tips For Business #2: You ARE Interesting

The very first doubt I had when I went thru that initial $997 course was dam… who cares about what I did today? lol.

And honestly its a legit question. It poses alot of fear in the best of us.

But i’m here to tell you that you ARE interesting.

That people DO care about your stories and WANT to hear about them.

Tips For effective Storytelling

So what can you use to tell as a story? Well, it depends on what you’re using as your platform.

For example you’d use a different method for;

  • Blogging
  • Emails
  • Video

How so? Not a big difference to be honest but let’s dive into how to.

Blogging: with blogging you want to start out with say 500+ words per blog post.

Once you learn more and more, and get better and better at writing which is actually tip #5, then you can write longer posts.

So when you start out just use 1 story to convey your message.

Here’s your blogging resources to get you started on the right foot:

Emails: keep emails shorter. Tho there is no problem at all writing a longer email if you wish.

In this case you can just share 1 story. Ideally you want to email daily, or atleast you should be, so you’ll want to keep to 1 story.

Obvoiusly you’ll want to give some value in that email however so don’t just write an email saying;

‘Hey, I ate Oatmeal for breakfast. Here buy my course’

I’m sure you’re not zombie enough to see how ineffective that storytelling is? lol.

Instead, open up share details and then tie it back to what you have to offer.

Video: Video is very similar to blogging.

Only difference is instead of print, or words, you’re talking and its visual.

Writting is easier for most so work your way towards video marketing but make sure you do it its super powerful and very profitable.

So tip #3 is…

Storytelling Tips For Business #3: Create Curiosity

Creating curiosity is something thats taught in copywriting ALWAYS.

I’m personally NOT a huge fan of curiosity cos I don’t want to trick anyone into anything.

I know I don’t like it when its done to me BUT I do see the value in it.

I use curiosity mostly in headlines and I urge you to also.

And, if you know something you’ve got helps somebody else then its your moral obligation to ensure they get it.

Ever dealt with anyone too hard headed to hear?

Then the same message comes from somebody else and its like a light bulb went off in their heads?

But you’re standing there wondering if you were talking to a brick wall or what? haha. It happens.

This is where influence comes in and you can gain it by creating curiosity.

Tips For effective Storytelling

Use curiosity in your business storytelling so that people get interested.

Did you know that if someone reads one third of your copy, or watch a third of your video, or listen to one third of your audio, chances are they will complete it?

This is why its so important to adhere to tip #1 which is to start with a story. It brings people into what you’re doing.

And, if you can start at a point of high drama like movies do then back track if you have to.

Seeeee aren’t you glad you kept reading? I just gave a sneeky 6th tip without asking you to pay for it. Oh the gurus are going to hate me for that!

Creating curiosity is on you to learn how to do. It does take some work and getting used to.

My general baseline rule I follow are 2:

  1. Use words like where, when, why, how, what who because it open’s the conversation in your prospects head
  2. Use a number to break up all the words
  3. Use 8 or less words in that headline

Further training on Headlines click here. Or watch this:

Following these 3 rules as your baseline will take your further then you will if you won’t.

Be sure to use them in your next blog posts headline, your next emails subject line, and your video’s next title.

Can you spot which 2 I used in my headline for this blog post? See how I did that 😉 Cool right! Now you can too.

Storytelling Tips For Business #4: Tell The Truth if You Want

This may seem a little controversial but its supposed to be. How come?

Don’t you remember tip #3? Have you forgotten already? Dam dude c’mon! Get your head into the game!! That was supposed to be Apolo Creed lol

This’ll do a much better job:

Anyway that wasn’t important but we could’ve used the 1 minute break to have a laugh and get a little more motivated.

Remember Tip 1? Use edu-tainment to tell your story? I just did complements of Rocky 🙂

I actually feel like running up and raising my arms in Phili right now. I really wanna paste another video but I don’t want to distract you again haha. SO…

Tell the truth if you want to. Me, I always tell the truth.

But, the training I went thru did teach this. And the reasoning was accurate.

Fact is that its your story. So you tell it how you want.

There is science fiction, fantasy, non fiction, drama, action, comedy, thriller… its YOUR story.

YOU’RE the one telling it so do what you feel is right for you.

As i’m in the education, business, development, and coaching arena the truth works best for me.

Tips For effective Storytelling

Instead of giving you tips in this particular section I want to give you actual business storytelling examples…

So i’ll give you 2 business storytelling examples. 1 truthful and 1 fiction just as an example.

Business Storytelling Example #1

Yesterday I woke up and thought it was going to be a typical day.

I was feeling good but not exactly pumped, if that makes sense?

But as I went thru my morning ritual my mentor and I started messaging each other.

Within 30 minutes of an awe-inspiring chat I was jacked up and ready to dominate.

I worked my ass off the rest of the day and got so much done I impressed myself!

This is the beauty of having a coach and a mentor. They remind of when you need it.

Lemme urge you to get a coach. A mentor. And I have an something that’ll give you both.

Check this out right now so I can mentor you thru your online business journey.

Business Storytelling Example #2

Today I woke up and thought it was going to be a normal day.

I was feeling amazing as I opened my eyes and got straight into my morning rituals.

When I finished my routine I got on the phone and talked to my mentor.

30 minutes later I was jacked! I felt great at the beginning of the day now I feel bulletproof.

As a result I became so motivated and focused for the day that I was highly effective.

I got more done yesterday than I got done in the previous month combined!

What was it that my mentor and I spoke about that got me going? WHY.

And I want to help you discover your WHY. And more importantly help you build a successful and profitable business.

If you’re pumped up and ready to discover your WHY and work with me as your mentor…

Then you MUST check this out right now

Business Storytelling Example Breakdown

Sooo… Question? Which one was truthful and which one was fabricated?

If you guessed that #2 was the truth then you’re wrong.

But now you’ve seen these 2 business storytelling examples.

Do you see the difference? The main difference is the energy in the message.

Slightly ‘Hollywood-ized” if you will to add that edu-tainment factor we spoke about earlier on.

Storytelling Tips For Business #5: Practice, Practice, Practice

This tip is pretty self explanatory right? lol. Sure is but so many miss it!

At the end of the day the ONLY way to get better at anything is to practice.

Storytelling for your business is a skill. So its absolutely no different.

Michael Jordan has all the talent in the world. All the physical attributes required to be a great player.

But do you think he would’ve made it if he didn’t practice? All day? Every single day? NOPE.

Just ask Kobe Bryant who in the offseason, and off-game days, would train to the tune of 8 hours per day.

Dam! No wonder he was so great. No wonder he was one of the best of all-time.

Tips For effective Storytelling

My point is this: at the end of the day storytelling is merely a skill.

And, the more you practice it the better you’ll get at it.

How do you practice storytelling? Simple: pick a philosophy and use it daily. Philosophy?

What we discussed above… Truth or not so true. Once you know your method roll with it.

Then use it in your audios, videos, blog posts, social posts, and emails.

This is my #1 tip which is Practice!

I got better and better the more and more I applied what i’d learned.

Now that you’ve learned be sure to practice every day.

End of the day I sucked when I started and if you’re reading this now you think i’m pretty good.

Before you read the summary here’s your Storytelling Tips cheat Sheet:

Storytelling Tips For Business Summary

I trust that these 5 storytelling tips will help you with your business.

Be sure to apply all 5 as soon as possible for max results okay?

  1. Start With A Story
  2. You ARE Interesting
  3. Create Curiosity
  4. Tell The Truth if You Want
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice

If you have any questions simply state below! More importantly however..

If you have any storytelling tips for business please leave them in the comment section below so that we can all learn and grow together.

Thank You For Sharing
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