5 Tips for YouTube Success You May Have Not Considered

In these 5 Tips for YouTube Success I want to go into things you may or may not have thought of.

Simple distinctions that’s going to differentiate you from the rest of them.

And thats really what YouTube success comes down to – being different so you stand out.

Before we go into that however, this blog post will have a huge focus on personal branding as that’s what I specialise in… cool?

However you CAN use these 5 Tips for YouTube Success for even your brand it doesn’t just have to be you.

First off well done for looking to improve your marketing game. The topics I want to cover are:

  1. Channel Art
  2. Intro Video
  3. About Your Channel
  4. Website Links
  5. Channel Icon

Unfortunately most won’t even read this – and that’s why you’re different and I believe you will succeed whilst most won’t.

So I really want to help you start your YouTube channel successfully or improve on your current channel.

I personally have had channel’s for YEARS, going back at least 7 maybe even 8, and I just learned some things 2 months ago that I never did until this week.

There’s always room for improvement. That’s the mindset of anyone successful but especially us entrepreneurs.

Let’s get stuck into it shall we?

YouTube Channel Art

The first of the Tips for YouTube Success is your Channel Art.

This one can be a little tricky. Why? Its the dimensions that make it difficult.

Honestly I love Canva but even with them they don’t have the size right because they create high resolution images.

One problem is that its also too big when you upload it to YouTube you’ll see only half of your Channel Art.

And the painful thing with YouTube Channel Art is that you don’t have a choice to drag the image around so it fits. So work to get it centered become your YouTube Channel Icon will also get in the way but we’ll talk about that next.

YouTube only allows 4MB max to be uploaded and their images usually come out around 6MB.

So here’s what i’m going to suggest you do:

  1. Go to Canva, Pick the YouTube Channel Arts, create it till you get it right, Then go to a PNG or JPG size reduction free site like Compresspng
    • You upload your Channel art you’ve created from Canva and then upload the PNG to Compresspng
  2. Once processing is done download as .zip file into your computer
    1. There you can extract the image and it’ll be around 2MB which is up-loadable as your channel art

Here’s m YouTube Channel art as an example for you to work towards:

Tips for YouTube Success

YouTube Channel Icon

The second of the Tips for YouTube Success is your Channel Icon

So this is a little more art but much simpler than YouTube Channel art to be honest.

The YouTube Channel Icon can be 1 of 2 things;

  1. Nice picture of yourself – note I have one with a beautiful beach in the background
  2. Clear picture of your logo – if you’re building a business channel this is what you’ll wanna use instead

Its really quite simple this one.

Building your own image? Like I am: Sam Nuku is my brand, my name that is

  • just use a nice picture of yourself that’s clear
  • doesn’t need to be in a suit use something similar to what you’ll use in your videos or there will be a disconnect
  • if you can get a nice pic, unlike yours truly, have one without glasses as eyes and teeth convey a good message

Building a brand? an example might be if I was building: Lead Conversions Pro

  • use an image with your brand logo
  • make sure its high resolution
  • keep the logo simple and easily recognisable

Keep this one simple. Don’t over think or over complicate it. Just get it done, get it up, and move onto the next step 😉

YouTube Intro Video

The third of the Tips for YouTube Success is your YouTube Intro Video.

So this is one that I did know about. I know I needed a YouTube Intro Video but I just delayed it forever because… well i’m human and human’s procrastinate and make excuses lol.

I finally sat down and shot the video after making MONTHS and MONTHS of daily videos I finally put together what’s arguably one of the most important ones to make: YouTube Intro Video.

Honestly its one of the shortest videos i’ve made in 2017 which is the funniest part about it. Why did I delay?

I’m telling you this so you don’t justify and make excuses instead just get it done, okay?

Here’s my YouTube Intro Video:

As you can see its very simple, barely 2 minutes long, but does cover a few things:

  1. Welcome people to your channel – seems simple but say hello, welcome, and thank them for making the effort
  2. Explain to them what your channel is about – a simple elevator pitch is perfect. Tell them how they’ll benefit and tell them to subscribe
  3. Instruct them – they might not be aware, to check out your playlists as they cover various topics that’ll help them out
  4. Call to action – in the About you, description on the video we’ll talk about next, tell them there’s a link to something helpful (and give them your opt in so they can subscribe to your email list so you can market to them daily)

These are 4 simple things, you can cover in 1-2 minutes, but will come across very “professionally” in a subconscious way.

Be real and authentic and make sure it resonates with the rest of your content and video styles ok?

About Your YouTube Channel

The fourth of the Tips for YouTube Success is your About Your YouTube Channel.

This is another simple one that takes minutes. But, it is a good one to get in there as it also subconsciously conveys professionalism. Meaning someone whose serious about what they’re doing.

Imagine you liked a video, went to that person’s channel trying to decide whether or not to Subscribe, and you had no welcome video and in the About section there was nothing?

You’d be thinking… well, no i’m good I don’t want to subscribe. I came to learn more and learned absolutely nothing about this person/brand. Get it? Right. So these are some of the things I covered myself which are similar to the YouTube Intro Video:

Tips for YouTube Success

1. Intro Sentence which says: Daily I bring Online Business Tips to help you build your business!

2. My pitch and call to action immediately: I want our relationship to start off well so…

Here’s free training on how to use Instagram to build your online business: samnuku.com/free-instagram-for-business-training/ OR

FREE Facebook LIVE Training: samnuku.com/free-facebook-live-training/

3. Inclusion of input on the channel: Also, Is there a video you’d like me to make? Is there a topic you’d like me to put together as a series?

Comment below and i’ll be sure to add it to the to-do-list 😉

4. Wishing them well: Have a great day! You got this! Coach Sam

5. My contaction information so they can reach out if they want to connect:Tips for YouTube Success

Contact information:

Blog: http://samnuku.com/

Email: sam@samnuku.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samiinuks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samiinuks/

If I were you I’d copy paste the above, yeah i’m actually giving you permission, you can copy my stuff and just put in your words and your links ok?

I told you when you came to this blog I GOT YOU! 😉 I wasn’t joking

YouTube Website Links

This is one that a lot of people miss and like most the above its simple laziness.

The fifth of the Tips for YouTube Success is your YouTube Website Links.

These are an absolute must if you ask me and it starts with getting your website verified which you can do like this:

Thats the start and this will allow so many things beyond the scope of this blog post but be sure to get it done.

Then in this section it allows you to put in your social links too so add your primary ones.

For me I added the ones listed above: Facebook & Instagram because if people want to connect that’s the best way for me to do it.

Tips for YouTube Success Summary

All of these things can be done under the YouTube Channel tab and can very simply be done but will really give your channel a face lift.

Remember and do these 5 simple things to really put your “professionalism” across:

  1. Channel Art
  2. Intro Video
  3. About Your Channel
  4. Website Links
  5. Channel Icon

Now its your turn! Comment below, which one of these 5 Tips for YouTube Success was one you hadn’t applied or were aware of?

Thank You For Sharing
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