5 Tips to Make Yourself In Demand in Your Niche

In this particular blog post I want to share with you 5 tips that’ll help you become in demand in your niche!

Wouldn’t that be nice? To have so many people wanting you or your service its hard to keep up with it all?

Its a nice problem to have. So, the 5 tips I wanted to discuss are:

  1. Be Patient With Yourself
  2. Be consistent
  3. A Great Reader is a Great Leader
  4. K-I-S-S (Keep it Samii Simple)
  5. Tell Stories

BONUS; I wasn’t going to add this but i think its a perfect fit for the topic: How to Determine Demand for a Product.

in Demand in Your NicheAnd, I assure you its NOT how you think it’ll come out! So be sure to read till the end.

With these 5 tips in place first I wanted to discuss one thing quickly: the niche demand definition.

I’m sure we can agree that an quick and easy way to describe it is ‘a lot of people wanting something specific’, don’t you think?

A niche is a portion of a market and something in demand is something thats really wanted by alot of people.

There for my thinking for a niche demand definition is something specific that a lot of people want.

So in context to our discussion here let’s say that becoming in demand in your niche is when a lot of people want you and your services, cool?

Alright… let’s get stuck into this

How to Become in Demand in Your Niche

1. Be Patient With Yourself

One  of the biggest mistakes i made when starting out is beating myself up for not getting the results i wanted fast.

All of us goal-getter’s are people who are results oriented and task driven. Very focused and determined people.

Thats the good thing.

On the other hand we’re very impatient to a fault so we tend to beat ourselves up instead of celebrating any success we have along the way.

Once upon a time until I made a big ticket item sale ($500+ in profits) i wouldn’t be happy about much at all.

Now, i’ll be happy when someone subscribes to my list!

The difference is a small mere shift in attitude BUT the outcome is way different: we have a different attitude, and mindset, allowing us to be more patient with ourselves, so we can stay ‘in the game’ longer therefore increasing the likelihood of our success.

Do your home work. Find yourself a mentor. Choose yourself a coach. Create a strategy together and implement that strategy until you are successful.

But again, above all be patient with yourself which includes celebrating the small wins along the way.

2. Be Consistent

Being consistent is so important and i’ve written and talked about it in the past before.

To become in demand in your niche you HAVE to be consistent… how do you do that?

Do so by creating routines, rituals, schedules, and deadlines that you actually stick too.

Doing this alone will create a success patter you can count on that’ll help you to become more in demand in your niche cos you’re the one whose ‘always showing up’

My second tip on how to become in demand in your niche is to become consistent.

This is a tough one for majority of us even i struggle at times with this being a single father, playing recreational basketball, and building a business from home.

Follow This 8 Step Plan to Build Your Business With A Highly-Engaged Audience!

However greatness is not defined by a single act but the outcome of many many acts. Habits truly are the key to success.

And being consistent will ensure we will attain the success we truly desire. By showing up every day people naturally get to know, then like, then trust you which is so key to online business.

3. A Great Reader is a Great Leader

I used to make the mistake of thinking: to be a great leader you must be a great reader! NOPE!

The true value is in fact the other way around: being a great reader is being a great leader!

What does this have to do with being in demand in your niche? Everything.

You see in order to be in demand in your niche you must provide value you must be more knowledgeable than atleast 95% of the market.

Which is actually a lot easier than you think its a matter of studying, applying, and teaching. BOOM. Follow those 3 steps and i guarantee you you’ll know more than 95% of the market out there.

Most people do 1 of those 3 but don’t do all 3. Don’t be that way be different.

Now, when I say read i mean more along the lines of – consume content. A LOT OF IT!

I listen to training’s when i’m driving, i’ve turned my car into a mobile university.

I usually listen to content when i’m walking or in the gym or training at basketball, sometimes up to 3 hours in a day.

And i also study at home as part of my daily routine, Sometimes up to 4 hours!

Am I saying you need to do that? Heck no even I don’t do that every day.

I’d say you need a minimum of 1 study per day at whatever niche market you’re in.

Fill yourself with so much value and knowledge that you can absolutely dominate your niche.

Most importantly when prospects and followers ask you a question you can confidently provide a valuable answer that’ll let them know you mean business. Cos then at that point… you ARE in business – with them 😉

4. K-I-S-S: Keep it Samii Simple!

How to make yourself in Demand in your NicheWe all know the saying of ‘keep it stupid simple’ or ‘keep it stupid simple’ but have you ever heard of Keep it Samii Simple?

Thats me 🙂 Very simple lol. And, for me to really pick it up sometimes it requires 3rd grade level teaching for me to grasp a concept.

Its okay i’ve accepted myself as i am haha. But it does set a good premise: make things so simple you could explain it to a 3rd grader!

Here’s the thing to remember: what’d I say about 95% of the market?

They only do 1 of the 3 required for excellence/mastery:

  1. Study
  2. Implement
  3. Teach

Missing 1 of these things will lead to shortcut in your knowledge, understanding, and overall achievements.

So, what do you have to do just to put yourself in the top 5% ALMOST guaranteeing success and ensuring that you will become in demand in your niche?

Implement the 3 steps mentioned above.

But, what does this really mean? No, it doesn’t mean you have to study for 50 hours, implement something and make a million dollars, and then create a course teaching everything in detail over 12 modules and 20 hours of hardcore content – far from it!

All you need to do is learn 1 thing, implement that 1 thing, then teach it with your own personality experience and new found knowledge.

Doing that allows people to connect with you and what you have to offer but more importantly allows you to to unconsciously rise as cream of the crop in your niche and be seen as the trusted adviser provided you lead with value and be willing to help people.


5. Tell Stories!

Its human nature that we connect with stories.

There’s a saying in Sales: Facts tell, Stories sell! Cos its so dam true.

Yes facts are helpful and they are needed to make a rational decision. But right in that sentence is where the problem lies.

We AREN’T as rational as we think we are. We are emotional creatures by nature!

So, instead of using facts try telling stories. It’ll connect a lot more with your audience allowing them to see your awesomeness on full display.

What if people don’t like you? Who cares? lol. It means they were never going to buy from YOU anyway.

Particularly in personal branding you HAVE to be the real you.

I mean consider one Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, I mean these guys are WORLDWIDE and people LOVE them! I’ve seen friendships end over Kobe Bryant debates lol. Tyson has threatened death and rape and whatever else you wanna add… people LOVE him!

Why? Cos they were being themselves. And, when you’re not people see straight thru it.

That’s why with my blog posts you’ll see things like haha and lol cos thats how I really feel when i’m writing and speaking and i want that to either vibe with you or not.

If it does awesome welcome to the marketing with humor club 😉 if you’re not then thats cool go to some too-serious stuck up his behind i’m gonna charge you $20K for something worth $2K guru hahaha.

That was a bit personal but anyway you get my point.

Use your personality driven experience being told thru stories ‘self’ to connect with your audience 🙂

We’re hard-wired from the caveman days to sit around the old camp fire and listen to the oldies telling stories conjured from their memories and experience…

Use that to your advantage when telling your stories

How to Determine Demand for a Product

Determining demand for a product is more of an e-commerce thing to be honest.

So why am I writing about it? Well, cos we personal branders still want to know how to determine demand for a product before we create it right?

I mean frankly i couldn’t think of much worse than taking 6 months to create a product only to find out no one wants it!

This post isn’t about finding untapped niche markets nor is it about how to find a niche nor niche research for that matter.

My blog is all about building ‘Brand You Inc’ right? So this is how its done frankly.

First, watch this video right here and honestly it’ll give you most of what you need to know:

Okay so how did she go from $0 not knowing what to do or sell to $30,000 PLUS in 90 days?

She build her audience, then asked them what THEY wanted from HER!

Brilliant! Honestly, its brilliant! So many of us make the mistake of trying to decide the product first which isnt’ always necessary.

For e-commerce learning how to Determine Demand for a Product is important but not for us building our own personal brands, don’t you think?

Focus heavily on building your personal value and brand FIRST and then ask your tribe, your followers, your prospects as to what THEY want 🙂 0 guess work MONEY in the bank.

5 Tips to Becoming in Demand in Your Niche

Make Yourself In Demand in Your Niche Summary

So, in summary in order to make yourself in demand in your niche follow these 5 tips as best as you can:

  1. Be patient with yourself (it takes time)
  2. Be consistent (the more you show up the more people will remember you)
  3. A great reader is a great leader (start consuming 1 hour per day in your  niche)
  4. KISS (keep it samii “3rd grade understanding” simple”)
  5. Tell stories cos facts tell stories sell 😉

And again when it comes to learning How to Determine Demand for a Product be sure to build your audience first then survey they on what they want to see MOST from you.

Comment below which of the 5 tips to make yourself in demand in your niche will you focus on the most?

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