5 Way’s to Beat Overwhelm in Business

Are you experiencing overwhelm in business?

I know when I started out as an entrepreneur overwhelm at times felt like an hourly challenge.

I have to be honest though this is definitely something that wasn’t easy to overcome but I certainly have now!

And dam i’m grateful that I only experience that overwhelm feeling in my business perhaps once a fortnight or even monthly at times.

And that’s where I want to get you to. To beat overwhelm once and for all.

The way i’m going to do that is giving you 5 way’s to beat overwhelm in business:

  1. Stop following too many people
  2. Pick a business model and stick to it
  3. Only purchase or study what aligns with you
  4. Create a daily routine and stick to it
  5. Overwhelm Word: STOP! Now, What’s next?

Let’s get into this shall we???…

Beat Overwhelm in Business Tip #1 Stop Following So Many People

One of the biggest mistakes us online entrepreneurs make is following way too many people.

Notice I didn’t say study or buy from I said follow…

Its very confusing following multiple people’s advice’s and system’s and method’s and strategies.

Its my opinion that what most leader’s do work but people don’t put in the work.

You may or may not be one of those people but here’ the skinny of it: stop following so many people!

When we do this we get confused with all the tips and strategies we’re given.

And what ends up happening is we half a$$ the strategy we’re following instead of getting after it in full.

As a result? We get little to no results.

Focus instead on a few people you can follow that aligns with your personality, learning style, and teaching preference.

For me I study a tonne of courses, I follow only a few people, but I only model 1 person!

YEP 1 PERSON. He’s exactly where I want to be in 3 years time so why would I bother modeling anyone else?

Apply this tip and watch your overwhelm in business decrease dramatically.

Beat Overwhelm in Business Tip #2 Pick a Business Model And Stick to it

Another reason why us online entrepreneurs have is shiny object syndrome and it leads to a tonne of overwhelm in business.

What we really need to do is to pick a business model we want to do and keep in mind it doesn’t matter what it is;

There are so many way’s we can generate business but what we need to do is pick a model and stick to it.

I’ve literally seen someone go thru this cycle in just a short few months; personal branding, MLM, then Forex.

Guess what kind of results he got? 0! That was obvious right? lol.

Pick one business model that you want to master and stick to it until you succeed.

I’d recommend finding something that works with your personality.

Like to write? Great – blog!

Love being in front of the camera? Great – vlog!

Love interacting with many people online? Great – forum marketing!

There are a tonne of options here in 2017 that you don’t need to limit yourself – just pick and dominate, NOW!

Beat Overwhelm in Business Tip #3 Only Purchase or Study What Aligns With YOU

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money you might as well spend it on something that actually benefits you, am I right or am I right?

I’ll wait… 😉

One of the way’s I definitely had overwhelm in business when starting out is I bought too many courses and studied too much that had nothing to do with what I was doing.

So, my focus now is whatever i’m trying to learn I stick to that.

There are a tonne of way’s that things relate to each other and how they connect.

Stick to those topics. There is more than enough to spend years on to master which is the only way we’re going to get paid for it.

For example want to focus on video marketing? Great!

Study how to go live, study how to rank a video, study how to interact with people, study how to get people to subscribe and like your videos…

See you just wanted to focus on video?

And I quickly off the top of my head rattled off 5 things you could focus on for months if not years to come to master this skill.

And its the same with all other methods. There are a hand full of things you can do to improve every facet of whatever method you choose to focus on.

Buy and study those things that matter cos if you don’t its only going to create more overwhelm in your business and that is obviously not what we want.

Beat Overwhelm in Business Tip #4 Create a Daily Routine And Stick to it

 One of the best way to ‘automatically’ beat overwhelm in business is creating a daily routine and sticking to it.

Sticking to it is obvious right? We’re going to create the habits we need to be successful over time.

And so is a daily routine… when we put one in place we get work done seemingly automatically.

My biggest advice is to have a ‘core’ of things you do on a daily basis and when you have time and energy get more than usual done.

For example my core’s are:

  1. Video content
  2. Email subscribers
  3. Social media strategy
  4. Study

So for me between these 4 things can be as little or as much work as I really want.

They probably take me approximately 2 hours per day.

And, on day’s I have more free time that’s when I do things like:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Company reviews
  3. Tips videos
  4. Paid advertising
  5. Content upgrades etc

There are typically 5-10 extra things that i’ll have on my list that I can get done.

And yes make a list because thats the only way you won’t waste time wondering what to do next.

So remember, put together a daily routine starting with your core most important activities that you must get done.

Next, have a list of other things you can do when you have ‘spare time’ to get more done and do those only during that time.

Forget about hustling 247 in your business its a fallacy. It just ain’t true. I discuss more here and I hope it helps:

Beat Overwhelm in Business Tip #5 Overwhelm Word: STOP! Now, What’s Next?

One tip that i’ve picked up along the way, and this comes thru mental fortitude and habitual practice is the word STOP.

Overwhelm in business can hit in many ways from tech problems to trying customers to haters trolling you on social media.

To beat that we must use the word stop.

When we get these feelings just yell mentally: STOP!

Take a few deep breaths (woosa if you want lol) and ask yourself…

What’s next? Meaning what’s the next step I must take to complete this task?

See overwhelm is very much a mental problem and it comes from thinking of too many things at once.

What you need to do is be able to focus on the only task at hand that matters.

I really picked this tip up from my mentor who would, without me realizing, condition me mentally by saying:

what’s the next task? what’s the next step? Once i’d answered he’d say… now go get it done, Sam!

Coming from my mentor that was more than enough to put me back on the winning track.

I’d urge you to do the same thing. And if you need a coach to do that you know how to contact me or here whichever you’re more comfortable with 😉

Beat Overwhelm in Business Summary

In summary remember these 5 tips and work on them daily to beat overwhelm in business:

  1. Stop following too many people
  2. Pick a business model and stick to it
  3. Only purchase or study what aligns with you
  4. Create a daily routine and stick to it
  5. Overwhelm Word: STOP! Now, What’s next?

Now lemme ask you… was there something I missed that you have experienced and beat overwhelm in business – if so then share in the comments section below for all to learn from!

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