7 Tip’s How to Get Back on Track in Life

Over a year ago my life started to fall apart in a way I didn’t foresee coming and I was so confused on how to get back on track in life.

For me reflecting on the past 14 months and all of the loss i’ve had and trauma i’ve overcome is humbling.

I know i’m on the right track now and I want to share 6 tip’s on how to get back on track in life including:

  1. Humor
  2. Gratitude
  3. Touch a Passion
  4. Exercise
  5. Be Front Sighted
  6. Stay Active
  7. Motivation and Inspiration

No one thing is more important than the other frankly it all helps and everyones different as to whats more important for them.

You may be going thru something traumatic in your life and that’s okay know that you can get back on track sooner rather than later.

The 6 things I mention above all helped in their own way shape and form and I don’t discount any at all.

Let’s get stuck into it…

7 Way’s on How to Get Back on Track in Life

Tip #1 Humour

how to get back on track in lifeHumour allows us to release endorphins which are natural body chemicals that make us happy so getting these out are really important.

So for me when I started to think about how to get back on track in life I couldn’t help but think I need to get happy.

At that point I was trying to figure out how to get back on track after a break up cos my wife at the time had had an affair and left with that person.

Which for me was honestly worse than her dying because she was out there, and conscious chose not to be with me, so I wasn’t sure how to overcome that reality. Talk about being humbled…

I’m a movie person and started searching IMDB for comedies and started watching all of the ones I KNEW mad me laugh and that I really enjoyed.

I looked at movies like; Couple’s Retreat, Grown Ups, Longest Yard, Liar Liar and honestly probably another 20 I could list.

The importance of this is to make you physically laugh so whatever YOU think is funny is what you should watch not what I think is funny.

Tip #2 Gratitude

Gratitude? Why & How in 1 Step

Posted by Sam Nuku on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This was a big one and was harder to get into because when we suffer such trauma is very difficult to mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and at times physically move past what’s holding us back.

But, i’ll tell you this; of all the things I did this is the MOST crucial in my opinion.

If we can’t get into a state of gratitude meaning having an attitude of gratitude its really tough to ever be happy again.

Because it was so difficult I literally started with 1 thing per day, no matter how small it was!

It could be; I’m grateful to wake up this morning.

And that was honestly enough to make a positive effect on me.

You can slowly build up to as much as you choose but 1 genuine feeling of gratitude and acknowledging it is super powerful so be sure to apply it.

Tip #3 Touch a Passion

how to get back on track in lifeThis was a tip that came from my mentor at the time and although I had no mental strength to build my business this was such a brilliant tip that was super unique that i’ll use with all of my sufferings moving forward in my life!

Touch a passion is quite simple but super powerful. What things are you passionate about? And it doesn’t matter WHAT it is what matters is that you do 1 per day every single day!

I was passionate about my kids, basketball, business, and development.

So every day I made sure I did 1 thing at least as a bare minimum and as I gained more and more mental strength I touched multiple and expanded the list further.

An example is instead of lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself the way i’d get back on track after losing everything, or at least it felt like it but more on this in future months, I’d get up and go and play basketball even for 20 minutes and it had a huge impact.

I’d get out and listen to audiobooks like I used to do whilst driving because I couldn’t sit still and study I just didn’t have the mental strength just yet and it helped for sure.

I’d urge you to discover your passions and dive into it as deeply as you can!

When I had my kids I’d go out with them and do activities that made them happy because their smiles and laughter put so much joy in my heart I couldn’t help but release endorphins.

I’d hug and kiss them and feel the love they had for me despite all my flaws and it really helped me when I was trying to figure out how to pull my life together.

Tip #4 Exercise

This one obviously goes back to the endorphins thing we spoke about earlier on but theres more to it than that.

Exercise is important to any success steps in life but even more so when trying to figure things out.Everyone knows how important exercise is for their fitness for example.

But not everyone is aware the stress we kill as a result and the happy endorphins I mentioned earlier on as extra benefits.

And for me at this tragic point in my life was the real benefit. You don’t have to do something strenuous to gain benefits.

I had a fully torn and ruptured ACL at this point so I couldn’t go and play basketball like I wanted to.

So I started with isolated strength training in my local gym and small walks consisting of about 20 minutes.

It was enough for me to get active and start getting some true benefits.

2 other missed benefits when you exercise is that we’re getting more oxygen in our body which pumps blood which is the source of life.

And also water. We naturally drink more water when we exercise which is the next most important element to health after oxygen.

So you’re getting so many benefits just from working out! If you’re not start now with simple walks of 20 minutes around your block and you’ll start gaining all these benefits yourself.

This also helped with getting back on track with weight loss which ALWAYS feels great!

Tip #5 Be Front Sighted

I’ve made a video on this topic which you can watch here:

What is Being Front-Sighted? #DailyDevelopment

Posted by Sam Nuku on Thursday, May 25, 2017

The idea is that you need to look ahead in your life!

Too many of us are stuck looking side ways and back wards when we really need to be locked into what’s in front of us as that’s a lot more important.

At that time I was so hurt and struggling so badly that I only reflected on all the mistakes I made and could’ve avoided to keep my marriage together and even to avoid the ACL injury i’d had.

But, here’s the problem with that: living in the past solves absolutely nothing!

Learn the lesson you need to learn no doubt, but then move on with your life cos you’ve got a life to live no need to rehash over and over again what’s done, been, and gone!

This was super powerful for me moving forward!

What have you got to look forward to? And don’t say nothing thats not being realistic. Stop playing the victim. You’re here cos you wanna move on with your life right? Well, let’s get it done.

  • Good job to look forward to
  • Promising business
  • Good health despite injury
  • 2 beautiful baby boys
  • Opportunity to choose someone I wanted
  • Great friends who were supportive
  • Supportive and loving family

Honestly the list went on but these were the 7 things I really honed in and locked in on with my future!

Find the things you can look forward to, and trust me there are plenty, you just gotta open up your mind and push your painful emotions aside and you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Tip #6 Stay Active

This isn’t an exercise tip tho it can easily fall under this title because it is physically being active.

What I meant more about this was get things done. And if you have the emotional strength make it passions.

Remaining active for me meant all of these 7 things you see plus more like;

  • Visiting my best friends
  • Time with family
  • Hanging out with nieces and nephews
  • Going to my job at the time
  • Keep moving and doing what ever I could to remain distracted mentally

This staying active tip is hard because sometimes what hits us is so traumatising we physically THINK we don’t have the strength.

Trust me we do but we just haven’t mustered up the courage to move forward with our lives. Be strong, you got this, you absolutely will get back on track – if you weren’t here you wouldn’t be ready for the next phase and level of your life!

Tip #7 Motivation and Inspiration

Not everyone is a personal development nut like I am lol. And I acknowledge that.

But motivation and inspiration doesn’t have to just come from the sources we think.

For me there were a few things I really chose to focus on to get me back on track:

  1. Audiobooks
  2. Youtube motivational videos
  3. Inspirational individuals

So, these 3 things alone I could write a blog post on and 1 day I may do just that. But, for now I wanna break em down a little for you:

1. Audiobooks

I love audiobooks! Non fiction ones. Preferably books.

I know a lot of people like biographies but for me personally I prefer to listen to books.

As I like development it was easy for me to find a tonne of content to listen to and focus on for however long I needed to.

Find what you enjoy and listen to them during dead quiet times like driving or cooking or walking so you don’t get too stuck with painful thoughts.

2. Youtube Motivational Videos

These videos aren’t just for gym buffs or people trying to achieve amazing things.

When I was down in the dumps i’d just Youtube search a topic I felt I needed a boost in on the day and watch that short video and i’d feel more motivated to achieve something for the day.

It took me 2 months before I got stuck back into my business.

It took me a month before I got stuck back into exercise and basketball.

And these were 3 HUGE parts of my life previously so it takes time no doubt but this’ll help you I guarantee.

Here’s an example of a video for someone who wants to gain success:

When I was down, and wanting to climb back to the top of my game which is really important because you have to WANT TO, i’d watch 1 video per day that was less than 10 minutes long cos thats the attention span I had at the time.

Apply this I guarantee you’ll see the difference!

Inspirational Individuals

Part of my getting back on track was following inspirational individuals.

This came in many forms and obviously for us all its different!

The Kobe Bryant 61 point game was huge for me 1 year ago because it was emblematic that despite all struggles and tribulations one can fight thru and be successful at the highest point.

Watch this if you’re a sports fan;

And i’ll be honest i’ve watched this a few times and still feel inspired by it!

I followed certain business people that really were inspiring and my favourite was my mentor Zach Crawford who continued to support me thru my journey like no one i’d ever met in my life. And for this reason he’ll always have my loyalty, love, and support.

You can follow whoever you want frankly. The point is to find someone whose inspirational to you and that you can follow.

It’ll give you motivation you perhaps never thought was possible! Which’ll give you a boost to get out there and get things done.

DOUBLE UP on How to Get Back on Track in Life

Something that I’ve always done is stacking the deck.

The idea behind this is that you do multiple things at once that really help with what you’re doing.

This is different from multi-tasking tho its similar I don’t believe in multi-tasking I believe more on locking in on a specific target and taking it out! Then moving onto the next step.

An example of how this would look in my life was like this:

I’d combine tip 4 and tip 7.

I’d exercise while listening to audiobooks or watching motivational and inspirational youtube videos to keep me ‘pumped up’.

You can combine any you wish i’d often combine tip 7 with 6 as well in fact almost daily!

When you can get to a point of combining 3 in 1 go you’re really going to enhance your road to recover.

For example i’d listen to motivational audiobooks, exercise at basketball which was also touching a passion! BOOM 3 hit at once.

I’d always feel amazing when I was stacking my deck and I know it was huge in me not just getting back on track in my life but THRIVING and going to the next levels I wanted to be at to be super successful at life.

How to Get Back on Track Summary

I trust if you’ve read this far that this blog post was helpful to you and your life which honestly humbles me and gives me a tonne of gratitude!

So, thank you 🙂 I appreciate you. I want you to add me on Facebook cos you’re the kind of person I like to have around me.

Irrespective of these 7 points and the su points made which one was most useful for you?

Tell me which 2 or 3 points you’re going to stack to help you get back on track with your life in the comments below!

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