8 Healthy Morning Rituals You Should Try

Looking to start healthy morning rituals for success?

I’ve researched the most successful people and discovered a number of different ideas for you to use to build healthy morning rituals.

Having healthy morning rituals for success are a must. Without them we tend to throw away the most creative and powerful hours of our day. I know because I made this mistake for the longest time!

And whether you claim to be a morning person or not there are a few things that still remain facts we cannot ignore.

Our will power is strongest after we sleep, which usually means the morning. And therefore, doing the things that matter the most in the morning are the best way to commence a day healthily.

This isn’t true for everyone however which is why you need to experiment with all these ideas and see what works best for you.

I want to introduce all these ideas to you so you can find what’s best for your morning rituals and i’ll add my 2 cents in the areas i’ve experienced and experimented with myself ok?

Healthy Morning Rituals

Before we really get stuck in lemme say that there are a tonne of healthy morning rituals out there.

The ones i’m mentioning are simply what I have knowledge of that successful people use in their morning routines.

There are a lot of “healthy” things we can do like reading for example but i’ll write about that another day, cool?

What is a Morning Ritual?

It’s rather simple to be frank… think of a morning ritual as a morning routine you follow to set yourself up for success for the day.

Obvious its going to vary a lot if you’re a single male as opposed to a married mother of 3.

We can however set out healthy morning rituals for success and absolutely should if we want to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled.


Meditation I believe is an absolute must add healthy morning ritual for success.healthy morning rituals

Meditation however isn’t necessarily however sitting there and chanting OOOHMMM for an hour.

Its been scientifically proven that you can gain the mental benefits of meditation in just 10 minutes of practice per day.

Me personally I don’t even do that. I use meditation more for the mindfulness, the peace and calmness, the control to start my day.

2 minutes of deep breathing: 5 seconds in, hold for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds works wonders for my racing brain in the morning.

The key to meditation is mindfulness practice. So technically we can meditate in many states.

Touch a Passion

This is one you won’t find in many places to be honest. I learned this from my mentor and i’m so glad I did!

In my deepest darkest hours I spoke to my mentor who said; “Sam, you need to touch a passion every day.”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant and I dug deeper and started to apply this to my life even beyond the darkest hours.

What he meant was quite simple but very profound and life changing.

Find something you’re passionate about and do it every single day! Impossible? Lemme explain.

Here are some things that i’m passionate about myself, you may find a few you agree with;

See any there that you could possibly apply? I mean it may not be basketball but maybe its volley ball? Or football? Or running?

By ‘touching a passion daily’ I was able to be passionate. This is a huge key to being happy with life.

With your healthy morning rituals I highly recommend you find your passions, start with 3 or 4 or 5 and expand, and then attempt to do 1 in your life every single day.

Healthy Meals

healthy morning rituals

My idea of a healthy meal to start the day is very different from everybody else to be honest tho I do understand everyone’s different.

My healthy morning meal doesn’t come till about 1130am because I practice intermittent fasting daily so I don’t have ‘breakfast’.

If you’re a must-eat breakie kinda person I get it. If you’re going to most successful people have something healthy along the lines of a smoothie.

And no i’m not talking about the crap you buy from your local juice store lol. Even if they are healthy as some can be the cost will probably not be worth it unless you’re already a 6 figure earner.

You’d be much better off buying yourself a commercial grade blender like an Optimum or Vitamix and start making your own.

Buying 1 super food each fortnight or month pretty soon you’ll have a shelf of epic foods no one even knows exists like maca powder. Guys, look that one up you’ll be glad you did 😉

I’ve written about my healthy coffee smoothie if you’re a coffee person for example although honestly its more like a mocha or latte. But you get super healthy super foods and your coffee fix at the same time you’ll be feeling amazing for a few hours mark my word.


Gratitude is absolutely a healthy morning ritual for success. It falls under the mindfulness umbrella like meditation and I just had to add this here.

One of the healthiest, mentally and emotionally and physically if you wanna get atomically scientific, is showing gratitude at the beginning of the day.

There’s a few ways you can apply this to your life and i’ve experimented with both;

  1. Journaling: write down 3 things you’re grateful for. And you must be genuine in your gratitude
  2. Visualising: for 1 minute think of all things you’re grateful for and say them to yourself internally
  3. Vocalising: for 1 minute say things out loud that you’re grateful for and use your body to make actions

I find vocalising to be the most powerful for me personally but I am an auditory person.

So it comes down to your personality and preferences honestly.

If you’re kinesthetic, like my son Tristan, you prefer hands on and journalling will be more powerful for you.

I’d suggest try each one for 1 week each and you’ll know what resonates most with you.

Turn off Devices

This is 100% healthy for us I have no doubt. But it is one I struggle with as i’m always glued to the internet. And my fiancee is always hounding me about keeping it off lol.

I know its healthy however and strive daily to keep it off intentionally. To optimise our sleep and our day we must start on the right foot.

And scrolling thru Facebook or Instagram probably isn’t the best way to do so. To each their own however.

How I apply this if I ‘must’ feed my addiction of checking everything i’ll limit myself to 5 or 10 minutes and I won’t do it until my morning rituals are completed.

Cos you have to ask yourself… is scrolling thru Faceboook or Instagram the healthiest thing to do right now? You’ll probably find, irrespective of what time you ask that question, your answer will be no.

So for that coveted first 30 minutes, even 90 to 120 minutes, doing so is actually damaging to your day. So keep it turned off.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with loved ones can be one of the healthiest morning rituals we can have.healthy morning rituals

This falls under touching a passion for me also but isn’t always a viable option.

When you can however, on a day off for example Saturday, you don’t need to rush out the door spend quality time at the start of the day with your loved ones.

This includes time playing with your kids to having mind blowing sex with your partner! YES you’re allowed to enjoy the beginning of your day feeling great.

For me as an example morning sex is one of my favorite Healthy Morning Rituals. Do I do it daily? No lol. But I don’t do most of these things daily just what I can. And if I have the time why wouldn’t I exercise, connect, and have quality time with my Queen to start my day?


This is probably the most obvious of the healthy morning rituals.

Everyone knows its healthy for us to do so! But do you know how much you should do?

A simple 20 minute, slightly higher than normal heart rate, is enough to do the job.

You can be, but don’t need to be, a gym rat who hits it hard for 2 hours – which in my opinion is unhealthy too based on everything i’ve learned about health and fitness in my 20 years of sport.


I’m known in my house hold for weird and bizarre tinctures! But I love to experiment.

At one point I was mixing 9 herbs and spices along with lemon or lime juice and hot water – and no i’m not talking about KFC! lol.

I’d mix black pepper, cayenne pepper, Himalayan salt, lemon juice and a gang of other things.

All because they all had different benefits that I wanted to get into my body.

Ultimately it came down to alkalising my body and putting in a drink that’d give me detoxifying benefits whilst still in a fasted state.

This was like losing weight on steroids. Seriously I could legit drop 3kg’s in 1 week if I applied all I know.

The tincture was all about starting the day off putting healthy stuff in my body while remaining in a fasted state.

Healthy Morning Rituals Conclusion

In the end there are a tonne of healthy morning rituals we can apply.

I trust these 8 will help you to start your morning more healthily even if you were to apply just a few.

  1. Meditation – 10 minutes a day is scientifically enough
  2. Touch a Passion – a hobby will do, I shoot hoops
  3. Healthy Meals – Smoothies are the most complete
  4. Gratitude – 3 small things is enough (i wok up, so i’m alive!)
  5. Turn off Devices – hard I know, i’m guilty often too
  6. Quality Time – play with your kids or your better half
  7. Exercise – 20 minutes is enough, no gym junkies required
  8. Tinctures – lemon water works, add other things for more benefits

In fact that’s what i’d recommend! Start with just 2 or 3 and build from there till you find 4 or 5 that you enjoy doing.

The true key to success is in getting things done and being consistent with it and really the only way you’re going to do that is find the things that work best for your personality and preferences and incorporating it into your life and creating your own healthy morning rituals

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