What am I Doing For the Next 90 Days Business Focus?

What is my next 90 Days Business Focus?

So the last 90 days of the year is basically upon us. What am I going to focus on for the next 90 days coming up?

I think something that is missing from a lot of people’s blog’s and training courses is their actual journey.

Sure, its marketed but its told in the form of a rag’s to riches story to help sell a product but what about the actual ongoing grind?

I decided i’m going to do essentially an update every 90 days as to what i’m going to be focusing on for the next quarter if you will.

I like working in 90 day increments it really allows me to test something out and really go at it then see whether it was worth my while.

90 Days Business Focus Layout:

  1. What am I reducing? Facebook marketing
  2. What am I adding? Instagram marketing
  3. What am I increasing? YouTube marketing and Blogging

90 Days Business Focus Video

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90 Days Business Focus: Facebook Marketing Decrease

My first focus of decrease over the coming 90 days business focus is Facebook marketing.90 Days Business Focus

Most importantly the LIVE videos. I’m going to stop all together and replace with YouTube marketing videos instead. I’ll talk more later why i’m doing YouTube instead.

Facebook is the social marketing monster that everyone is spamming on these days lol. Along with Instagram but i’ll talk about that next.

Facebook is an awesome place to engage with people. To build a fan page as your friends are limited. To create a group for your loyal followers so you can connect.

Facebook is very algorithmic just like Instagram. But I much prefer Instagram because my efforts can be systematized a lot better.

I did LIVE videos on and off, mostly on however, for almost 1 year. And I gained followers and people did subscribe to my list. But in the end it wasn’t enough to justify the time and effort going into making them.

You might be thinking… but your LIVE video’s are only between 5 and 15 minutes? Yes. The video itself is. The 1 hour study and all day mental preparation for it is another story.

Video is still all the crave! And, i’ll be doing LIVE videos again sooner or later but for now YouTube is where i’ll turn my efforts for the next 90 days business focus.

90 Days Business Focus: Instagram Marketing Addition

I’ve been experimenting these last 40 or so days with different Instagram strategies.90 Days Business Focus

I still have a lot of learning to do but I believe its a huge marketplace if you can crack it.

Why am I increasing it? Obviously cos it works… if it didn’t, or had minimal returns like LIVE video, then I wouldn’t bother cos its all about optimizing our results for our efforts. We don’t have all day long to sit on an app just to get likes and comments.

Well, I don’t anyway I would rather play basketball and spend time with my loved ones 😉

Instagram isn’t saturated but there are a lot of strong accounts on there. So gaining a market share is going to be work. My plan is to deploy what I believe is actually a sustainable strategy.

And, when I’ve got it under control i’ll ramp up the efforts and outsource it for increased results and returns 😉

Instagram is 80% more engaging than Facebook and 63% more than Twitter and for those 2 reasons alone its worth the work to carve out my niche.

90 Days Business Focus: YouTube Marketing Increase

90 days business focusSo why am I increasing my efforts with YouTube marketing? Simple: Higher returns!

All my 4 figure days in this business bar 1 have all come from YouTube.

Yes I knew this before and I wanted to push Facebook to the limits to see what it had to offer. Unless you try something you truly don’t know if it’ll resonate for you or others.

Now that my Facebook experimenting Is just about over and i’m moving onto Instagram i’m going back to a staple of my online business profits diet: YouTube!

I love YouTube! I go there to learn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

And for me as a marketer I release specific topics for certain people… doing it thru LIVE on Facebook is great at the time but you can’t exactly search for a video once you do it? So not a lot of people like videos that are 3 days or older.

Yet on YouTube I have a customer till this day still paying me over $109 per month, yes that’s passive income every month, from an old account of videos I made over 7 years ago! Crazy right? The power of  YouTube right there!

Yes YouTube requires a lot more work by way of editing and processing but I have my years of experience to shoot videos relatively easily. I have Camtasia’s latest version which is my favourite video editor that gets better and better every year!

I know how to rank videos and how to optimize them so really its just content production mode from here on out!

Here’s a little tip: wanna be at the top of your niche? Out teach your competition!

My goal for YouTube is 5 value based videos to be released Monday to Friday every single week for 90 days.

Increase my subscribers which on my marketing channel are at 277 right now to 500 strong.

This is going to be challenging i’m sure but value based content is what i’m best at and I believe it’ll get the job done.

90 Days Business Focus: Blogging Marketing Increase

Blogging is the 1 thing i’ve done consistently now for about 13 months.

I’ve varied from 1 post per week up to 3. But, i’d say 90% of weeks i’ll release 2 blog posts.

I still believe in the super powers of the blog and search finds thru Google.

It does take work however and I need to tweak my approach because I don’t get the readership I am looking for.

Watch as I change the format of my content to work towards quadrupling my blog traffic moving forward and all going right quadrupling my subscribers as well.

Sure it’ll take work but that’s what this next 90 days of business focus is for, isn’t it?!?!

90 Days Business Focus Summary

With all that being said i’ll close with this: 90 Days Business Focus

Online marketing is like any marketing!

Its all about TEST TEST TEST. It really is and needs to be a marketer’s mantra.

Find what works for you, what works for your audience, and focus on that.

Sure There will be many opportunities that’ll come along and you must dive into them to see what kind of returns you get for your efforts.

Your job is to analyze those results, and decide whether its worth the ongoing effort and focus, or should you change it up for the next 90 days business focus 😉 #YouGotThis

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