Accountability Partner Online: Achieve YOUR Ultimate Goal Easier

Looking for an accountability partner online? Then i’m glad you’re here.

Personally i’m just about as driven and motivated as almost anyone you’ll meet. BUT… having an accountability partner online in particular has really helped me out.

I wanted to write about this topic because the past 2 weeks I’ve experienced something that I really felt was worth writing about because it could help YOU.

As I first mentioned i’m as motivated as the next person. I don’t just buy books I read them and then I apply what I like to my life.

Its the same with courses, and audiobooks, and my coaching and mentoring I receive.

This is way above the normal. And no i’m not saying i’m special. I’m just trying to make the point that i’m a committed individual.

But having an accountability partner online has been really helpful for me. I’ve used this with not only business accountability but also with health.

And, in realising how much people struggle to stay accountable to themselves is what’s prompted me to write about this. And, i’ll probably write a lot more about it in the future because I can really feel the positive pressure coming into my life and making a difference in the future.

This time I really wish to focus on the benefits of having an accountability partner online and we’ll talk more about the rest in the future no doubt especially having a business accountability partner.

And, I wanted to cover these 3 topics in particular for you:

  1. What is an Accountability Partner?
  2. Being a Good Accountability Partner
  3. How to Find an Accountability Partner
  4. Accountability Partner Guidelines (Downloadable guide available)
  5. Bonus Tip! (I wasn’t going to add this but I think its a must)

By the end of this post my goal is that you know what the expectations are and how to go about finding a partner. Let’s get stuck into it!

What is an Accountability Partner Online?

So, what is an accountability partner? Simple, someone who you set goals with and report to to help achieve those goals.

The partner means its someone you’re doing it with. Online simply means using the internet to stay in touch and connect with because we don’t all have the time to meet up once a week to work together on your goals.

You could find an accountability partner at anything literally: weight loss, business, family, relationship…

Cos the main thing is to have a common goal and motivate each other to get it done. Don’t feel obligated to do it all the time but here and there you will need to as your partner will fall off track and its your responsibility as an accountability partner to help them get back on track.

But, being a good accountability partner is simple in principle but hard in real life.

Reason for that is not only the above but we must also stay the course too. Sticking to our goal. Being consistent and continuing down the right path. That’s the hard part…

Being a Good Accountability Partner

So what does being a good accountability partner mean? You see there’s a flip side to receiving support and having someone to be accountable to.

And, it’s the obvious but often forgotten because we’re so focused on ourselves: Keeping your accountability partner accountable! (say that fast 3 times lol).

  • When they slip from the tasks they say they’ll do pull them up on it!
  • When they commit to doing something and don’t follow up on them.

Now, absolutely there is a limit. You don’t want to be following up with this person every second day.

And that’s where finding an online accountability partner can be really challenging. Finding someone whose as committed as you are isn’t easy!

Hell, I’ve had a tonne of people reach out to me wanting to do it but I said no.

I’m happy to be your accountability coach but not your partner. Why? Simple, I know i’ll be motivating you to get the work done and that’s not what I want. I want us to motivate and push each other. Its a 2 way street and most people forget that because they’re focused on their own personal goals.

How to Find an Accountability Partner

Its not easy to find an accountability partner. Let alone someone who’ll actually stick to what you say you would.

I have quite a few over the years who just fall by the way side quicker than dust in a storm and its not only disappointing but tiresome and demotivating.

What i’ve learned over the years is to NOT jump into an accountability pact but rather sit watch and observe.

Find someone who you can tell is on a path to success. Someone at your level. And follow them and see what they’re doing if they stay consistent or fall off every second day of the week.

If they stay true to what they say they will then they’re the committed type and the type you want to be working with.

Facebook is perfect for that as a lot of people post their every 5th thought it seems on the platform so you can really get a lot of insight just observing them.

Once you find the common goal then contact them about it. Chances are they’ll want to because they also know they need it too.

If they don’t then you have to ask yourself why? Perhaps you’re not showing the qualities and tendencies to show up and get the job done and they don’t want to be motivating you every other day to get done what you said you would???…

Accountability Partner Guidelines

There are a few guidelines i’ve touched on but let’s make it crystal clear for you so you know exactly what to do.

  1. Find someone on Facebook you can observe over the coming month
  2. Are they committed and focused on something of interest?
  3. Are they heading for success based on what you can see them doing not just saying?
  4. Is there a similar goal you guys can connect on from weight loss, to business, to relationships, to whatever?
  5. Connect with them and ask if they’d be open to a win win accountability partner online discussion?

Then, the follow up is when they actually say yes. You want to establish a few things to make it clear:

  1. Set an ultimate goal you’re both working towards to achieve
  2. Break down those goals into 2 or 3 milestones you can celebrate together
  3. Break down all goals to weekly achievable, but stretch yourself, steps that you can follow
  4. Commit to one another to see them thru to fulfilment no matter what
  5. Set the precedence that if goals are continually missed that the partnership will be ended as you’re looking for someone 100% committed not interested

Accountability partner online

Bonus Tip!

Probably one of my most obvious qualities, in good and bad ways haha, is how competitive I am. And if you’re that type of person then put a small wager in place.

Tiny in fact. And its not even about the money. Its simply about competing to achieve that goal first so you can WIN.

Most entrepreneurs are competitive and want to win that’s why they go outside the realms of the ‘norm’ which is awesome.

Use that to your natural advantage if you’re that kind of person to give yourself extra motivation to stay the path.

eg. $10 per 1KG lost per week is motivating. And, basically if I don’t lose that 1KG in weight I have to pay my partner $10.

eg.2. Milestones: See who can hit the milestone first! The person who does wins and pays the other person $10.

Again, its NOT about the money its about using those natural competitive juices as extra subconscious drive to achieve your goals and really gain momentum especially at the beginning of it all.

Accountability Partner Online Summary

Hopefully by now you understand everything when it comes to finding but also being a great accountability partner online.

My hope for you is that you’ll download my accountability partner guidelines and use them to find the perfect partnership for you and your goals.

I am always open to being someones coach and holding them accountable and if that’s something for you, because finding a partner isn’t easy i’m telling you, then reach out to me I love coaching motivated and focused people to the achievement of their goals.

For now its your turn! Comment below your key take away and how you’re going to apply this knowledge to finding the best accountability partner online for you… GO!!

Accountability partner online

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