11 Benefits of Being an Affiliate

The benefits of being an affiliate completely out weigh NOT being an affiliate.

However, there are a few things I want to touch upon before you run off based solely on that sentence without getting the complete picture.

Be sure to read all the way till the end as I wanna drop some serious knowledge bombs a lot of people charge for you to find out!

The 2 main topics I want to cover are;

  1. Benefits of being an affiliate
    • 11 Benefits of being an affiliate
    • The truth about affiliate marketing
  2. Disadvantages of affiliate marketing
    • The #1 thing to consider
    • Why you should be a SUPER affiliate not just an affiliate

Without any further delay let’s get stuck into it!

Section 1: 11 Benefits of Being an Affiliate

The 11 benefits of being an affiliate are but not limited to:

  1. Potential Partnerships
  2. Content Relevance
  3. Budgeting
  4. Easy Tracking
  5. Almost NO Operating Costs
  6. Make Money Awake or Asleep
  7. International Business
  8. Minimized Risk For You
  9. Exposure
  10. Performance Based
  11. Scaling of Business

With that being listed for you let’s get into the meat and bones of this training post.

11 Benefits of Being an Affiliate BREAKDOWN

Potential Partnerships

Probably the least spoken about benefits of being an affiliate is the potential partnerships you can gain from them.

If you think about it if someone sent you a lot of business wouldn’t you be more open to building a relationship with that person? Of course! But why?

Cos not only are they helping your business thrive but you also know they know what they’re doing and are someone whose serious.

That person can be you. And you should aim for it to be. You can quickly align yourself with millionaires by being a great affiliate marketer.

Content Relevance

Content relevance is absolutely a benefit of being an affiliate. How so? I know it seems a little confusing but let me explain…benefits of being an affiliate

One of the biggest problems affiliate marketers have is knowing what content to create for their websites or social accounts.

If you’re an affiliate for example of health products what do you think you should blog or create videos or post on Facebook and Instagram about? 😉

Hopefully a light bulb just went off! Cos this automatically gives you EXACTLY what to zero in on without having to think about it too hard.


Being an affiliate marketer, at the highest levels, requires monetary investments my friend whether you like it or not.

People like Neil Patel are few and far between! What do I mean by that? I mean… someone who generates thousands of leads every single month from FREE methods – blogging to be more specific.

Here’s the thing though. You can do that. And I recommend you commit to doing so but also understand that you’re committing to something that will take time. And by time I mean anywhere from 9 to 18 months depending on how good you are and how much of it you do.

Being able to budget for a program you’re an affiliate will help. You know how much your profit is from being an affiliate. You just need to calculate a few things;

  • What is the cost of 1 prospect for that product?
  • How many prospects do you need to get to make a sale?
  • In what ways can you reduce your costs?
  • How can you increase your profits?

Yes its quite the consideration to take in. And I urge you to do your home work before you spend a cent.

The benefits of being an affiliate is that you already know your profits you’ll get per sale.

Easy Tracking

One thing I like about a lot of affiliate marketing based sites are that you can use easy tracking/back offices to see your performance.

Clickbank for example is really simple. And so is JVZoo. And they’re free programs you can join and start promoting.

Be sure however to read The #1 thing to consider section before you run off sign up and start promoting or you’ll be leaving 90% of your profits on the table, okay?

Being a Super affiliate always provides even easier tracking and bigger profits to boost but more on that later.

Almost NO Operating Costs

I know I’ve already talked about the benefits of using paid advertising but honestly you don’t need to, especially when you’re starting out as you still have a lot to figure out.

One of the biggest benefits of being an affiliate is keeping your costs very low!

Its costs ten’s of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, just to start a small business, or set up even a simple coffee shop.

Online you can start for $0 with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube if you wanted to. I’m going to urge you to get a URL which will cost you $1 per month, and hosting which you can start out at $6 per month, and an email account which will cost anywhere from $15 a month upwards but is an ABSOLUTE must – more on this in the #1 thing to consider section.benefits of being an affiliate

So you can start an international business for $21 per month! Crazy right?

Make Money Awake or Asleep

In my personal opinion this is without doubt the best benefit of being an affiliate! You CAN make money awake or asleep. For me this is actually 1 of my core reasons for building a business online.

The thing with trading hours for money, yes I’m referring to your job incase you’re wondering, is that you only have a certain amount of hours per day… and let’s be honest working 8 to 12 hours per day forever isn’t sustainable. And you hate your job anyway, right? Why the heck would you want to do or be in something you hate for 8 to 12 hours a day? Sounds like torture to me!

Now, to give you my favorite example is that in the past 12 months alone I have profited $1500 from 1 customer for content I created 7 years ago now! Sound like b.s right? It isn’t. And, like I said its one of the biggest benefits of being an affiliate online.

I like the idea of creating a piece of content, and it being capable of paying me for life! Imagine doing 1 shift at work and possibly getting paid for life for it? Hopefully another light bulb moment just happened.

International Business

This expands further on the make money while you sleep benefit.

One reason I decide online instead of traditional approximately a decade ago now is that I didn’t want to be location locked. I wanted to be able to build from the “beaches of the world”. Not stuck in some suburb somewhere cos that’s where my business was located. No thanks.

You can have customers all over the world online! And, you can build one being an affiliate marketer.

Minimized Risk For You

This might not seem like the truth but actually it is. How so? Let me explain…

The risk is in fact minimized for you as an affiliate because you didn’t have to;

  1. Create the product that sells
  2. Build the merchant account
  3. Be customer service
  4. Deal with refunds or complaints

There are a bunch of other reasons honestly but this is my favorite 4 if you will with #1 being the most beneficial.

Creating a product takes a ton of work! Days, weeks, months, years even depending on your business naturally.

Most platforms prove to you that a product works/sells before you promote and give you different ways to do so – pretty awesome!


Affiliate marketing really does expose you to some interesting and some awesome people LOL and I mean that in a good way.

See, I’ve been exposed to some horrible people because they’re so desperate to make a sale they treat you like a number and just try to sell you. Please don’t become one of those people. I’d be so disappointed if you did after reading this.

On the flipside of that coin is that I’ve been exposed to some amazing human beings! Some people I’ve become really close to. I’d consider them family honestly. And they help me with business and personal stuff all the time.

Why? Cos you meet motivated, focused, disciplined, high level people! Connect with those who are serious like you. And start building friendships that I know will continue to support you for life bringing motivation, inspiration, and positivity like you’ve probably never experienced before.

Start by adding me on Facebook because if you’ve read this far you’re my kind of peeps 😉 ADD MEBenefits of Being an Affiliate

Performance Based

Before I touch on this let me be 100 with you: I’m going to be really biased right now!

See, I hate the workforce and almost everything it represents. I understand its part of the world we live in and we’re conditioned that way. I also understand that its a necessary evil as 95% of people really just don’t have what it takes to be a business owner. So with that said…

The reason I hate the workforce is a lot of the tiered pay scales. For example Jimmy could be a pretty average employee but he’s been at a business for 4 years. As a result he gets paid the top grade for that business. Michael could be an amazing employee but because he’s only been there 6 months he gets paid a lot less then Jimmy. Even if he does a ton more work then him daily. How’s that right? It isn’t! And I’ve personally been in this situation myself.

With affiliate marketing the benefit is that if you sell more you get paid more. It doesn’t matter if its day 1 or day 1,000. That sounds fair to me. I’ve been paid more in a business in my first 3 months compared to 90% of people who’d been in business for 5 years because I sold more product then they did. You can too 😉

Scaling of Business

There is a way to make big time money as an affiliate marketer online. And the way you do so is by scaling your business. And, you can do it without spending a dime.

I’m going to walk you thru a process as an affiliate in the next section of how you can 10X your profits. Sound good? Well, it is!

And most affiliate don’t know or understand let alone apply this which means they leave 90% of the potential profit in the business you’re promoting’s pockets.

I don’t want you to be a victim of this. And no its not the businesses fault if you do. Its on you to learn this stuff and scale up big time starting right now.

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Obviously there are a lot of benefits of doing affiliate marketing online.

Becoming an online affiliate marketer is one of the best career and business moves I’ve ever made in my life. If I was to be honest one of the best personally too because its forced me to grow into someone I’m proud of that I would’ve struggled to grow to without the business goals I have in place.

With that being said the truth about affiliate marketing is that its a broken model. There’s a huge gap between making real money and chump change.

Alright, I’m not going to hold you prisoner to the words of this training post let’s get stuck into it now.

Section 2: Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Whilst affiliate marketing is the best way to start making money online the truth is that there are no doubt disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

There’s a reason why 7 and 8 figure earners online do very little of it and make majority of their money selling their own trainings and coaching. I’m not recommending you do that but rather I want you to be aware of the mindset of these online millionaires moving forward ok?

The #1 Thing to Consider

When getting into affiliate marketing what most people consider is only the money they’re going to make for a sale. I know because I forever made this mistake myself.

What I didn’t take into consideration however was how to build this ‘online thing’ properly… like a pro!

And, as a result it took me a lot longer to make money then it really should’ve. Honestly, I don’t want that to happen to you. And what i’m talking about is you building your list

List Building

If you haven’t yet heard the #1 consideration you should have for your affiliate marketing is how to build your list. Basically what you want to avoid is just sending people directly to an offer you have available.

You might be asking then how do you go about making money? Well, you’re still going to send them to the offer you’re presenting but you’re doing it in a much smarter way that’ll allow you to make $100 profit from one person instead of $10. Those numbers are precise merely an example to show you that you can get 10X’s as much profit building your business the smart way.

FREE Email Marketing Training

Start Emailing Like a Pro and Start Making Money

Why Being an Affiliate Will Cost You MONEY

The other disadvantage of being an affiliate marketer online is still along the same lines of what I’ve talked about in the section above. Money. You’ll make less money being an affiliate.

So what do you do then? First off, you do what I noted above and you build a list. Be sure to subscribe to get that video training on how to do so, okay?

Second, you want to position yourself in a way that you can actually capitalize on all the profit you can. Sound greedy? Its not its just smart business. Let me give you another example.

If you were to build a $100,000 coffee shop in a neighborhood would you want your loyal customers to continue to come back and buy from you or go up the road to a competitor? Bingo!

People are going to BUY ANYWAY. And if you feel you have the best solution for their problem, in my opinion and belief, its your obligation to present it to them.

In doing so you’re doing what’s best for the customer which at the same time helps you build your business. So honestly its a WIN-WIN.

If you’re ashamed, or you know what you’re offering isn’t helpful, then you need to quit. Quit right now. And find a product you can be proud to present to people.

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Summary

I trust you now see all the benefits of being an affiliate. And, I also trust you see the disadvantages of being an affiliate also.

My purpose for writing this training post is to give you a very good overview of affiliate marketing that I couldn’t find when I researched the Benefits of Being an Affiliate.

A lot of the information was a bit short on the truth and came from an angle of a business advertising, not whether one should really considering BEING an affiliate marketer.

With that said the benefits far out way the disadvantages provided you take the video training I noted above and apply it to what you’re doing now online.

I trust this benefits of being an affiliate was helpful to you and your journey with this ‘online thing’ that most people struggle so mightily with. And, actually 80% in fact don’t make a single cent. This is a statistic that we should turn around!

Want to hear something cool? You can be one of those people. I know you can because here I am, someone who didn’t touch a computer till he was 18, helping people all over the world seeing the true benefits of being an affiliate marketer online. Comment below which of the 11 benefits of being an affiliate gave you the biggest mental shift, or ah-ha/bingo moment, when you were reading this today! My answer is there too 😉 Take care, Talk soon.

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