Brand Identity: What 5 Things Do My Brand Stand For?

What’s your Brand Identity? What does your brand stand for?

These are deeper than normal questions i’ll admit but they are absolutely crucial.

I recently went thru some premium training that posed this question which really made me think!

I dove deep into the exercise not only discovering the 5 things my brand stood for but in essence what I was truly all about.

It was an enlightening, encouraging, and a laser focusing type of exercise which I want to encourage you to do.

This is what I discovered that I wish to share with you…

Value Based Marketing

There’s something about value that has always resonated with me.

I tend to gravitate towards a good deal when out shopping, an offer that has a lot to offer, a leader who gives a lot of value before I am willing to spend my money.

And after all if someone doesn’t buy you won’t have any business.

Brand Identity: Value based, Response Driven Marketing

Because receiving value is big to me, so is giving value.

I give away free fortnightly video training to all my subscribers as an example.Brand Identity

I also give free access to my members ONLY training simply for people joining me in the business people i’m a part of.

So for me its all about giving. Be willing to give, and you’ll never have to used second hand sales man tactics just to make some money.

That means that everything I do, blog posts LIVE videos daily emails or even simple posts on Instagram or Facebook – its all about giving some sort of value.

And that value can be infotainment, motivational quotes, in depth write ups, like I said free video training to my subscribers, or fortnightly in-depth members only training.

I give before I ask for anything.

No-Selling Marketing (Kinda)

In case you didn’t pick up the tone in the previous paragraph i’m not a fan of selling.

And not just that being sold too kinda bothers me.

Everyone LOVES buying, no one likes being sold to #facts

With that being said you must sell daily to have a business but there’s a much better way about it.

Brand Identity: No-Selling Marketing

My way of no selling marketing is quite simple and it starts with point #1 actually.

Lead with so much value, people WANT to do business with you!

You see when so much is given people naturally return WANTING to do business with you.

The first time this was brought to my attention I looked back upon a recent investment I had made at that point.

I invested $800 in a business opportunity which all started from a guy who put together a 1 hour youtube video presentation on how to rank keywords.

brand identity

How long do you think it took him to make that video? 2 or 3 hours after editing?

Am I the only person to invest after that video? I highly doubt it.

So $800 later without being asked to join an opportunity – wow! That’s powerful.

Email Marketing for Selling

I don’t sell on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or my blog. Why? Simple…

I use all those platforms to gather email subscribers which I do selling daily.

This is what 7 and 8 figure earners do and when I learned this I figured who am I to question a millionaire?

So I’ve done it myself ever since.

And no i’m not talking about ‘Product Floggers’ i’m talking about people who also provided value by email but were also entertaining. Infotainment I call it. And this allows people to WANT to do business with you, once again, without shoving blatant pitches down their throats for crappy $47 products.

FREE Marketing Methods

Yes tools cost. You have to pay for a URL, a hosting account, an Autoresponder service and so on.

But in terms of actually marketing your products I don’t do paid advertising – not yet anyway 😉

See I want to master the free methods first. Myself and my message included. Then scale with paid traffic from Bing Facebook YouTube or maybe even Google.brand identity

Brand Identity: FREE Marketing Methods

Why would I do that even tho I have the time and money to get into paid traffic?

There’s power in FREE. There’s a reason so many marketers use the word so often.

I want to be able to show people, with as little layout as possible, how to build a profitable business online.

This is my drive. Then when I do that I can show people how to scale their business to big time numbers by using paid advertising once they’ve made some money and know this isn’t a “scam” 😉

Integrity Based Authenticity

I like being me. As weird as I can be. As in-politically correct as I am. As much of a *uck up as I can be I am me.

And part of me is being honest. I am who I am.

The person’s blog you read, the daily emails, the LIVE videos, the posts on Instagram or Facebook.

I am that person if you were to meet me in real life.

Is that good? For some lol. So its bad? No but it is polarizing haha.

Brand Identity: Integrity Based Authenticity

I don’t just want to be different I want to be me. I want to have integrity in what i’m doing.

I want to show people that being the best versions of themselves is what’ll bring them happiness.

I also want to show people by having integrity the good guy doesn’t finish last that’s just an old myth brought out by angry self hating people.

Don’t be one of those people, you’re better then that!

Instead lead by example. Be open and honest. Be genuinely YOU. Be the authentic You INC you awesomely can be.

Life based business Building

My business is important. But so are 3 other top priorities in my life.

My kids are highly important. My relationship is highly important.

My health is highly important. My fitness is highly important.

I am building a business, based around a life I love, not just hustling 247.

Brand Identity: Life Based Business Building

For some people they truly love showing that they’re “grinding” at 2am. For me if i’m grinding at 2am I don’t want anyone knowing about it lol.

Some people, Gary Vee is a classic example, who wants nothing more than to work 247.

And no i’m not judging those people. If they’re HONESTLY happy doing that then i’m happy for them.

For me I want a deep and loving relationship with my fiancee and my 2 painful but beautiful boys.

I want my mindset and my fitness to be level 10s.

I want my basketball game to be on point so whenever I choose to play “I still got it” a lot of ego talking there but anyway I love that game and will never stop playing lol

As you can see I have multiple high value facets to my life. They’re all passions. And i’m building my business around that not just making money.

To me time and energy is what its all about. More time and energy for my health, hobbies, love, and babies? I’m in!

Brand Identity Wrap Up

Ultimately what it comes down to with brand identity is you want brands that stand for something.

We all love Nike’s Just Do It.

We all love Adidas’ Impossible Is Nothing.

What’s your brand personality? What’s your brand positioning?

Tell me in the comments below… What is your Brand Identity?

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