Should You Build a Brand Online Before Success?

This is a question that comes up all the time: Should I Build a Brand Before Success?

Frankly, to get straight to the point, this is more a question of self doubt rather than business!

So yes absolutely you need to. And in this blog post we’ll talk a little further as to why that is.

In this blog post what I want to cover, and more, are;

  1. What is building a brand?
    • What is online branding
  2. Why should I build a brand online?
  3. When should I build a brand online?
  4. Where should I build a brand online?

Whilst 4 topics seems a little steep this blog post won’t be as in-depth as you might think.

Really what I want for you in the end is to go… yep I MUST build a brand even before I have success.

Building your brand is super powerful for long term gains in business.

You see by building a brand people become a fan of you. On the flip side however if you build a products brand people will connect with the brand.

And, if you decide one day, and you absolutely will one day, to move onto a different project or company or product you’ll have no followers.

Building your brand online means people will align with you and who you are and what you represent irrespective of what project you involve yourself in you’ll have supporters and followers of YOU.

YOU is the power not the brand.

In other words if you’re only planning to be successful short term, or not wanting to create a real asset, you won’t focus on building a brand.

Let’s get into it…

What is building a brand?

We need to understand what building an actual brand is before we go any further into this.

For me what is building a brand is really quite simple but let’s take 1 step back first.

A brand is basically whatever something stands for.

If you’ll think of a brand think more values, morals and things like this.

As an individual a brand is their identity and belief system really.

For a business its what it stands for and what it represents.

A good brand example is Subway. Whenever you think Subway what do you think? Healthy meals. Lifestyle choices. Being different.

Whenever you think of Apple what do you think? Steve Jobs, being different from the norm, recognisable and cool products that awhat is online brandingre simple to to use, right?

That’s business branding. And you should be doing it as an individual.

Building a brand is simply making, what you stand for, aware to the public, accepted by your followers, and admired by your customer!

There is a brand building process and we’ll talk about that later on.

But for me personally brand building in marketing is absolutely CRUCIAL. Let’s discuss why…

What is Online Branding?

What what is online branding? Don’t be scared by the term its quite simple.

Its building a brand but doing it on the internet instead of thru offline strategies like billboards, TV ads, radio and so on.

How do you build a brand online? We’ll talk more about that later.

Just understand that you can build a powerful brand online, for now, using social media platforms like;

And these are some of the bigger ones there are others you can choose to go after instead for example LinkedIn.

There are a tonne of people succeeding thru social media branding strategy that you can easily start applying today!

online branding strategies

When should I build a brand online?

Time is of the essence my friend. And if you’ve been following me for any time you know i’m the kind of person who says…

When would NOW be a good time to start?

And honestly building a brand online isn’t as complicated as one might think.

Whats more important is defining what you’ll stand for and being consistent with your messaging.

For me for example here are a few things I focus on all the time:

And for me these 5 things are highly important. Just to expand on them a little further so you know what I mean.

What Does my Brand Stand For? #BusinessTips

Posted by Sam Nuku on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

  1. Value based marketing: I lead with everything I do with trying to help people! You won’t catch me putting stuff out there just to try and sell something.
    I lead with sharing my knowledge and educating people on what they should do and why. Then I give away HOW its done!
  2. No-Selling marketing: business is business. Without sales we won’t succeed. But my methods teach how to sell without selling.
    I don’t like contacting them and doing what product-floggers doing and pushing sales onto people. Not me. If you wanna be ‘sold’ trust me there are a tonne of sharks out there wanting to do it that way. Not me
  3. FREE marketing methods: I know for a fact 95% of people who get into online business don’t have much excess cash.
    As a result I decided from day 1 to focus on free methods so I can educate people how to build a 6 figure business from scratch with little money expenditure.
  4. Integrity based authenticity: I’m not a clean-shave, well practised or rehearsed marketer, like many people you’ll see on YouTube for example.
    I’m more the scruffy looking, friendly and engaging, cussing type of marketer. Sounds unprofessional? Don’t care that’s me. And that’s the beauty of building your own brand is its up to you!
    But, for me being honest and authentic is WAY more important than being clean-shaven daily and that’s my focus. You may not like what I say but its the truth based on what I know at that particular time 🙂
  5. Life based business building: One of the things that does annoy me online is how many people talk about ‘grinding’ and ‘hustling’ and that’s great for them if it works, I doubt it does, but hey if it does good for them!
    I have a fiancee and 2 kids. I LOVE playing basketball. And I enjoy watching movies regularly. I don’t have time for hustling and grinding 247. I have a life.
    I know for a fact this is the case for most people! Perhaps for you its a job or a hobby that ‘distracts’ you from completely focusing on building a brand online.
    I’m here to tell you that building a brand online requires consistency more than it does sacrificing your entire life. And that’s how it should be. How sustaining is hustling, grinding, and working 247 anyway? Is that what you really wanna do with the rest of your life?

So that’s me in a nutshell! That’s MY BRAND. And, everything i do (or majority anyway) reflects just this and probably why you’re here reading this… let that sink in 😉

Where should I build a brand online?

Now THIS is a loaded question! lol. What do I mean by that? There are a tonne of possibilities here…

If you want to build a brand online you really need to focus. There are so many distractions these days.

There are a tonne of social media platforms, and therefore a tonne of social media strategies.

Focus is key for success in the 21st Century because of the myriad of ways to get distracted!

Even offline there are friends, family, loved ones, kids, social gatherings, movies, TV, music… the list and challenge is endless.

For me personally I focus majority of my efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

And even then I focused on Facebook for a long time! And, i’ll be focusing on Instagram mostly in the next 3-6 months.

Build a Brand Online

Then following that i’ll expand on to YouTube.

Is there anything about these platforms that make it better than others? Yes in my opinion.

Facebook for example is the beast of all platforms with their billions of global users.

Instagram for example is brilliant for engagement. Quite like nothing i’ve seen before.

YouTube for example for me has brought me my highest investing customers i’ve ever had.

Online branding strategies

So what are some strategies for these different platforms?

Well, as i’ve always taught I want you to focus. I don’t want to confuse you. I really want to help you build your brand so you can be successful online for the long term not just the next few days or weeks.

The difference between campaign marketing is that its 3-6 months then its gone forever.

Having a strategy, yes including a social media branding strategy, you’re looking for years down the line!

In this course I will teach you how to build a brand on my 3 preferred social media platforms:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. and, Instagram

Between these 3 platforms you’ll have all the customers you WANT and you’ll be able to handle for life! In fact you could have all you want from 1 but i’ll discuss 3 because I want you to have the power of choice of what works best for you, your brand, and your personality.

online branding strategies

The video training, which you’ll get by click this image just above here, or on this link right here, will give you Subscriber only video training on how to build your brand on Social media platforms.

Build a Brand Online Summary

Building a brand online can take work. But the rewards are absolutely well worth it!

You’ll literally 10X your returns on building a brand VS building a product.

Learning what is online branding and going into social media branding strategies will really help you build a following so you can make more money online.

I trust these topics were helpful for you:

  • What is building a brand?
    • What is online branding
  • Why should I build a brand online?
  • When should I build a brand online?
  • Where should I build a brand online?

Can you do me a favour? Please comment below, which of these topics was most helpful to you in learning to build a brand online.

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