How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online

Today I went thru a training that I didn’t think I was going to get much from!

Boy was I wrong. So much so i’ve created an email, a video, and now a blog post from the topic;

How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online

There are some fundamental mistakes that people make, myself included lol.

And, I’m hoping I can help you avoid that mistake or at the very least minimise the time.

The 4 topics I want to cover for you in this blog post are:

Part 1: Mistakes Made

  1. Trying to build many out at once &
  2. Being a product flogger

Part 2: What to do Instead

  1. Focus on 1 at a time &
  2. Be a product of the product

These are some very small distinctions that’ll make a huge difference in your business results.

I’m excited to get into this with you. Let’s go!!

What is Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple streams of income is a term being used to describe the very real potential that you can actually have many sources of income; not just 1!

One of the biggest mistakes, I believe anyway, is that the schooling system and workforce condition us for is just 1 source of income.

Meaning you do a job once, you get paid for it, and you’ll never get paid again.

With the internet you can reach the mecca by building multiple streams of income.

In fact 7 streams of income is the average for millionaires. Did you know that?

I’m building my 7 streams of income and i’m doing it online using these distinctions i’ll discuss with you below.

Now that you understand it let’s first chat about this as well…

How to make Passive Income Online

Passive income is the biggest lure of the internet and I totally get it! It was for me too. And you can build it out also.

But for those who don’t understand, before we get into multiple streams of income, what is passive income and what does it have to do with this blog post?

Passive income is the idea, and the ability, to build something once and get paid forever!

This is where the internet really separates itself from the traditional business world and from being an employee.

As a traditional business you only make money when you sell a product.

As an employee once you’ve done the job that’s it you’ll never get paid ever again for having done that job.

An example for myself is I put out once a YouTube tutorial which brought me a client from which I’d made over $2,500 just 1 sale!

And trust me it wasn’t difficult either because the content had pre-sold him on the idea he was just coming to me for confirmation.

This is the power of building your brand online, of really creating an authority figure and being known, liked, and trusted.

How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online Part 1: Mistakes Made

There are many mistakes made when it comes to attempting to build multiple streams of income online.

I want to share with you 2 in particular that i’ve made and really want you to avoid!

Avoiding mistakes are just as profitable as applying something that you can gain from.

Trying to Build Many out at Once

I understand the lure of the internet being that you can build multiple streams of income online.

However, trying to build out many sales funnels at one time really is a mistake.

The book The One Thing has really helped a lot of people over time, myself included, because it really teaches us that focus is where the success will really come from.

Building a business online is absolutely no different.

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It is attractive however and understand that the average across millionaire’s is 7 streams of income! Did you know that? Well, now you do 😉

So building multiple streams of income is smart.

Building multiple streams of income online at once? Not so smart.

Focus instead on building one stream, one sales funnel, one product out at a time you’ll get much better results I assure you.

Being a Product Flogger

What is being a product flogger you might be asking? build multiple streams of income online

This is definitely my inner-Australian coming out in me but its what I see online all the time and its really disappointing;

People just trying to sell s*** all the time!

Literally, whatever the latest little $20 or $50 commission they can make they’re “flogging off” to people HOPING they’ll buy it and they can make some money because they’re so desperate.

This is what you’ll see online mostly. Its highly likely you’ve experienced this yourself.

You find content, you’re excited and sign up to their list, and find out that when you jump on instead of learning anything at all all you really learn about is the latest product and how you MUST buy it in the next 48 hours or the launch deal will be gone forever.

I’ve lost money over time being on these lists not knowing any better.

Don’t be one of those people. I mean… its no wonder people feel this online money making thing is a scam, right?

I don’t blame them! But I’m telling you its not you just haven’t found the right mentor to help you build a real business. An actual asset you can build for the future.

How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online Part 2: What to do Instead

So with the 2 main distinctions of what NOT to do being said what SHOULD you do instead?

That’s what I want to cover here and again these are 2 distinctions that you might think will slow you down but will actually speed up your results faster.

And i’ll give you a good example in point #2 that I know for a fact you’ll completely agree with.

Focus on 1 at a Time

Focus truly is a big key to success.

Avoiding shiny object syndrome is a legit challenge when starting out your business online.

Follow This 8 Step Plan to Build Your Business With A Highly-Engaged Audience!

There’s always a new piece of technology, or a new training that you could take. And its going to cost you hundreds, it cost me thousands, over time because you get caught up in the “latest thing” there is.

I assure you its not the answer to your question to this ‘internet thingy’ but rather focus is.

And building multiple streams of income online is no different. Focus on building 1 stream out at a time.

I’ve made the mistake before of trying to build multiple out at once and you know where it got me? Nowhere lol. And its because I wasn’t mastering anything before moving on but rather simply dabbling in this and that.

Interest doesn’t get your great results only commitment which comes from focusing on that one next required task and getting it done to the best of your abilities.

Build one, not multiple, streams of income out at a time you’ll be glad you did.

Be a Product of the Product

You must be a result of what it is you’re trying to sell or people simply won’t believe you. build multiple streams of income online

Are there ways you can overcome this? Yes, by teaching everything you are learning which’ll build your authority.

You can also engage with people so you build the know like trust factor and that’ll give you some influence.

But the best way to gain the trust of people is by being about the product you’re trying to convince people to take.

For example i’ll give you this scenario: You want to get a personal trainer.

You go to your local gym, you join up, and consult 2 different personal trainers.

The first personal trainer is 40kg’s over weight but tells you he knows what he’s doing and you can trust him to help you get your results.

The second personal trainer is in perfect shape, hardly any body fat, chiselled like a Greek god and obviously has no health complications.

Who are you going to join? The second OBVIOUSLY. Why? He’s a product of what he’s trying to sell you.

And you must be the same way!

How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online Summary

I trust you gained some value from this post or you wouldn’t have made it this far right?

Or you skipped to the end lol and i’m urging you to go back and take the 15 minutes to read thru this info it’ll really help you with your business!

Now, tell me below in the comments which of these 4 distinctions;

  1. Trying to build many out at once &
  2. Being a product flogger
  3. Focus on 1 at a time &
  4. Be a product of the product

most affects you and which will you apply most on your journey with learning How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Online?

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