How To Create A YouTube Channel And Commence Youtube Marketing

I’m guessing you’re here for 1 of 3 reasons. You either want to:

  •  To learn how to do youtube marketing
  • or you want to improve your current youtube marketing
  • How to Make a Youtube Income ???

Without a doubt Youtube Marketing is well worth pursuing! The numbers really don’t lie.

We will discuss & cover everything you can possibly think of thru out this article guide so that you know exactly what to do by the end of it.

For now let’s look a little at…Youtube so we can understand what we’re really dealing with here.

YouTube is the largest video hosting site in the world. And, it’s not even close.

It’s demanded so much popularity, attention, & notoriety that alot of people flock to youtube instead of the…outube-marketing/giant Google to watch videos on topics varying from how to ___insert words here___ to the latest video trailer to highlights of a sport.

YouTube has gained so much attention in fact it even caught Facebooks. And now Facebook are out to setup their own version, think of it something along the lines of FaceTube, to try & match the video hosting giant.

I personally don’t think it’ll happen. Why? they’re 2 different platforms.

And whilst Facebook will without a doubt create a great platform & do really well have a tonne of videos let’s think about it…

Have you ever considered going to facebook to search for how to build a tree house? Or anything for that matter? No.

You go to facebook to chill. Its social media. You want to see friends & family.

You might see videos of family or friends in your news feed or highlights of whatever you’ve liked it could be movie trailers or sports but you don’t go to facebook & search that rarely happens. And when it does its typically for pages or groups not videos

Why do you want to do video marketing thru youtube? For so many reasons! Here’s a youtube visitors by the numbers i’d like you to consider;

  •  60 hours of video uploaded every second
  •  over 5 billion videos are viewed per day
  •  over 800 million unique users per month
  •  over 3 billion hours of videos are viewed per month
  •  70% of youtube visitors are outside the US

Honestly I could go on for days! There are over 100 statistics that’d blow your mind. So hopefully it gives you an insight to the enormity of this beast of a marketing platform!

What Is YouTube Marketing

In my opinion every single person who wants to build a legitimate business, especially online but offline too, must be on YouTube.

Yes they do also need to be on Facebook & Instagram but nothing quite beats YouTube in my opinion. Why?

Video is so powerful. When people watch a video of you theres a connectedness that happens unconsciously.

Theres a voice to the words, a face to the voice, & a pattern of speech to the message. Its powerful.
They say peoples eyes are the door to their soul & the only way to connect that way digitally is through video.

Video has a high perceived value. Majority of people would rather watch a youtube video on how to do something then read a blog post.

You might be thinking right now; then Sam why do you bother with a blog? Good question!

Basically, without taking up your whole day, its part of my content marketing strategy.

But who said you only had to have 1? YouTube is another strategy so I benefit from both & you can too 😉

Now, let’s get into…

YouTube How To Videos: YouTube Instructional Videos

youtube marketingThis is where we start taking some action. YouTube Marketing is a term that’s probably used a little too loosely.

There is still alot of value in it irrespective!

I love Marketing thru Youtube. It’s low cost, highly effective, & when done properly super powerful.
It’ll help you bring in clients that will be a perfect match for your business or whatever it is you have to offer.

I’ve used YouTube to attract anywhere from $47 up to as much as $2,500 clients. And, i’m confident with better products I can do even better.

The best part? You can do it too! And, this is where we get the ball rolling.

Here’s a bunch of video’s on various topics you’ll want to go thru 1 by 1 to get your video marketing endeavour;

1. How to create a youtube channel;

2. How to Upload Video to YouTube

3. How to Make a Youtube Video

4. How to edit a video with camtasia

5. How to add clickable link into a video

6. Inputting a Youtube Title Description Tags Thumbnail Auto Sharing and finally Publishing

Welcome to the YouTube 30 Day Video Challenge!

What is the YouTube 30 30 30 Challenge? Its something i’ve put together to help you overcome your fear of doing video.

Most people are terrified of getting in front of the camera & attempting to broadcast their message.
The 30 for 30 Challenge is really simple. Create 30 videos 30 seconds long, or more, for 30 days straight!

Now, its not just a matter of creating the videos either. You must treat it like normal. Go thru everything advised above.

So yes if you need to edit the video, optimize the video as much as you know how, & most importantly upload it! Get it out there.

I don’t want you to just randomly do videos either. You want to set good habbits from the beginning & keep them going. Building like a snow ball can create an avalanche.

If you’re building an online business related topics are but not limited too;

  • Productivity
  • Niche How To’s
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • High Performance
  • Market How To’s

Here’s a quick 3 minute video I put together to help you with your 30 for 30 for 30 youtube marketing challenge:

And a bunch of others. You never know, by keeping it relevant, you could get your first online sale before the 30 day’s are over! Now there’s some motivation for you.

Really the point of the challenge is not to make a sale or gain a client. It’s to help you overcome your fear of doing video for whatever the is.

By putting out videos on a daily basis you’re putting yourself out there on the wild wild web. And, you’ll see for yourself its NOT as scary as you think it is.

In fact when you get into it its actually quite fun. You start laughing at your mistakes. You start feeling powerful points you’re making that’ll make you smile.

And, you’ll feel the love from people begin to comment, message, like, & share your videos.

Youtube Income – The Many Way’s to Make Money With YouTube Marketing

youtube incomeAs we’ve clearly & easily established YouTube is an absolute BEAST of a platform!

This platform alone has changed the lives of hundreds and you can absolutely be the next one.

How So? Youtube Income. There are a plethora of way’s to make a Youtube Income it’d be a crime to not cover this topic seeing as we’re talking about YouTube.

Way’s to have a Youtube Income:

  1. YouTube Income #1: AdSense – when people watch full ads, or click on ads, on your YouTube channel you will make a 40% commission on the cents that the advertiser will pay YouTube and then YouTube will pay you.
  2. YouTube Income #2: Products – create and sell your own products. I’ve used YouTube to attract a client worth $2,500 to me. And, I know of million dollar earners who’ve earned hundreds of thousands on YouTube.
  3. YouTube Income #3: Consulting! Be a consultant as you study & learn more & more about YouTube marketing. Help small businesses by consulting & assisting them getting more customers using YouTube.
  4. YouTube Income #4: Brand Naming. There’s are businesses out there that’ll pay you to talk about, in other words endorse, their brand in your videos. Once you build up a big enough audience this is something anyone can do.
  5. YouTube Income #5: Speaking. Making videos online consistently with the right message will land you public speaking gigs. And, whilst that may seem scary the truth of the matter is that the money is big time & shouldn’t be ignored.
  6. YouTube Income #6: Video Licensing. You can film videos & upload them to youtube. Making them available for companies to use the footage for the ads. You actually make money because you created the video you own the rights.
  7. YouTube Income #7: Affiliate marketing. This is probably one of the most popular. This is basically where you promote a product & in doing so if someone clicks on a link of yours its tracked back to you making the sale. And just like a sales agent you earn a commission.

There are so many way’s to make a youtube income its not funny. And its a brilliant platform to get into.

Let me give you an idea just of what any one and every one search for to learn how to do on youtube:

Would you have ever thought that a Youtube How To tutorial would get 418,000+ views on how to skin a squirrel in 1 minute?

How about 206,000+ views of how to use a router? Not me! I thought it was pretty simple. And, at the very least was something setup by a technician for us to NEVER worry about.

Finally, the most boggling to me is the 4,891,000+ views! THATS ALMOST 5 MILLION VIEWS! On how to make a mini lathe? What the heck is a lathe? Right? And here someone is with almost 5 million views! POWERFUL. You don’t think he’s making SOME kind of income from this many views???…

I know of a marketer who created a 6 figure (that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars) & started & marketer mostly with a youtube how to create a spud gun! Yes a POTATO GUN.

Seriously I’m hoping the bell has rung, that the light has come on, that the elevator has reached the top level… you catch my drift.

Hopefully this list gives you an idea of the potential of YouTube Income.

What is my Youtube Income? I’d love to tell you more.

YouTube Marketing Summary

YouTube is a powerful marketing platform. Arguably the most powerful in the world.

If you aren’t utilizing YouTube Marketing in your content marketing strategy it’s just not smart.

We’ve covered quite a bit from Youtube marketing, how to create a youtube channel, a bunch of youtube marketing how to tutorials, and Youtube income.

I trust that this ‘how to’ YouTube Marketing article is helpful to you & your internet marketing journey!

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