Email Marketing Campaign Comprehensive Guide

An email marketing campaign is a huge topic! One could seriously spend a lifetime studying it & it’d be time well spent.

When I first started focusing on my email marketing campaign I always wondered how important of a skill it really was.

Truth was I was just not wanting to do it because I knew it was going to be hard & it frankly wasn’t very interested!

Let’s be honest ‘Email Marketing Campaign‘ is a far cry from a sexy topic but here’s something that is sexy that may get you thinking…

I was going thru an email marketing training course put together by someone who’d earned $500,000+ in his online business & he said & I quote:

“Email marketing is very powerful & you’ll come to realise this when you can send out 1 email & earn $20,000 OR

in my case where I earn anywhere between $40,000-$50,000!” – Half a Million dollar Earner

OH MY DAM! That caught my attention. Suddenly email marketing was a very sexy topic to the ears. Funny that…

Frank Kern marketing genius says that of 80% of his revenue is generated from his email marketing campaign efforts.

He also, that there are 4 core problems to every online business. Guess what? Email Marketing is one of them.

It’s fair to say that having the right email marketing campaign

So, let’s start diving more into the how to’s of internet marketing.

Your Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaignHaving an email marketing campaign is probably one of the most daunting terms for this topic.

And, that’s why I’ve decided to tackle it head on with.

Don’t let the term fool you or confuse you. Its a big term used to scare you but really all it is is emailing prospects who are on your list to turn them into customers.

Obviously theres a lot more to it however that’s what the term email marketing campaign essentially means.

There are 2 primary way’s of using email in my opinion that you should apply irrespective of what you’re doing right now.

Jerry Seinfeld Email Marketing Campaign

Did you ever watch the Jerry Seinfeld TV show? If you didn’t that’s fine.

I enjoyed it but I wasn’t a huge fan like a lot of people were. The basis of the show was very simple: A TV show about nothing.

You’re probably confused. Thinking how can they make a TV show about nothing? Well, simple… they made a TV show about a comedian’s every day life.

It was about Jerry’s work, his friends, their jobs, what they did that day, that night, that weekend… sound familiar? TV show much about nothing.

The show was a HUGE success! In fact since it’s last aired show 15 years ago Seinfeld has generated over 3 Billion (yes with a B) dollars in revenue!

There’s major lessons to learn from the Jerry Seinfeld Method which you can apply to your email marketing campaign.

Email about nothing! Email about what you did with your family on the weekend. Email about a goal you’re pursuing. Email about some tips that you learned today from a podcast or youtube video.

Email about every day life!

Most of us think that this is about nothing & to other people it sort of is. And in there lies the beauty.

In opening up our life we’re letting people in. And, by doing this we’re connecting with people which is something we’ll talk about a little later & its importance.

Use your ‘nothing’ to contact people as part of your email marketing campaign.

Launch Sequence Email Marketing Campaign

This is very different from the Jerry Seinfeld Method. This is a very strategic & purposeful method.

Set out like an NFL play where you see diagrams pointing all directions but ultimately the goal is to get a TOUCHDOWN.

Just like your emails. The goal is to turn a prospect into a client (and NO I’m not telling you to spam them your links we’ll talk about that soon enough too).

A launch sequence is when you’re leading people very specifically thru a series of emails using any platform or media you wish to persuade them to purchase a product.

What you should be focused on is open loops & value driven content. Wait WHAT? Yes I can read your mind!

Seriously tho with an open loop basically what you want to do is at the beginning of an email offer an insight via a question & then state you’ll provide the answer later.

You can also have an open loop at the end of an email by closing out with it before your email signature & your P.S. & use the P.S. as a summary of what they’re going to be getting in the next email.

With value driven content as it pertains to your launch sequence email marketing campaign what you want to do is take people thru a series of valuable content, preferably videos, that are ultimately going to lead to a product being purchased.

What you should do is have a focus topic example what we’re going thru right now is email marketing.

Provide 3 videos with valuable email marketing campaign, email marketing tips, maybe even an email marketing best practices.

In fact your valuable content sequence is set out right there for your email marketing campaign launch sequence:

  1. Email Marketing Campaign
  2. Email Marketing Tips
  3. Email Marketing Best Practices

In the 4th video you want to tie in your product to the focus topic, in this case email marketing, & how your product will either answer all questions on this topic or how it’ll take you from amateur to pro in X amount of time.

Now, how do you think you provide you prospects were notified re your content? Email.

Are we starting to get this? This is powerful stuff!

You can use emails to drive the sale of a new product being released.

You can also use emails to connect with people to increase your customer base in due time.

Email Marketing Tips

There are a tonne of email marketing tips available online. And some of it is good a lot of it is just talk.

I wanted to provide some really valuable rock-solid email marketing tips that you can use moving forward in your future email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Tips #1: Is that its all about your customer! NOT YOU or your product

A lot of people miss it. Its a very simple but misunderstood tip. Basically, when you’re emailing people think about it from their perspective.

You want to concentrate your email content on them. Tell your story absolutely. However tie it back to the way it helps them with the answers they’re seekin.

Email marketing Tips #2: Answer your dream clients challenges

This is a carry-on from email marketing tips #1. What you want to do is find out what your ideal clients challenges & problems & email about them.

What you want to do is Google your keywords & add forum or group or website (example email marketing forum) at the end of it.

Forum’s are best because you’ll find a congregation, not the church type, but of people who are focused around a particular market.

Join those forums, visit them regularly, engross yourself in the topics & if you read regularly soon enough you’ll see an emergence of problems & issues that people are facing.

These can become the topics of focus in your email marketing campaigns moving forward.

Email Marketing Tips #3: Use Stories

We as human beings, if you’re an alien perhaps this won’t be so applicable to you so I apologise in advance, we are hard wired to remember stories!

Think about it for a minute…

Way back when we were caveman we used to hang out around a fire talking & hanging out all night.

Stories are what were told. This is how knowledge was shared. From one generation to the next.

Thru centures & generations  we passed on knowledge thru stories… why is that? Simple: people remember STORIES.

If you talk in punch lines, memes, quotes, in anything but stories the chance of them aren’t very good.

So if you’re going to share something wouldn’t you like for them to remember it? Of course

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Email Markeing Tips #4: How To’s

This may seem a little confusing because its almost contradictory to our email marketing tips #3 using stories.

Well, it sort of is but not really. What I mean is that you can use the 2 as a 1-2 combo for a knockout effect.

I use both in is what I’m saying. I don’t have a story to entertain people daily. So I use it as a combination in my email marketing campaign.

An example is i’ll email today, only if, a story about something I did today & tie it back to my ideal client & target market. Then, tomorrow or the day after i’ll write up a How To for the same ideal client & target market that’ll help them with a challenge they’re currently having.

For me being in the internet marketing space I will email about how to do youtube marketing, how to do email marketing, how to do facebook marketing & so on.

Use How To’s in your email marketing strategy to complement your story telling.

Email Marketing Tips #5: Don’t Be A Product Flogging Scammer

Nothing erks me more then opting into an emailing list, being excited about some valuable content that I’d just consumed, then in the next week I’m only being sent links to buy the newest ‘shiny thing’ product!


There are tonnes of product flogging scammers out there I am BEGGING you DON’T BECOME ONE! It just doesn’t work.

Instead, focus on providing valuable content & solving peoples problems.

Leave the product flogging to the scammers who aren’t going to be in business in probably 6 months & hardly anyone beyond 12 months.

Email Marketing Tips #6: Use Email To Connect

I’ve mentioned this kind of earlier on. But its important to be its own point because often times the point is missed because of its simplicity.

Fact is that people don’t want to be sold to but people want to buy!

So, the best thing to do via email by emailing stories & how to’s & this allows people to connect to you.

You see you become the cool person. It allows you to be able to be seen as an authority. Someone who not only knows what they’re doing, but you’re really cool, and you actually give a dam (I mean care).

People only buy from those who they like, trust, & respect. An you can use email to build your value, in their eyes, to become more likable, trustable, & respectful.

Don’t try to use your email’s to close (sell) but rather focus on using your email marketing campaign to connect with people.

I trust these 6 email marketing tips will help you in your journey. Right now I want to discuss email marketing best practices & their importance t your business.

Email Marketing Tips #7: Email Marketing Strategy

Don’t let this term ’email marketing strategy’ scare you. All it is is your emails having some meaning & purpose to it.

An outlined structure or blueprint if you will that’ll help you stay on track. Why?

Because you want to remove as much time suckers as possible. And, I’ve found that sitting around wondering WHAT to email about can chew up as much time as learning something new for the day & emailing about it.

My structure is relatively simple. I email about business building tips 3 times per week, I email about How To’s once per week, & I fill the remaining 2 days using the Seinfeld Methodology & the last day? I email about my latest comprehensive blog post.

Set out something for yourself, eventually, to give your brain a break & your subscribers more value! This is a WIN WIN.

You rest your mind, your subscribers hear from you daily.

Email Marketing Best Practices

In this section I want to mostly cover things you should & shouldn’t do when it comes to email marketing.

And, in doing so we can figure out together what the best email marketing practices are in the process.

Email Marketing Best Practices #1: Email Marketing Lists

Email marketing lists often refers to 1 of 2 things & I feel I must touch on both:

  1. A list you can email. If this is the case & why you’re reading this point then please refer to email marketing tips sections
  2. A list you can purchase to email. If this is what you’re thinking about let me tell you undeniably: DO NOT BUY THESE LISTS! These lists are DEAD. And, chances are they’re freebie seekers which are worth $0. Well, they’re worth money to the person selling them but not the one buying them. Think about it if you had a list that was profitable would you sell it? HELL NO! So don’t buy it.

Email Marketing Best Practices #2: Free Email Marketing

Free email marketing is possible. You can do this using a service called Mailchimp.

I used to be with mailchimp but let me assure you the free offer only gives you extremely basic abilities that’ll pretty soon frustrate you to the point where you’ll either upgrade or walk away from email marketing.

If you’re going to upgrade then why not purchase a service worthwhile to start with? I walked away from mailchimp for  reason so I recommend you join GetResponse

If you’re going to walk away from pure frustration with your free email marketing service from Mailchimp, or any other service for that matter, then its not worth it.

Email Marketing Best Practices #3: Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponder’s are great! INITIALLY.

An email autoresponder is a setup group of emails that go out on a certain day/time for people who have just subscribed to your emailing list.

Say for example John opts in with email then that email, & John obviously, goes onto a list that’s seup with an autoresponder.

This autoresponder will send out certain emails at certain times to get across a certain point.

Is an email autoresponder the way to go re your email marketing campaign? No. But, its a great start.

And, by start I mean use it for when they initially join your list (ideally 6 days seems to be the sweet spot) then be sure they are on your regular emailing list so you can share with them your Seinfeld emails & your Launch Sequences.

Email Marketing Best Practices #4: Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services is a topic worth discussing because there are so dam many!

I have used all the popular platforms & they all have their strengths & weaknesses.

Then there are highend email marketing services like infusion soft that cost a tonne of money. If you have the money & more importantly the know-how re email marketing then go for it.

Othewise, I settled for GetResponse because of so many reasons.

I can do & track everything I need to with my business without the high costs.

I also love that you can upgrade as your list gets bigger. The advantage there is not having to pay so much immediately to get going but you still have full access to all its features & tools.

They also have a great course to help you get 10,000 subscribers in either 3 or 6 months, you choose the length, 100% FREE.

Its not a cheap budget course its just free because they want you to succeed & recommend them just as I am due to the great value they’ve just provided you.

Email Marketing Best Practices #5: Email Marketing Software

I’m not a fan of email software. When I initial got into internet marketing I thought that this’d be a great way to save some money.

Let me assure you it doesn’t really save you any money. If anything it’ll cost you. How so? Let me explain…

Email marketing software does mean you pay a one off price tag, example $297, & never have to pay again…until they upgrade that is. Then if you want to use the newer valid version of course you have to pay.

What if you pay that $297 & after a little while you decide you want to move to another service? Well, you’ve already paid that fixed fee & that’s that.

What if instead you signed up for say GetResponse & trial it for 30 days for $0. Then you can decide, without spending a dime, if that service is for you?

This is a much smarter way of doing it just reflect on that for a minute before you consider buying any email marketing software which I’m 100% recommending you stay away from.

Email Marketing Best Practices #6: Email Marketing Templates

When I first started email marketing one of first things I looked into was different email marketing templates.

I not only found them a bit hard to find but just as hard to implement. Why is that?

This is because writing in a formulaic structured way is almost unnatural. Just like talking robotically is somewhat weird.

As per our Seinfeld Method we want to write an email about every day happenings naturally. This is what allows us to connect with our audience.

If we follow an email marketing template then we are absolutely going to miss that methodology & our connect ability by a mile.

Are email marketing templates therefore completely useless? Of course not! And, its bet follow an email marketing template then not email at all.

If you are going to however I highly suggest getting away from them as soon as humanly possible.

Email Marketing Best Practices #7: Email Daily (almost)

There have been tonnes of tests done & numbers crunched as to how often one should email.

Yes you absolutely should email on a daily basis… almost & eventually.

When you’re starting out emailing out daily can be a daunting task! So please don’t let it overwhelm you.

Start out with baby steps. Start with just 1 email. Then focus on your second email. Then your third.

Once you get to 5 or 10 then put a plan in place. Set a goal to email out 3-4 times per week.

When you’ve done that for a month increase it to daily Seinfeld Emails & Launch sequences where applicable.

The key is to have a good balance in terms of your market & what they desire. Focus on them not yourself & deliver value on the daily.

Email Marketing Summary

Email marketing is a highly lucrative skill, and it is a skill, well worth the time & effort of perfecting!

When 6 & 7 figure (that’s hundreds of thousands & millions of dollars) earners are swearing their business profits on it its best we pay attention to them whom know what they’re talking about.

I trust my email marketing tips & email marketing best practices have helped you answer some email marketing questions that perhaps were lingering in your thoughts.

Remove the fear. Remove the doubt. Start an email marketing campaign much about nothing using the Seinfeld Methodology

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