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Why Did I Switch My Email Programs From Mailchimp to GetResponse

Once upon a time I used to use Mailchimp for my communication channel with my subscribers. And now I use Getresponse. Why did I change?

There are a multitude of reasons why I made the switch from Mailchimp to Getresponse as my primary Email Marketing Software.

My premise for using Mailchimp were justifiably so & I still stand by the service they provide. However, if I could’ve started elsewhere from the beginning I most definitely would’ve done so.

Using Mailchimp was great at the very start. It allowed me to be able to email my subscribers. And setup a very basic optin page.

What you’ll find however is that not long into your journey that you will need to go beyond that starting point & your Email Marketing Software will need to be able to but not limited too:

  1. Sign-up Form
  2. Auto-responder
  3. Training

For me these were the 3 key points to moving on from Mailchimp.

When I eventually got my blog up & running what I needed to do was create a way for customers to opt-in to my mailing list so that I could inform them of everything that was happening:

  1. Training & Tutorials
  2. Newest Blog posts
  3. Latest Product reviews
  4. Inspiration & Motivation
  5. Special Subscriber ONLY Offers

And so much more. But, you can’t do it without an opt-in form. A sign-up form for people to be able to put in their name & email address & say YES, Sam email me please!

Great! I’d LOVE to. In fact i’d be honored.

So off I went to Mailchimp to create my opt-in form & honestly It was a painful few days.

I searched for creating opt-in forms. I found it. But I couldn’t customize much. Can it be done? YEP! But at a cost. And more painfully so, I could only find 2 articles on MailChimp’s search bar re their blog & articles & one was written over 5 years ago!

And for those of you who remember 1 of the reasons I recommended Mailchimp to start out with was because it was free for X amount of users & X amount of sent emails per month.

But, the point was I had to pay. And, if I had to pay suddenly there was a level playing field for all other Email Marketing Software & so I started doing my research as I always do.

I looked into Mailchimp, Aweber, iContact etc etc etc. I checked out a lot of review sites & customer user reviews.

I then signed up to a few of them myself because I wanted to check out certain things most weren’t talking about:

  • Nice to look at
  • Easy to Use
  • Can I customize
  • Value for money
  • Ongoing training
  • and, obviously Sign-up forms

There were a few other things I looked at but they’re more personal & not much value mentioning here so I don’t want to waste your time.

Now, why would I look into that many items? Well, for me its a long term thing. I try to think in terms of 3 4 or 5 years down the line…

If you were planning on spending approximately 1 hour every single day, for the rest of your life, crafting opt-in pages, sign-up forms, email subject lines, & emails that provided value to your customers. An all inclusive email programs basically.

Nice to look at

I I know that this is a little vain. But let me explain…

Don’t you think its a good idea to have something that you’re happy to log into and feel comfortable, not overwhelmed or confused, about what you were looking at?

Mindset is everything ūüėČ set yourself up for comfort & success in all that you pursue.

Ease Of Use

As per the earlier points I also wanted something that was easy to navigate. Something that was easy to use for me because I am what one would call ‘technically challenged’.

So I definitely needed something I could manoeuvre around easily & find, what I wanted to find & do what I wanted to & do, within a few clicks.

Can I Customize

With this I wasn’t just looking at 1 or 2 things. I was looking at my list ensuring I could do customization with all of those things.

I was very happy to find that I could. In fact I was able to do so within a couple of clicks which was one of my qualifiers also.

GetResponse Pricing (& others)

Since money was no longer a point of difference for Mailchimp I now need to look at how much & what would be gained out of that against other providers.

Just looking at the starter plans this is what I found at this start-up level:

  • Aweber 30 Day Free Trial
    • $19 per month
    • 500 Email Subscribers
    • Unlimited email send
  • iContact
    • $14 per month
    • 500 Email Subscribers
    • Unlimited email send
  • Mailchimp
    • ****GET DETAILS***
  • GetResponse
    • $15 per month
    • 1,000 Email Subscribers
    • Unlimited Email send

When I ran the numbers to me it all added up to GetResponse. At $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers you can email any time you want was great value for money. Especially when I share what else I discovered being provided for free.

PLEASE NOTE: I am an affililate for GetResponse. This means that

if you choose to sign up with GetResponse i’ll get a commission.

¬†Further to this i’ll throw in my FREE Report:

Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers!


Ongoing GetResponse Training

Whenever I look into a product I always look for ongoing training. I love me some training!

Its the one thing that I feel really differentiates a fly-by product & something that is looking to establish themselves in a niche or market long term & ultimately attempt to dominate.

Seriously its not something that many consider but think about it for 3 seconds: if you were getting something knew wouldn’t you like to know that adequate training was provided?

AND if it wasn’t can training be found for what you’re trying to figure out?

Finally was there ongoing training?

What I loved most was when I got into GetResponse is they offered a free training to teach me how to get 10,000 Subscribers in either 90 days or 180 days depending on what you chose.

The only difference between the 2 is if you chose 90 days you’d get a training video tutorial & small article every day. If you chose the 180 days you’d get it every second day.

The training is quality. And it absolutely makes sense. The ONLY way they make money is if you are successful email programs & stay with them.

Therefore they provide free valuable quality training that can help to accelerate or fast track your success to email marketing.

I also found that GetResponse had like a training vault if you will. A page where there were hundreds of video training tutorials.

Short sharp straight to the point trainings on anything you wanted to do with GetResponse from Landing pages, Sing-up forms, Emailing your customers etc.

GetResponse Autoresponder

I’ve used a number of autoresponder’s in the past. But, GetResponse Autoresponder is great because of its ease of use.

And once again anything that isn’t easy for you theres full training provided that’ll help you out a lot like it did me when I got started.

Step 1:

Getresponse Autoresponder

Step 2:

Getresponse Email Marketing Software

GetResponse Affiliate Program

Another reason I like GetResponse is the fact that there is a GetResponse Affiliate Program.

They provide all the training you will require to come up looking like a professional to your potential clients like banners, text links, web forms & many other things.

The GetResponse Affiliate Program provides a nice recurring 33% revenue share.

GetResponse Affiliate Program

This means that for every person that joins with your link you will get 1/3rd of all of the money GetResponse.

If in total they commit to $100 per month, just as an example, you will get $33 per month as long as your customer stay’s with GetResponse.

One thing I really like about GetResponse Affiliate Program is that they use a 120 day drop cookie.

This means that as long as you send them to the site, & they buy within 120 days, the 33% recurring is all yours!

It typically takes someone 7 trips somewhere before they will buy. So, in 120 days they will likely be your customer or they’re not very serious so you don’t lose anything anyway.

Why is this important to you? Well, if you use the program like me & you are happy with it wouldn’t you want to recommend it so your customers are happy also?

In Summary

As you can probably already tell I am very happy with my decision. And, having used them many times I am also happy with the ease of putting together a singup form, an email broadcast & so on.

I’m very comfortable in recommending GetResponse to you & every other person who wishes to ask me about an Email Service Provider.

I highly recommend if you’re considering joining them to go ahead & Sing Up to the FREE 30 Day trial they’re currently offering.

And, just as importantly be sure to sign-up to the currently free 90 Day Email Marketing Course they’re offering that I mentioned earlier on you’ll be glad you did.

To Your Success! Make It Happen. Sam

GetResponse Email Marketing Software