Excuses For Not Succeeding

I’ve definitely had my excuses for not succeeding so i’m not here to judge more enlighten if you will.

The other day I saw a post on Facebook which caught my attention:

What’s the most common excuses for not succeeding?

What actually caught my attention wasn’t the question but rather the answers… there were tons of comments and MOST of them were different!

Very interesting I thought, then I thought further wondering: what are the most common excuses for not succeeding at something?

I start reading blog posts, looking at social media posts, and images etc and you know what’s funny/sad? I started to see all my failures time and time again wrapped up in all these excuses!

What I found was that it wasn’t just me who had excuses for not succeeding at what [insert goal here] but that it was quite a common thing. This was some what liberating but at the same time really made me realize how many excuses we all can have.

My goal for this blog post is to help you realize that we all have our own excuses, some legit some are straight b.s, but either way when you realize what you’re telling yourself then you’ll realize that that’s all it is – common excuses for not achieving goals.

I’m going to break down the excuses for not succeeding into 3 different categories, okay?

  1. Mental Excuses for not succeeding
  2. Physical Excuses for not succeeding
  3. Relational Excuses for not succeeding

The reason being is that they are 2 different worlds and categorizing them will help one digest all the info a bit better… at least that’s what I think… or, is that just an excuse? lol

Another reason is to notice that excuses for not succeeding really do come from all types of angles in life! And, preparing ones self is the best way to avoid and overcome them.

Let’s get 1 thing very clear: ALL excuses really start in the mind. The categories are merely for distinction. At the end of the day it all starts in the mind.

With that being said, let’s get stuck into it.

Mental Excuses for Not Succeeding

Mental excuses are anything excuses for not succeeding that start in ones head, ones mindset, ones mentality. Let’s get into the most common excuses for not succeeding mentally:

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a “real” thing. By real I mean there are people terrified of failing. However its how they handle it that really matters. Successful people dig deep, use this fear, and fuel themselves to the success they so badly want. Unfortunately those making excuses for not succeeding will make other excuses and not admit their fear of failure. Don’t be one of those people.

I’m Not Motivated

Motivation is a funny thing. Its genuine as in you need to be motivated to work. However, its deceiving in the sense that you don’t need to be inspired or motivated to get a task done. What’s more important i’d say is, to build a schedule based around what you’re committed to making happen, then get consistent! This way motivated or not you’ll get the job done.

Too Much Competition

This might initially seem like a physical excuse but really its a mental excuse. Bare wit me as I explain why. Competition isn’t a physical thing, especially not on the internet! So really its an excuse. Its an excuse and a lack mindset. This excuse needs mental/mindset work. Realize that we all have our own unique selling point and that we live in an abundant world.

Its Bad Timing

Let’s be honest: Excuse makers this is YOUR cop out! That’s all it is. Its purely mental. Its never the perfect time which is what this statement is essentially alluding too – doesn’t exist. Instead focus on what Tony Robbins says we should ask ourselves in such situations; “When would now be a good time to start?” Did you get that? Here, i’ll highlight the key; “When would NOW be a good time to start?” BOOM!! Powerful stuff.

It’s Just Who I Am

I’m putting this excuse in both mental and physical categories because they both have separate challenges that need to be addressed. Ultimately NO you aren’t just who you are. You’re so much more then that! And, you’re far more capable then you could ever imagine. Look at all the successful people who rose from NOTHING to huge achievements most of us only dream about like this immigrant. This is where personal development becomes so important! YOU can achieve anything you want, just not everything you want, so be sure to focus up and get to work on yourself.

I’m Not Good Enough

This is a tough one. Confidence is key to success. But either way i’m here to tell you straight up: you ARE good enough! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am an online business owner who grew up in the pacific islands who didn’t learn to type until I was almost 18. I was way behind the online business curve. Yet here I am building my 6 figure business and 7 figure empire.

Too Many Responsibilities

Let’s be honest: if you have a ton of responsibilities then what would 1 more mean to you? Especially if that one more is going to support you in becoming more successful rather than living a life full of excuses that you probably hate?

It’s Too Difficult

If it’s too difficult its because your purpose is not big enough. The only time we really see obstacles is when our vision for our purpose isn’t 100% clear. So do some developmental work. Focus on your ultimate purpose. And build towards that. It’s never too difficult… you’re just not committed enough.

I Don’t Know How

Not knowing how is is one of the biggest and most common excuses around. But, learn how. I didn’t know what marketing was when I started. I studied, I followed leaders, I read blog posts, bought courses and still do to this day year later. If you really want to be successful at [insert whatever you want here] you will find a way. We’re all amateurs when we start no one is born successful at something.

I’m Not Getting Results

This is borderline legit. Because if we’re doing something and not getting results we should look at other things. Other opportunities. Other… whatever. Most people think of the destination as the result they’re after. Whether its 1 lead for your business. Or 1 pound lost in your massive journey. Or 1 better decision you’ve made for your health that’s a result! Focus on small results and just keep growing.

My Goals Aren’t Clear

Then GET clear! YOU have to get clear on your vision and your purpose and your mission. Cos if you’re not working on your goals I guarantee you you’re working on somebody else’s (that’s what a job is). I’ve fallen off the track often. And this really comes down to self doubt. But, if you sit down and do some development you’ll quickly discover what your purpose which will automatically give you a life long goal to get after.

Too Many Goals

Having too many goals is a killer. And, it basically comes down to focus! When I have an honest look at the truth behind any success I’ve had its come to focus. Which means minimizing and limiting my goals. Because I want to be super successful at certain things and could care less about others. I know this focus will lead to great things, they always do.

Giving Up Way Too Soon

Giving up too soon is ALWAYS going to ensure you don’t succeed. Finding excuses for not succeeding kills your emotional and mental commitment levels and giving up too soon is all too common! I always see people really excited about something only to stop in a few days, some a few weeks, about 99% within a few months. So a big part of being in that top 1% that truly succeeds at what they’re doing just don’t stop. No matter what keep going!

I’m Really Overwhelmed

This can be a tough one mentally but a very easy fix in real life. What you need to do is stop focusing so hard on the outcome. Detach yourself from the outcome and just commit to the process and work required. You absolutely can succeed but overwhelm will drag you down and create doubt every chance you give it because your brain isn’t designed to help you succeed its designed to protect you. And anything outside the norm is a danger zone. Look at the 1 and ONLY next task required to succeed and get that 1 thing done.


Physical Excuses for Not Succeeding

These are the excuses for not succeeding that are physically based. Like money is a piece of paper we can hold. Health and fitness is something we work on tangibly. And so on…

They Have No Time

One of the most used excuses of all time for not succeeding is that people “have no time.” The truth is however is that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 12 months in a year. This is a big time excuse that needs to be put to rest! Its something I have been guilty of many times and in many areas of my life that I’ve had to learn to manage.

They Waste Time

Perhaps you think this is the same as having no time. But no its not. Time wastage is people who claim to have no time… but when you look into it these excuse makers actually spend 3 hours every day on Facebook, watch 2 TV shows, and then a movie before bed. Time wasters, as I’ve been guilty of as well, are those claiming to have no time but really they have but waste it on non productive activities.

My Expectation Are Too High Got me Worried

This might seem like a mental one but I’m going to put it here for this reason: having ones expectations too high will create anxiety and self doubt which have physical repercussions. Now, there’s nothing wrong with high expectations but manage your physical anxiety by focusing on the next step and the next task.

It’s Going to Take Too Long!

Either way time will pass. This is why its important to really focus on something that you care about. That you are passion about. Because good things take time. No matter how badly you want the potato it requires certain amount of weeks before you can harvest it. Time is going to pass either way. Start working now on something worth while long term.

Not Committed

We all have those friends and family members who have no idea what being committed is. Like, when they say they’ll be there you know they either won’t or you refuse to believe it till they show up because they always disappoint you? Be committed. Find your 4 or 5 things in life you REALLY want to achieve and give those 100% of yourself and watch your excuses disappear and success start to roll on in!

I Need To Do Research

This absolutely falls under the physical excuses. In the sense that to do research you have to sit at your computer, call certain people, read particular text, listen to audio’s, watch videos… but yes, you guessed it, it’s just an excuse! My mentor once taught me: Version 1.0 is always better then Version 0.0 🙂 I mean look at Microsoft and Samsung and iPhone… they release what they can them update every 6 to 12 months. Do the same

I’ve Got Bills to Pay

ME TOO! In fact I remember at one point being in debt over $42,000!! No i’m not bragging. That was stupid and irresponsible. But I kept building anyway. And i’m happy to say right now that i’m debt free and its an awesome feeling! Don’t use bills, meaning mistakes of past decisions, hold you back from your future prosperity.

I’m TOO Tired

Energy is absolutely an important part of life. I’m sure that’s why you have this excuse. Or reason as you call it. But, are you getting good quality sleep? Are you drinking as much water as possible? Are you working on your lifestyle food choices? Do you intake supplements to make up for the shortfalls of your diet? If you haven’t them stop making the excuse. Most of us live on terrible quality food then wonder why we don’t have enough energy. Sort it out.

I’m Too Young

For success? Really? Here’s a too Young story: Sean Belnik with just $600 at 16 years old started an online business. He tried various businesses and by the age of 20 was worth $24 million dollars! Here’s perhaps maybe a more “realistic” success at a  young age story you may like because really we’re not all going to be worth $24 million at the age of 20.

I’m Too Old

You know after the last excuse that was made, too young, that we were going to smash this one too! Colonel Sanders at the retired age of 62 started on his KFC journey. The last report I could find was 2013 where the business had $23 BILLION dollars in revenue. John Chow is an ‘aged gent’ whose story I absolutely love and continues to have success even at his age in the online world.

Not Enough Money

Not having enough money is the exact reason you should be building a business for yourself. Jobs stand for J.O.B: Just Over Broke! And, even with a small about of money, as in less than $30 a month, you can start building a business online complements of platforms like blogging forum marketing Facebook and Instagram.

This is a Scam

This is more of a business excuse but many things. Because we think ‘scam’ in some way shape or form even when it comes to weight loss program. Fitness training programs. People that we connect with. Sure don’t get me wrong there are absolutely scams out there and you need to be careful of it. But do your homework before you invest any time money energy or focus into something before you get all the way committed.

I Live For The Moment

This quite frankly is a complete cop out! This is ones way of saying: I don’t wanna do the work. I just wanna enjoy myself. I’m too lazy to work for the future. STOP IT!! You know now AND the future are important. And, what you’re doing is making an excuse. An excuse not to take any responsibility. Step your game up. Get it done for today, tomorrow, and the next 10 years.

I Want To Enjoy Myself

We all want to enjoy ourselves! And the best way to do that is be massively successful. Not finding excuses for failure. The most fun I’ve had is when I’m being successful at what matters to me. Whether its business, health, family, relationship… not failing. At anything. EVER. I’m sure you feel some what the same.

That’s Just Who I Am

I put this under both mental and physical rather than mental but it could go both ways obviously. I chose physical because a lot of people use this excuse when it comes to weight especially. Just because you’re that weight doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. You think its genes? Have you ever looked into epigenetics? Well… you should 😉 It’ll help you out alot! Especially mentally to overcome this excuse that’s holding you back from succeeding at the levels you truly want and deserve to.

Distractions/Shiny Object Syndrome

This is one that most don’t realize. Shit sometimes I don’t realize it! But, we get on Facebook and scroll for 20 or 30 minutes instead of doing something productive. Or we jump on YouTube and instead of watching that 1 video we spend 2 hrs lol. We have to get focused. We have to lock in. Or we will never attain the true success we want. I’m guilty of this far too often and work towards being less distracted each day.

I’m A Procrastinator

Well, get over it lol. Seriously. Procrastinating doesn’t lead to success. And honestly when it comes down to it we use it as an excuse and justifier. But you’ll never succeed living this way. Plan things out and get to work on them immediate no matter how small or big the task.

Relational Excuses for Not Succeeding

These excuses for not succeeding are the ones we use by blaming others from our better halves, to our friends, to our kids, to our parents!

I Need a Work Life Balance

As a parent, and for 18 months a single parent, I can empathize with this. Its extremely difficult trying to find the balance. To not only handle ones responsibilities of life with family but also keeping a job to keep roof over your head – its difficult to say the least. But, this is an excuse that’ll hold you back from achieving. At the end of the day you must prioritize and minimize. Forget all that isn’t your top 3 or 4 priorities and drop the rest.

My Families Holding Me Back

NO! No No No No lol… I used to have this excuse. You know where it lead me? Unhappy father, bad break up of marriage, and the most difficult period in my life! You need to fix this excuse or it’ll drag you down to hell and you’ll have to drag yourself back out and it isn’t easy I’m telling you. Avoid this heart ache and pain from your future but removing the excuse that families holding you back. Change your mindset instead to the fact that you KNOW you want to do it FOR them! And obviously for you 😉

I Have Young Children

GUESS WHAT? So do I! In fact I was a single parent for 18 months. Yes it slowed me down a lot but I didn’t let it stop me. I continued to build part time when I could. Whilst working a full time job mind you. You don’t have to accomplish today, and most likely never will, but you can take 1 step closer towards it daily and as time continues to pass you’ll build momentum instead of finding more and more excuses.

What Will Other’s Say About Me?

First and foremost: who gives a shit? When you’re really struggling and you look in the mirror about what’s going on what do you see? Yourself right? That’s the only opinion that REALLY matters when it comes down to your success! Even your kids and your spouse shouldn’t be an excuse for not succeeding. Find a way to get it done. Forget about ‘what others will say’ they’re going to say it anyway. Get after the success YOU deserve.

It’s Not What THEY Want

I get it. But what about you? When is it time for YOU? think about it… if YOU aren’t right how can you help anyone? I’ll wait… YOU are the #1 priority in your life. That may be difficult to grasp especially if you have kids. But, how can you look after your kids if you aren’t succeeding at what you truly want? How are you going to show your kids how to be healthy if you’re always sick and out of shape? It’s time for YOU to get yours because no one wins by you playing small, and everyone else will also benefit in the process.

Listening To Those Unsuccessful

Many of us get psyched out by talking to those whose opinions don’t matter. We talk to our neighbor or work friend about how to be successful at this or that. Just because we’re friends and are comfortable to ask them. But in reality when you look at it for them they haven’t been successful at that themselves. It makes NO sense to ask them as they’ll likely speak from their own fear and excuses or stop you from doing it because God forbid YOU become successful and they’re still the same? Careful who you speak to. Ask those who are successful at it or doing it not just talking from personal insecurities or fears.

Excuses for Not Succeeding Conclusion

At the end of the day we can see how every single one of these excuses all starts in our head!

What’s worse is that we’ve accepted those excuses for not succeeding as our reality… our identity… when in fact they are not.

We must recognize all of our excuses and work hard to overcome them starting right now!

Whether you choose to go about it in terms of physical first, mental first, or relational first… it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you start working today on yourself and the things you really want to achieve.

Stop the excuses right now. Let’s overcome these excuses for not succeeding! I deserve success. I trust that you do too or you wouldn’t be part of the less than 1% still reading 😉 Comment below: I’M NO LONGER GOING TO USE THESE EXCUSES FOR NOT SUCCEEDING!

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