How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account

You’re obviously here wondering How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account!

Its a great question because its more then just finding, copy pasting, and you get 100 thousands followers.

Though i’m sure you know that by now or you wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t you?

There are 3 topics in particular I wanna discuss today to ensure we really get a good idea of what this is all about;

  1. How Instagram Hashtags Work
  2. What are the top Instagram hashtags?
  3. Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes
  4. How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account

Before we get going I want to make it clear;

This is a write up for business owners like blogger, social media posters, solopreneurs, online marketers and so on.

If you’re just looking for “as many likes as possible” or as many “comments as possible” this article will help but its not written for that purpose.

Let’s get stuck into it!

How Instagram Hashtags Work

Instagram hashtags really work quite simply.

You put a hashtag (#) in front of a term without any spaces, one word, and that makes it a hashtag.

For example. If I write #HowInstagramHashtagsWork thats officially a hashtag.

However, if I was to put #How Instagram Hashtags Work the only word that’s actually a hashtag is HOW because the word has the # in front of it with no gaps.

Make sense? Pretty straight forward stuff.

What are the top Instagram Hashtags?

Finding what the top Instagram hashtags are is actually very easy.Find the Best Instagram hashtags for Likes

I mean a simple Google of this will bring up;

  • #love.
  • #instagood.
  • #photooftheday.
  • #beautiful.
  • #fashion.
  • #tbt.
  • #happy.
  • #cute.

But if is the best Instagram hashtags for likes or for your account for that matter?

These hashtags are the most popular and get the most likes but what are you using Instagram for?

Is it for business? Is it for personal reasons? Or are you really just trying to find the best hashtags for likes?

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes

Now, likes are great but I want to dig a little deeper with you if you don’t mind.

Even if you do we’re going to anyway lol. I’m not a surface value kinda person 😉

So, with your account you need to really ask yourself a few things.

If is better to get a thousand likes from people who don’t give a dam about you or your business?

Or would it be better to get 100 likes from people who love you, your service, your product, or your business and are highly engaged with it?

Focus really is the flavour of the month. Actually it always has been and always will be.

Those who can really focus, and harness what they’re doing, will maximise their results.

What Hashtags do you Suggest for my Instagram Account?

What I mean is it might be great to have a million followers on your cooking based account.

But if you’re selling internet marketing services how far do you think that’ll take you?

When you post anything about business you’ll probably get less than 1% engagement or interest.

However, if you have 100 thousand strong followers on a motivation, inspiration, or luxury account you’ll probably get 10% or maybe even 20%.

I’ve seen higher, way higher, with both of those account types.

So, how to Find the Best Instagram hashtags for Likes?

Honestly focus more on quality then quantity it’ll take you farther.

With higher engagement comes the opportunity to go viral.

At that point you can get MILLIONS of impression and tens of thousands of likes.

But at least they’re worth a dam instead of being empty clicks.

People simply clicking out of curiosity having no clue then quickly bouncing when they realise you’re trying to sell them something.

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account

This is a great question! And, i’m glad you asked 😉

I’ll do one day a full write up about this topic only so be sure to check back.

Learning how to find the best Instagram hashtags for your account has a lot of value.

You’ll have relevant followers, engaged people, and prospects who are actually interested in you and what ever you have to offer.

This is more like business rather than the wild west of taking a lot of shot gun shots and hope something hits!

Sorry, bad analogy haha but hopefully you get what i’m trying to share with you.

Best Hashtags for Your Account

There is a method to find the best hashtags for your account.How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Account

You can use Instagram’s search feature itself. They’ll not only make the most relevant suggestions for your search.

They’ll also give you how many posts are up for that term, meaning what you have to compete with to get onto the explorer page.

What’s that you ask? Let’s talk…

Instagram’s Explorer Page

Instagram’s explorer page is how people end up going viral.

Its insane but i’ve seen people for example with only 14 posts that have over a million followers!

How? Thats insane right? Yes it is but its mostly science and knowing what to do and when to do it.

Getting on Instagram’s explorer page is the best step because it means you’re trending for that term.

And in doing so Instagram will expose your content to people just browsing, and have liked or shared something similar recently, whether they follow that person or not.

This is where Instagram really separates itself from Facebook in terms of traffic generation for your business.

Learn all you can to rank your content. Meaning get your content to trend on Instagram and you can get 15,000+ followers for one post.

A feat that seems crazy but a friend of mine did it following exactly what I do just last night 😉

Hashtags for Your Instagram Account Research

There are 2 ways I search and build my hashtags to be honest with you.

First way is I use a website Hashtagify to find some relevant content immediately.

Hashtagify me gives you the All-time Top 10 Hashtags related to whatever hashtag you’re searching for.

For example if you’re in personal branding this is the result;

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

You can also put it on table mode so you can see some numbers at a glance if you prefer that.

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Account

I’ll let you dive into Hashtagify if you wanna understand those numbers more for now I wanna focus on how to find relevant hashtags to use for your posts.

The other way I do it is simple, old school research that really takes time, but is the most effective because it comes from Instagram itself.

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

Here are what INSTAGRAM thinks is the most relevant keywords and terms and hashtags to what you’re searching for.

I’ve had to do this manually myself and it took me a few hours but I suddenly had 200 unique hashtags to go after in my business campaign account.

Depending on what business you work in you want to type in something relevant for it.

Just as a quick example to give you a better idea:

Cooking: #cookingfromhome

Personal Trainers: #30daychallenge

Entrepreneurs: #entrepreneurship

YouTuber: #youtubeguru

Simply typing in hashtags that are relevant to what YOU’RE doing will bring up the most relevant terms.

Then you continue to brain storm and input more ideas from there.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is lol.

Why You Shouldn’t use the Same Hashtags all the Time

I’ve made this mistake and had accounts shadow banned.

Shadow banning hasn’t been confirmed about how real it is.

But when I was researching why my new account went from 10-30 followers per day to 0 the best way to describe it was an article I read from a marketer who talked about shadow banning.

It made perfect sense to me to be honest! It was EXACTLY as he said it was.

Instagram aren’t stupid. There’s a reason Facebook bought them for a billion dollars!

There bots are amazing. They track the tags you use and if you overuse them they see you as a spammer and ban your account from being exposed to those who aren’t followers.

Don’t fall victim because a new account, taking a hit like this, could just about be game over for your Instagram business before it really starts.

Instagram Hashtags Training

I’ve put together this training for people serious about building their Instagram business or personal brand.

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

Be sure to take advantage of this training before you go any further!

You’ll be glad you did i’m telling you 😉

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags Summary

I trust this article was helpful to you especially for your business endeavours.

The main take away’s, other than the free training i’m offering you above, are:

  1. Figure out what your market is
  2. Find relevant keywords for your account
  3. Post good content and get onto Explorer page
  4. Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again
  5. Get the FREE training to show you how its done!

Now, it’s your turn: Comment below how are you going to change the way you try to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for your account?

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