How To Build Your Startup Team Online

Ever wondered how to build your startup team? There are a few things you really want to consider.

Now, true to our beautiful online world i’m going to focus on how to build your startup team on the internet.

If you’re knew i’m not into traditional business. I don’t want to be locked into what time I can work and where I can work from.

No, i’d rather be building the right team to help me create the laptop lifestyle most only dream about.

In this article there are 3 areas of life I really want to focus on to show you how to build an effective team for your online business:

  • At Home
  • Your Work
  • Partnerships

There is more to building the right team then just jumping online and hoping it all works out.

And there are no real solopreneurs out there. I assure you that 99% of all people online, especially the successful ones, will admit they couldn’t have done it on their own.

If they do say that i’m pretty sure they’re full of it! At the very least their ego is so big they don’t see how people have contributed to their success lol.

Let’s get stuck into it…

How to Build Your Startup Team at Home

One of the biggest challenges people deal with when coming to the online world is getting the business setup right at home!How to Build Your Startup Team

And this is where it really needs to start and I want to discuss a few things to really set the stage. After all I don’t want to waste your time.

Talk to Your Partner

The first thing i’d recommend is talking to your partner, your better half, your evil genius twin, what ever you call them talk to them.

Be real with them. Tell them how serious you are about building this legit business for both your benefits in the future.

Explain that you see how the work force is limited to the income you can make. The time you can have to live a life. And that you hate your job.

That’s if you hate your job lol. But, this’ll be true for 60% of people. The other 40% are just in denial 😉

Talk to Your Friends

I wouldn’t recommend this immediately because our friends, and family, tend to shiz all over our dreams and desires.

But it is a conversation you’ll have to have sooner or later as they’ll be wondering why you don’t come for beers anymore.

For you ladies they’ll be wondering why you don’t come for the fortnightly facials.

You don’t have to tell them what you’re doing but you do need to make them aware that you just don’t have the time nor want to waste the money on going out for drinks.

You’d rather build your future now, and have fun with a fark tonne more money later.

How to Build Your Startup Team With Your Work

And no i’m definitely NOT talking about your job. We both know that won’t go down well.How to Build Your Startup Team

Focus instead on your work at home 😉 I got you on that one right?

Which Business?

Do you want to get into passive style income?

Maybe, you want to build an eCommerce business?

Or, do you want to do affiliate marketing?

There are a tonne of business options! And, if you’re trying to figure out How to Build Your Startup Team you really need to pick something that resonates with you and your personality.

All businesses can be successful for anyone willing to put in the work so pick something that fires you up.

What do I Recommend?

I can’t really recommend anything without knowing you and what you want to build long term.

So if you’re unsure join my emailing list and find out how we can sit down for $1 and I can consult you on what may be best for you.

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Here’s what i’d suggest even if you don’t wanna talk that’s cool with me:

Irrespective of what business you choose to get involved in you need to learn how to market that business.

You see cash is the blood flow of a business.

The only way to make cash is to make sales.

Best way to make sales is to learn how to market.

And no i’m not talking about that prospecting b.s!

I’m talking about building a real strategy that’ll give you long term attainable and SCALE-ABLE business options in the future should you choose to grow it bigger then where it is currently.

Again, something I am happy to help you with. Click on the link above and let’s get cracking my friend.

How to Build Your Startup Team With Partnerships

I spoke above about sorting stuff out at home. So in terms of partnerships its absolutely step #1.

If you can’t get your partner on your side its going to be a struggle moving forward honestly.

They won’t understand why you’re always in front of the computer.

They probably won’t understand but they will be hurt that you have less time together.

Sort that out first and foremost okay?

What else is there? 2 things in particular i’d suggest:

Find Yourself a Mentor

A mentor has been the key turning point to my success. Literally not hyping this at all.How to Build Your Startup Team

What he was able to teach me were some very core principles that set me on the right path.

The problem with just buying courses is you often can’t ask all the questions you want.

And the challenge with not having a mentor is you don’t really know if what you’re doing is the ‘right way’ to do it.

I put there “” because there are a tonne of ways to do it but guessing ain’t one 😉

What i’d suggest for finding a mentor so they can help show you how to build your startup team is;

  1. Find someone that resonates with you; their message, their personality, and so on
  2. Find someone whose successful at what you want to do
  3. Find someone who replies when you email or message them on Facebook or Instagram
  4. Find someone that you can tell actually gives a fark – yep this is a serious point

Follow those 4 points, whilst it won’t be easy, but when you find the right person you’ll happily be with them for years and get the right guidance at the same time.

Accountability Partner

Having an accountability buddy can be the difference between success and failure just as much as anything else.

Why do you need one? Having one makes this journey much more palatable.

I’m telling you the truth, not trying to hype you up on some b.s you can make 100K in 3 months with 0 experience lol.

No, fark all of that. I don’t wanna waste your time. I’ll be truthful: Its a battle but 1. you can do it and 2. its well worth it!!

Having someone you can spitball with on a weekly basis on what works and what doesn’t and will keep you accountable in way’s that’s a lot harder on your own.

When looking for your accountability partner i’d suggest;

  1. Find someone as ambitious as you
  2. Find someone whose really committed to making this happen
  3. Create a structure to the call so you can both share time evenly
  4. Keep the call at a minimum of 20 minutes maximum of 60 minutes

Stick to those 4 points and your partnership should go well.

Again its simple, but it won’t be easy, however find the right buddy and it’ll motivate you in ways you didn’t see coming and will absolutely pay dividends long term beyond your weekly time investment.

How to Build Your Startup Team Summary

Ultimately learning how to build your startup team isn’t easy. And it does take a lot of effort! When you get it right however everything will be MUCH easier.

You see the journey itself is challenging enough you don’t need anything else to create resistance you really just want to focus on your work and getting it done.

Remember the 3 points we dove into today; At Home, Your Work, Partnerships.

Learning how to build a successful team isn’t easy work but when it all clicks it’ll be dynamite on gas! You can absolutely do it. Be patient and find the right people for the right roles to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Now its your turn – Comment below which of these tips you’re going to implement today on how to build your startup team online

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