How To Provide Massive Value

What is providing massive value?

A lot of people throw that term around but very few explain or put it into actionable items we can put include in our business moving forward.

Providing Massive Value is probably the #1 factor to the success of your online business. Or offline business for that matter! But its even more important in your online marketing efforts.

Why? Let’s get into it a little more.

Nowadays theres so much bad news about being scammed online. Or someone whose hacked a bank account & stolen millions from thousands of people. And probably the most common these days where someone’s facebook account has been taken over & all of a sudden all your friends are being ofgiving value to peoplefered knock off sunglasses on your behalf!

What i’m trying to get at is that people are ALREADY skeptical about this whole ‘online thingy’ & are really not sure who to trust,  like, respect… let alone you who they may have just stumbled across whether it be:

  • *On social media Or
  • *Found your youtube videos browsing on youtube for hours
  • *Stumbling across your blog post by accident searching for an answer?

So the question then becomes… Sam, how do I provide Massive Value? This is simpler then you may think.

How To Provide Massive Value For A Win Win Situation

When someone subscribes to your list be sure to provide your best tip possible that they can action within 5 minutes & get a result.

providing massive value

You may be thinking YEAH BUT if I give my best tip…

  • why will they come back to my blogs or emails?
  • why would they bother listening moving forward?
  • why not move onto another ‘guru’?

STOP! This is your negative self talk & it’s time to stop it & look at the much bigger, more positive, & much more likely outcome 😉

To answer the questions above, but not the other million in yours & my head when I first heard this, is;

They will come back because you’ve just added value to their lives & believe whole-heartedly that you will continue to do so moving forward.

They will listen to you moving forward, or read your blog posts and emails, because you just answered something very important to them why wouldn’t they come back for more?

They won’t go onto another guru because to them…. you’ve just come across as the guru 😉

That last one made you tingle right? Whilst I don’t like the term guru there is a mass of respect behind the term & guess what? They’ve just pointed it at YOU.

Small wins is another way to look at it. There are 2 reference’s I’d like to provide the explains this even further:

 "Small wins are a sead application of a small advantage... once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favour another small win.”
-Cornell University Professor, 1984.

And I also found another great explanation:

 “Small wins fuel transformative changes by leveraging tiny advantages into patterns that convince people that bigger achievements are within reach.”
-Charles Duhigg, Lifehacker

There in lies the secret to massive value! Provide valuable tips to your target audience.

And a good starting point is to provide your most valuable tip in your very first email to them.

You can take this & make it 10 times better! How so? Let’s dive into this…

They’ve just fallen in love with you because you provided an answer to their question. You’ve provided a very valuable tip or trick. You’ve just provided value.

How do you make it MASSIVE value? Start building your value sequence or stacking your deck!

If they loved the 1 tip you gave them are there not 5 or 6 you could provide? How do you think they’d feel after you provided 5 or 6 answers to very pressing questions?

Now don’t feel overwhelmed & certainly don’t let those questions we addressed above pop up again! Shut them down knowing that you will come out the better for it & so will your subscribers, customers, & followers.

You may have heard the ancient internet saying that “Content Is King”.

If you haven’t picked this up from my blog yet I believe in this concept & live it whole-heartedly. And by you providing so much content that makes YOU king. Isn’t that cool?

This isn’t about being seen as a Guru or a King but it is a natural outcome of providing massive value to your latest visitor.

How To Provide Massive Value Thru A Value Sequence

massive valueOnline you can do it best through email marketing. You can set-up an auto-responder value-based-sequence or stacking your deck that’ll automatically contact people for you.

Set up 5 or 6 emails, for when people first join your list, that’s going to answer some very pressing questions for them!

Also, be sure to give them a tip to help deal with that question that they can do themselves within 5 minutes & get a positive result.

Remember small wins? This is it at its best. And, by you doing this from the beginning teaches your list that you’re here to provide value, quality, & integrity by having their best interests at heart first & foremost.

I assure you if you do this value based sequence or stacking the deck from the beginning your subscribers, readers, followers, watchers, listeners… whatever medium & platform you are choosing to communicate with, your audience are going to love you & turn to you when they need an answer.

I know a lot of the above seems completely intuitive. That giving away our most valued tips we have nothing further to offer moving forward.

However as explained & we’ve gone through this is the best not just for you but for your customer.

Think about it, let’s be completely honest, people are typically searching on Google or online In general for an answer. I mean, it’s the only time I go on Google? When I want an answer.

And, the person who answers that question best I will turn to again in the future regarding that topic when I am looking for another answer.

This is how you become an authority online. A guru like figure. The go-to-guy come searching for solutions for that topic.

How many times, when looking into a niche, did you have just 1 question? Or just 5 or 6?

I’ll be honest for me personally not very often. Often I have a thousand questions… my head runs a little rampant come detail. Good or Bad I don’t know but the point is simple:

*By providing massive value, and building a value sequence, makes YOU the authority & therefore your opinion, teachings, trainings, & offers become priority to that person & they almost feel obligated to give something BACK to you.

My Massive Value Edition of ‘Cool Story, Bro’

How To Provide Massive ValueThis example was best explained by one of my own ‘cool story, bro’ situations I put myself through:

One day I was keyword research because I was looking for more ways to expand my current repertoire of how to do keyword research.

The result was that I found a video that went for almost 1hr on Youtube that provided some insights, thoughts, & ideas that I’d never considered before.

What happened after that? Well, I felt in debt to him. Honestly, I didn’t realise it at the time but that’s exactly what happened!

To cut a long story short I ended up buying 3 of his products & giving him a total of over $600 worth of business. WOW.

After buying & talking with him I got into a conversation asking him for more information & strategies re keyword research. Guess what he asked? It went a little something like this..

Keyword Guru: Have you seen my video on Youtube?

Me: Yes of course!

Keyword Guru: That’s how I research keywords.

Me: I know. But, what else do you do?

Keyword Guru: Seriously, that’s my method for keyword research.

Me: (thoughts: WTF?) (said: ok.)

I hope you get where I’m going with this… I labelled this guy as a guru, gave him over $600 worth of business, it was actually closer to the $700 range, all because of a 1hr youtube video I watched?

How many other people went through the same cycle?

Sure, some wouldn’t have given him almost $700 worth of business. But, there no doubt were some that would’ve given him thousands! NO DOUBT.

You giving away your best tips straight up drops all levels of scepticism from people. It opens them up to your core message. And that way when you actually ask for business they’re happy to work with you as opposed to labelling you a scammer, them unsubscribing, & then telling everybody else they encounter in the world that you’re a product flogger!

Providing Massive Value Summary

So, to summarise because we did cover quite a bit;

  1.  Give away your best tip in your very first email
  2. Build a value sequence by giving away 5 or 6 good relevant tips
  3. Make all steps actionable within 5 minutes for a positive outcome

Providing massive value is a philosophy i’ve really adopted for my business & I urge you too as well you’ll soon reap the rewards & benefits.

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