Four Things To Making Six Figures Online

Making six figures online has never been simpler or easier than in 2017.

And even if you’re reading this in 2018 i’m telling you making six figures online isn’t as far fetched as you might think it is.

In today’s article I want to discuss exactly why that is with you.

Primarily it comes down to just a few things:

  1. Competition
  2. Systematic Simplicity
  3. Cost Effectiveness
  4. Its All YOU

None of these points are necessarily in any important order however i’m telling you making six figures online’s most important point is absolutely point #4.

I want to offer you my free social media marketing domination course so that you can start taking these steps today.

Reason being is that most people, when it comes to earn income online without investment, use that as their excuse not to take action.

You CAN without a single cent. Does having more money help? Well, does having gasoline help light a fire? Of course it does! BUT, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done without it.

So, let’s get to work…

Making Six Figures Online #1: Competition

My first argument to making six figures online is Competition.Making Six Figures Online

There are a few ways to look at this and having the right mindset, point #4, is the key to the whole equation!

Competition View 1: There’s too much competition I can’t get it!

While this seems logical i’m here to tell you that I don’t think it is.

Having competition actually means that there’s money to be made, doesn’t it? And, you’re wanting to be Making Six Figures Online, don’t you? So if there’s competition, and I assure you its not as much as you think it is, then competition is actually a good thing.

Competition View 2: I don’t know anything how can I make a difference?

You know more than you know you know. Bit of a tongue twister right? lol.

Here’s what I mean! You can lead with massive value simply sharing anything and everything you’re learning, it’s what i’ve done as a complete novice to being an influencer simply because I shared what I learned.

I remember hearing once: If you want to win out teach your competition. Most people try to hoard their knowledge as if holding onto it is going to put them ahead of everybody else.

This might be true in the corporate world but that’s not what this is! In the online world things are changing constantly. Sharing what you’re learning puts you in a position of authority so you can attain the coveted know, like, and trust principle.

There’s an even bigger factor at play here with competition BUT we’ll discuss that in point 4.

Making Six Figures Online #2: Systematic Simplicity

Making Six Figures OnlineMy second argument for making six figures online is Systematic Simplicity. What do I mean by this?

What I mean is that there are so many systems and programs in place now to HELP you earn the six figures online you really badly want.

I’m not kidding either! I remember when I started out how difficult it was to do anything. You had to pay thousands to designers to build a simple landing page which you had no clue would work or not. Testing came at a premium!

In 2017 you can build a landing page in minutes, costing you a few dollars, and it looks really professional, from your home PC and test it at the click of a button.

Another thing to really consider is once upon a time you had to create your own profitable system for which you had no clue would work or even convert to take it 1 step back even more.

I know because I did this! For 5 years I worked my butt off to build a program that I found out in the end just didn’t have a lot of customers. Wow. Definitely a waste of time but an invaluable life lesson for sure.

Today you can, depending on how much you want to invest, could have access to making six figures online within an hour or two and you start collecting checks sooner then you can get time to think about what you’re doing.

Making Six Figures Online #3: Cost Effectiveness

I’ve already talked about being able to save thousands online from avoiding things like designer and specialist fees.

But seriously you can have a blog up for pennies and start blogging today and theoretically have business before the day is over.

Please don’t get pizzed off if you do just that and don’t get a million visitors cos it doesn’t quite work that way.

My point is the ease of doing things these days VS 10 years ago, even 5 years ago is ridiculous. And that includes costs.

Let’s break it down what it costs for example to start a blog:

  1. Domain: I buy mine from NameCheap, doesn’t matter where you buy yours from, but you can start from just 99 cents for your first year
  2. Hosting: HostGator is popular, tho its not who I use, and they have packages starting at $3.95
  3. Site Theme: You can buy whatever theme you want, I started with free and I suggest you do too however I upgraded to Thrive not long after

So, in other words you can start building your blog for basically less than a coffee at Starbucks!!

If thats not insane and brimming with opportunity then I honestly don’t know what is except

Social Media to Making Six Figures Online

Social media is a way you can go about making six figures online 100% free and probably a faster route to start besides blogging.making six figures online

You can create a Facebook or Instagram account today and start uploading content and making money if you have a system or model in place as mentioned in point 3.

You can create a YouTube account 100% free and start uploading videos sharing tips and giving value that’ll attract the right customers.

I’ve used both platforms to make money online in 2017 and even before then.

Its a good alternative for those who are just starting out, if you don’t want to blog tho I highly suggest you do ASAP as a blog is 100% YOUR platform. You don’t own Facebook or Instagram or YouTube they could shut you down tomorrow ending your run before you even start.

Making Six Figures Online #4: Its All YOU

The 4th and final point to making six figures online is absolutely YOU. I touched on this in the competition point.

What do I mean by it? What I mean is that making six figures online’s biggest challenge is YOURSELF.

Discipline focus and commitment is required if one wants to be making six figures online. I said it was simple I never said it was easy.

In the end you are your own biggest competition. But here’s the good part… it also means that everyone else’s biggest competition is also themselves. Most people buy non-fiction material don’t get past Module 1, chapter 1, part 1, video 1… what ever you wanna call it doesn’t matter.

The point is that if you can be that person who can just do a little more then NOTHING you can really separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Unfortunately we let ourselves down far too much its disappointing. We end up becoming our own biggest challenge and competition instead of support and fans!

Stop doing that. Set yourself up for success. Let YOU become your biggest support by working on yourself daily with development. This is what i’ve done to overcome those kinds of challenges and i’ll write more and more about this in the future because its 80% mindset 20% strategy.

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Making Six Figures Online Summary

As you can probably tell, and if you can’t I apologise for not conveying the message clear enough, that you can absolutely be successful.

In fact the goal you have in place is a worthy one of your time and efforts and you should absolutely 100% pursue is.

Get yourself aligned with your purpose by doing personal development. Beat your competition by doing more then the average which is simply getting beyond Part 1 of [insert title here]. Put in  place a system to help ease of setting up your online business. And enjoy and take advantage of having a blog and social media platforms for cost effectiveness.

Now, its your turn: declare as a comment below how making six figures online is simple and YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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