New Online Business Owner? 5 Marketing Insights For You

In this installment of Marketing Insights I want to break down a question brought up by a 17 year old finishsing high school.

This transition phase of life is important and I wanted to give some real life advice to this aspiring entrepreneur.

The question was loaded with golden nuggets that I wish to share with you to help with questions you may have as a new entrepreneur:

Hello everyone I am 17 and have a dream to start a career in real estate. And everyone my age is about to take the giant step from high school into going out into the real world.

“And lately I have been debating whether on starting blog of me pursuing that dream , Sharing knowledge from what I read , from what I learn from mentors, my opinions in topics within business etc.
I was thinking that starting now is best as I don’t have my real estate license given my age and I can even use that to my advantage to make content , do you see where I’m going with this ?

I even have a niche that I want to target that niche being people from ages 18 -25 as I can relate to this age group a lot cultural wise.

And I have realized that this age group particularly are the ones that are not doing much with their life and haven’t taken that and need that extra motivation to take that “jump” in life as Steve Harvey would say cause ultimately I want people to view my blog and feel motivated to actually do something with their lives as well.”

Whoa! What a question!! More importantly – how amazing is this kid? 17 and getting after it.

Let’s get stuck into this installment of Marketing Insights:

Marketing Insights #1: Stop Contemplating Take Action

This isn’t actually a marketing insight. BUT it is a point absolute worth covering in my opinion.

This guy is 17 and contemplating what to do in the real world. And here’s some truth bombs i’ve discovered.

There are people at 30 40 50 60 TRYING to figure out what to do in the real world.

Age ain’t nothing but a number as Aaliyah famously sang.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are you can still attempt new things at life.

The fact is that change is coming whether you like it or not. I say it best to be ahead of the curve and make that change before you HAVE to.

As Nike always says; just do it!! Action is the key, not your age.

Digital Marketing Insights: Age Is Just A Number

In today’s world people don’t really care about age. It wasn’t as important as it once was.

I mean there are young teenagers making 6 and 7 figures nowadays thru YouTube or on the phone.

There are elder gentleman crushing it on Facebook, retired, and living in Asia.

In the 2000’s it really is the digital age and with it comes the potentiality of a global virtual business.

Don’t be afraid to pursue yours irrespective of your age.

Marketing Insights #2: Debating Blogging

Whether you’re debating a blog or not you absolutely SHOULD blog.

Content is still King my friends. And, nothing says ‘authority’ unconsciously like a blog.

Your followers, your prospects, your tribe, people who love what you put out will frequent your blog.

Your blog is likely where they will find interest in you.

Its where you can put out valuable content, which search engines will share if put together properly, and you can attract people to you and build your email list by giving away free content upgrades.

Yes, you should absolutely start a blog no doubt about it.

There’s a good reason why even today’s direct marketer’s are content focused.

Buying traffic is no longer a viable option. Its expensive to be honest. And people are much more educated now about the internet. They don’t just click and buy.

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Digital Marketing Insights: Start A Blog

As mentioned you should absolutely start a blog.

There are sooo many reasons to start a blog here’s just a few to consider:

  1. Become an authority in your niche
  2. Give value by blogging with purpose
  3. Carve out your niche in a market
  4. Stand out compared to social media heroes
  5. Collect leads for your email list

Again, there are a tonne more that was just a quick 5 reasons to start a blog but believe me there are dozens.

Remember however that point #5 in the list above IS the most important of all.

The purpose of your blog isn’t to sell products its to build your email marketing list.

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There’s a reason why 7 and 8 figure earners build their blog this way and its because its where visitors will turn into prospectors, prospectors into followers, and followers into customers, then finally customers into your tribe!

Marketing Insights #3:  Is Starting Now Best?

Absolutely! In fact i’d say starting yesterday would actually be better but thats impossible so let’s just focus on today 😉

Too many people sit and think and ponder and wonder and then they realise 10 years of their life have passed they haven’t done the thing.

If they had just started they’d ALREADY have an answer.

Look i’m not saying foolishly rush into something of course not.

What i’m trying to say is that if you’re thinking about something, why not just do it instead?

You’ll figure out pretty quickly whether this is really for you or not!

Digital Marketing Insights: You Can Setup Shop Today

The best thing about the digital business world is you really could have a customer within the next hour!

You could make a thousand dollars today. Some have made more within their first day.

Am I saying thats the norm? Is that what you’re going to achieve?

I can’t answer that only you can. Only you can confirm the work you’re willing to put in not me.

BUT the best thing is that you can setup a youtube channel in minutes, have a blog setup in minutes, and you can start interacting socially via instagram or marketing insightsfacebook within minutes and potentially start making money.

So if you’re ready to go then get on with it then await the outcome and tweak according to where you want to go.

Marketing Insights #4: Your Unique Point

I love that this kid has already got a niche in mind.

When starting out many of us make the mistake of attacking a market instead of a niche. What’s the difference?

Well, a market for example is health but a niche is Fitness for 25 to 35 year olds.

Is that an actual niche? No probably not lol i’m just giving you an example.

Carve our your niche, find your unique point, and start marketing it to attract the right customers for you.

Digital Marketing Insights: Your Unique Point

I’m going to write about this topic ALOT more in the near future.

Yes i’ll put together an actual training video and blog post to help you find your unique point.

But for now I want to take the opportunity, to cover this point today, of things you should consider to help for your unique angle.

Looking at your niche and market:

  1. What’s missing from the current offers?
  2. What do you wish existed?
  3. What would you do differently?
  4. What would be ‘really cool’?

Answer these 4 questions to really find your unique point.

Again, if you want more on this be sure to check back in the coming few weeks better yet subscribe here to my email list as I always send out reminders of new trainings, new free content, including blog posts so you don’t miss out.

Marketing Insights #5: Not Doing Much With Their Life

Unfortunately it isn’t just this group of 18-25 year olds that aren’t doing much with their lives.

You see most people die at 30 years old but aren’t burried till they’re 70.

What I mean by that is most people aren’t doing much in their life.

So if you choose to pursue something in personal development, or requires growth in life, then many people can be inspired!

You see Tony Robbins and the age groups he talks to?

You see Brendon Burchard and the age groups he talks to?

I’m sure they have their unique niche’s that they target though they are big enough to attack a market.

But life lesson’s are applicable to all age’s, sexes, nationalities, and personalities.

Thats why I post about personal development regularly because motivation, mindset, inspiration is universal.

Digital Marketing Insights: Inspire On Your Platform

If you want people to feel motivated with what you’re doing thats insights

Being an inspiration is more of what the world needs so go for it!

Here’s your digital marketing insight of the post! Inspire on YOUR platform.

What’s your favorite platform? Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Twitter?

Whatever it is own it! Learn all the strategies for that platform and NAIL it.

I personally love facebook. They’re the biggest. Have been around the longest. They’re always innovating.

Inspire people using your platform to share things like:

  1. Motivational quotes
  2. Value posts
  3. Inspiring videos
  4. Daily insights
  5. Things you’ve learned

#5 is very important. Basically everything you learn you should share.

Become a content production house! That’s my goal because as I mentioned earlier on content is still king.

Marketing Insights Summary

I trust these 5 marketing insights have helped you today with your business today.

And, I trust the digial marketing insights has helped you from an online business perspective too.

Remember these 5 marketing insights:

  1. Marketing Insights #1: Stop Contemplating Take Action
  2. Marketing Insights #2: Debating Blogging
  3. Marketing Insights #3: Is Starting Now Best?
  4. Marketing Insights #4: Your Unique Point
  5. Marketing Insights #5: Not Doing Much With Their Life

And, also remember your 5 digital marketing insights:

  1. Digital Marketing Insights: Age Is Just A Number
  2. Digital Marketing Insights: Start A Blog
  3. Digital Marketing Insights: You Can Setup Shop Today
  4. Digital Marketing Insights: Your Unique Point
  5. Digital Marketing Insights: Inspire On Your Platform

Be sure to download the latest Marketing Insights Cheat Sheet with ALL of my marketing insights from all of my blog posts at the click of a button!

This is your cliff notes of internet marketing and has great digital marketing insights to help you with your business.

Do you have marketing insights based on this statement – do please share in comments below so we can all learn and grow together.

Thank You For Sharing
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