Mind Conditioning Techniques – My 2 Latest!

Today, I wanted to share with you my latest mind conditioning techniques that I currently use to help me not just achieve the goals I truly want to achieve but also to condition my mind for attaining them.

Last night for me, here in Australia, it was Sunday night. And, I looked at what I felt was most important for me moving forward in what I wanted to achieve.

In my business. I’ve always aimed for 6 figures. I’ve come to realise I was playing too small. I was playing from a place of fear rather than truth and challenge.

Every time I want to condition myself for success I reset my rituals because thats how I personally condition myself.

I do personal development courses, talk with my mentor, then I set about creating a new goal that excites me and pushes me beyond my current capacity.

Mind Conditioning Techniques #1

I used to just have the goal of making $100,000 per year. Which is a good goal don’t get me wrong. But when I realised I was playing too small I changed it about 6 months ago to $500,000 per year. In my most recent reviews, which was last week, I realised I was still playing too small and increased my goal again.

And, i’m sure in another 6 or 12 months i’ll feel i’m playing small and increase my goal again and so on.

My goal is now to make 1 million dollars per year. That comes down to $2,739.73 per day.

What i’m also conditioning myself to do is that I make $2,739.73 per day whether I work or not!

You might be thinking that’s crazy while some of you think that’s still too small. But, people do it every day. So why can’t I be one of them?

How am I doing this? Well, as I mentioned they’re part of my morning rituals. You can read more about rituals on my blog right here and i’ll be writing more in the coming weeks 🙂mind conditioning techniques

I’m also using an app which you can get for free called “My Affirmations” which I downloaded from Google Play store.

I bought the premium version and it allows me access to many more affirmations. On top of that it allows me to customise just about everything to a point where I’ve got basically a vision board on my phone and i’m alerted every 20 minutes of 1 of my chosen affirmations.

This alone is awesome mind conditioning technique to use but there’s a second way you can use this app which is also awesome in my opinion.

Mind Conditioning Techniques #2

Another cool thing about the My Affirmations app is that you can use it as a vision board.

Once upon a time thanks to the movie The Secret a vision board was the most heralded tool on the market in terms of a mind conditioning tool.

I even remember paying $97 once for a tool to help me build a vision board. Back then it was good. But nowadays probably couldn’t sell it for more then $47 as technology has advanced.

With the My Affirmations app you can actually tap on the remind that pop’s up on the top part of your phone and it’ll take you to your app and start auto scrolling thru your affirmations basically giving you a vision board.

Here’s less than half of my vision board I created using My Affirmations app which honestly only took me a few minutes:

mind conditioning techniques

mind conditioning technique for home gym

As I read these daily and go thru essentially my vision board 2 or 3 times a day my mind starts to adjust to attract to me what it is that I truly want in my life.

Mind Conditioning Techniques Conclusion

I understand that this is a rather basic mind conditioning technique but understand the power behind it.

You are viewing affirmations regularly. As often as you want really. I choose every 20 minutes as a pop up comes up as a reminder on my phone. I don’t want to wait any longer then that but I also don’t want it any shorter. You pick a time that you believe will most help you condition your mind for success.

And on top of that I look at my vision board and review and feel and read out my goals 2 to 4 times daily to get me motivated, inspired, and focused on my bigger goals of life.

Again, these are 2 super simple mind conditioning techniques but understand and appreciate the power behind them as they can change your life!

You already look at your phone regularly let’s be honest here? Why not be reminded of something that truly matters in your life. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Now its your turn! Comment below your favourite mind conditioning technique that you use. Or, comment any further questions and i’ll either update this blog post or i’ll create a new one if its a big enough topic.

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