5 Money Making Skills “WINNERS” Have or Develop

I want to share with you today 5 Money Making Skills “WINNERS” Have or Develop!

I want to share with you, through my perspective, skills that are absolutely “must-have’s” if you want to win at anything in life but most especially in business.

They are:

  1. Speed of Implementation
  2. Be Resourceful
  3. Get Creative
  4. Be Good With People
  5. Money Making Skills

These 5 Money Making Skills are absolutely something you want to be focusing on for the rest of your life!

Not only will they boost your income but they’ll also boost your LIFE in general as you’ll see 4 out of 5 of these attributes are 100% applicable to any area of life you wish to dominate.

Speed of Implementation

Let me be honest: I’m NOT the best at this! But, i’ve gotten 100X’s better over time at it.

I used to study my butt off, but not really implement a whole hell of a lot! As you can imagine at the best of times my results were poor to average at best.

I’m going to encourage you as soon as you learn what you need to learn get to work in making it happen! All the contemplation and planning in the world can be trumped by 1 correct action.

Learn to implement faster than not as it’ll take you much farther than merely learning.

The reason we don’t apply is because we doubt. And that doubt comes from our head, from our mind. That perhaps we can’t do it or are incapable of doing it. That’s not true and you know it.

Get out of your head, and get into the game! Go out and start taking action and adjust as you’re going along.

Be Resourceful

Money Making SkillsA lot of people ALREADY know EXACTLY what to do. But like point one they doubt themselves and hold themselves up as a result.

In order to have money making skills you must be resourceful.

Being resourceful means thinking beyond just “what do I do?” Chances are you ALREADY know what to do but you’re fearful of doing it and therefore procrastinate to the point of being overwhelmed by all you’re learning and NOT doing…

Stop that game already. You deserve to attain results and success.

Don’t rely on your mentor or coach to hold your hand every single step of the way. I mean sure ask them questions and for guidance that’s what they’re there for!

But, I never really found “myself” until I started being resourceful and thinking and implementing for myself instead of awaiting his every single reply which honestly just slowed me down.

If you’re honest you’ll probably find the same thing yourself.

Get Creative NOT What You Think

We all know the term “think outside the box” but frankly how many of us actually do that? Not many.
Its sad but its true. If we can just be a little more creative it’ll take us a long way.

By creative I’m not saying if you like to be sarcastic stop and be dry like a coach or mentor you’re following.

What i’m saying is infuse YOUR true personality, adjoined to your refined skills, and make whatever you’re putting out there YOURS.

People buy from people, which is a good segway by the way, and so you must be you. After all whose better at doing that than you?

Be Good With People

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say – I suck at this often lol.Money Making Skills

Well, the truth is that I have people skills just not every day people.

I resonate with people who want to talk about; business, personal development, movies, sports…

I don’t get along very well with people who want to talk about say; the news, negativity, TV and so on…

So, if you’re like me and you’re not the kinda person who can just be best buddies with everyone then pick your poison carefully!

And, what I mean by that is choose wisely the people you have around with.

Put out the right message so you attract the right people into your life, your business, and into your inner circle.

Some of he sadest things i’ve seen are when people desperate TRY to get along with others simply because of their position power or knowledge.

Whilst I appreciate the hustle and smart-headedness of this no one likes a try hard so just don’t.

Money Making Skills

Now this particular point doesn’t apply to life in general, or at least you may think, so before we get into what I’m referring to let’s first touch on how it IS applicable.

How Money IS Applicable to Every Day Life

Whether you like it or not the world revolves around money in the 21st century! Having money may not solve all your problems but it’ll solve most of them.

I used to kid myself saying that money wasn’t that important. That was a mind virus. That was a cop out of an excuse settting myself up for failure.

Money IS important. And if you think it isn’t. Stop paying for your rent or power bill or internet for that matter and what if you like the following result.

Back to the Topic at Hand…

Now, back to the point at hand. Money making skills may seem obvious but so many people miss the mark I felt I just had to include this.

I’m not talking about doing all the tasks a business requires of you cos that’s what you “have to do” NO.

What i’m referring too is focusing, especially at the beginning, on what REALLY matters to your business.

Me for example its content production. The more the better! The higher the quality then better still.

Every day I focus on how I can give more and more valuable content because as the great Zig Ziglar says “you can get what ever you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”


This his me in the head like Thor’s hammer when I first heard it over a decade ago and it still rings true in my ear to this day which is why i’m so high on content creation.

But, let me give you an example to break this down a little further…

Let’s Break it Down Like This

My business requires me to wear many hat’s all the time! Especially at the start, before I could outsource the tasks that didn’t true matter

Income producing activities are what I choose to focus on.

Here’s some NON producing skills;

1. Making my website pretty
2. Building complex funnels
3. Designing more business graphics
4. Studing more courses

And so on and so forth!

Here’s some Income producing skills;

1. Emailing my listMoney Making Skills
2. Creating blog content
3. Making a YouTube video
4. Networking with prospects

See how they’re both relevant to my business? BUT one clearly outlines what will make me money and the other is kinda just using up precious time?

Sure you have to do those things. But they aren’t what’s most important MAJORITY of the time let’s get honest.

Producing content is. Building relationships is. Giving value ALWAYS is.

Sure these may be the slow or long or boring game but who cares? I’m focused on money making skills to build a legitimate 7 figure business for life!

I hope you understand the distinction and choose the long game too… the long game will get you where you want faster then the get ‘rich’ quick route believe me I already wasted years being stupid, well maybe not stupid but certainly short sighted, and doing that.

Don’t be old Sam lol.

Money Making Skills Outro

At the end of the day if you want to be average just ignore this article. However, you’ve already read this far i’m guessing you’re motivated and you’re hungry!

Remember my 5 tip’s to Money Making Skills so you are successful:

  1. Speed of Implementation
  2. Be Resourceful
  3. Get Creative
  4. Be Good With People
  5. Skills That Produce INCOME

Follow these 5 money making skills and watch your business success come along faster then you can imagine! Especially the 5th and final money making skills tip of doing income producing activities.

Thank You For Sharing
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