3 Thing’s You MUST DO With Your Audience Daily

You MUST build your audience. Literally without one you’re wasting your time.

Okay, that came off a little hard but I wanted to make a point as to how important this is.

If this topic wasn’t important why would I blog about it right?

And, if it wasn’t important to build an audience why would you be here reading this?

So, I’m going to break this down for you further by covering these topics:

  1. Build Audience – Audience Building Methods
  2. Engage Your Audience – Engage Your Audience Social Media
  3. Sell to Your Audience – How to Sell Without Being Pushy AND Sell Without Selling
  4. Build Audience Summary – Your turn!

We are going to go deep with this topic cos its an awesome one thats well worth talking about! Here we go:

3 Daily Steps #BusinessBoost

Posted by Sam Nuku on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Build Audience

Again you must build your audience. There’s basically no two ways about it.

I mean how are you supposed to build a business without customers, or at the very least prospects right?

So building your audience is a must on the daily basis for your business!

And thats what your audience is – your customers and prospects.

So the first thing I wanna talk about is…

Audience Building Methods

There are many ways you can build an audience.

I’m going to talk about 2 in particular because thats where my experience is.

And that is how to build an audience with Facebook and how to build an audience with Youtube.

Build Audience – Facebook

build your audienceBuilding an audience on Facebook can take some time but it honestly isn’t as difficult as you might think it is.

Why is it difficult? Well, it all comes down to ‘reach’

And with Facebook it comes to about 7% these days so when you post something typically only 7 out of 100 Facebook see your post.

But, it also has an engagement part that plays in it so the more people who engage the better off you are!

We’ll talk about this later on in Engage Your Audience Social Media

With Facebook what you can do is add yourself to groups and answer questions that come through. By being helpful and providing value people will naturally add you. And it doesn’t matter if its blogging, social media marketing, or Youtube. If its a topic worth while its on Facebook. The other way you can do it is add people in your niche and comment on posts related to your niche and again lead with value as I always say 😉

Build Audience – Youtube

Youtube is a little harder because they don’t have congregating groups like on Facebook. So, what you have to do is put together valuable content that people will view, share, like, and comment. In doing so it’ll help boost your video to the first page of Youtube where most people find what they’re looking for. Read this here to find out how to write great descriptions to really help boost your video’s ranking chance.

With both platforms you’re basically aiming to provide value by being helpful through worth while content.

Engage Your Audience

Learning to engage your audience is key in both Facebook and Youtube.

And you absolutely want to engage with your audience on a daily basis to show you’re trustworthy, that you’re consistent, that you’re reliable!

More so in Facebook but there’s no doubt its important in Youtube as well.

People do business with people so be sure to engage your audience and start building your relationships with them!

In doing so you’ll build the Know, Like, Trust Principle thats so key in online business success you’ll definitely want to make the effort to achieve this.

Engage Your Audience Social Media

build your audienceSo, how do you engage your audience on social media? With Facebook its quite simple.

On Facebook engagement is everything. The way they’re doing things right now are basically people that engage with your posts will see your next few posts.

What do I mean by that? Its like this…

You ever noticed how you haven’t seen a friends post in awhile? Then all of a sudden you see one and you like it? Then you see like 3 or 4 other posts almost immediately from the past day or two?

Then you’re sitting there wondering how did this happen seeing as you haven’t seen anything for awhile from them?

Engagement… You engaged on a post so Facebook thought you’d be interested in other stuff that they’re doing.

Kinda makes sense and thats where the algorithm sits currently.

So you can use this to YOUR businesses advantage. And the way you do that is when people like your posts do something as simple as thanking them for doing so like this:

build your audience

This is classified as you engaging your audience on Facebook. And in doing so Faridah saw my next/last few posts on Facebook. Cool right?

The next tip is also my tip for Youtube: Reply to ALL comments!

No matter if someone is straight hating on your post or video reply to that comment. NOT commenting is seen as you not engaging your audience.

And again the whole point is to be helpful anyway so reply to all comments and do your best to ask a worthwhile question to keep the conversation going cos again… thats more engagement ensuring more people see more posts!

Sell to Your Audience

Yes you have to sell to your audience every single day.

And no you don’t have to be a pushy sleazy salesman as we refer to them being.

You don’t need to use cheap tactics or techniques.

You can be the trusted advisor/consultant on the job because thats where you’re really going to get long term value anyway.

I’ll talk with you now on why you need to sell every single day but be cool in the process of doing so 😉

How to Sell Without Being Pushy

build your audienceAs I mentioned just before you can actually sell without being pushy or sleazy.

How do you do that you’re probably thinking its impossible?

Well, there are actually amazing sales people all over the world.

And if you’ve ever noticed you’ve probably bought something, most likely anyways, not because you were tricked into it or stooped into buying but because you liked the person? You trusted them? And you believed what they said…

There in lies the golden nugget!

You can be the trusted advisor to the person. And this is the role you really want to be playing with your audience.

You must sell to your audience daily but the way you do it is in providing SO MUCH VALUE that people will WANT to buy from you.

I remember a story my mentor told me once; he said his first ever webinar he did scared the shiz out of him. So much so that he worked his way thru the presentation, then went to close it, and people were asking HIM what he had for sale?

His presentation was so powerful people were ASKING him to sell something. He threw a product out that he believed in and made sales even tho it had nothing to do with what he presented.

The reason people bought was because he became the trusted advisor to those people on that webinar.

Be that person. So to connect this with social media audience building strategies. Providing value on Facebook or Youtube give out valuable information, and do it consistently, so that when people are ready to buy they’ll come to you.

Sell Without Selling

My favorite part of selling is learning to sell without selling.

How the heck do you do that? Well, I already touched on it earlier on right? By providing massive value!

And in doing so you become the trusted advisor 🙂

Now, here’s where we take it to another level. Email marketing.

You might be thinking: really man? Seriously?! lol.

Yeah… seriously… why? Cos when 7 and 8 figure marketers speak I listen. And, they’re all saying the same thing – email is responsible for 80%+ of their revenue.

Got your attention yet? Okay… so with email marketing you want to use the Seinfeld Method of email marketing.

In doing so on a daily basis you provide huge value thru email. You do this enough… people will start thinking they want to do business with you.

Then they’ll start clicking on the links in your daily emails and before you know it you’ll be making sales. You’ll be selling without selling 😉

The other way to do it is to refer people to a system, like what I use, which does the selling FOR YOU.

Its the main reason I joined. Cos when I started out I was terrified of selling especially on the phone! To know that there was a proven sales method that professionals were going to walk my customers thru to take them from investing $49 to $2,497 of which I get a $1,250 commission and ongoing subscriptions too?

Yes please! Gimme some a dat all day every day! And twice on Sunday too why not 😉

Build Audience Summary

So, in summary I want to cover these 3 points again for you:

  1. Build Audience – Audience Building Methods
  2. Engage Your Audience – Engage Your Audience Social Media
  3. Sell to Your Audience – How to Sell Without Being Pushy AND Sell Without Selling

Again these 3 points are super important! And, if you can do this on a daily basis with the audience you’re building your business will be booming soon enough!

Which ‘Build Audience Tip’ was most helpful for you today? Comment below…

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