My Business Update

There may be some questions as to where I’ve been and what i’m up to asking for my business update.

I’ve been a little on the back burner just wanting to figure out my key focuses for the coming months ahead.

Recently I listened to a podcast from Brendon Burchard himself who talked about the power of focus. Especially for himself because he knew what he wanted to do. And realized that he wanted to do too much. So, he decided to focus on just a handful of things and focus 100% on them.

I believe very much in the power of The 1 Thing. And, as so I have decided on just 3 key things i’ll be focusing on moving forward.

I am still refining my message. And, how i’m going to go about delivering that exactly. But my platforms I’ve chosen i’m honestly very happy with.

  1. Blogging – so yes, keep coming back 😉
  2. YouTube – my most profitable platform be sure to subscribe
  3. Email – something I will master and am 100% committed to

My Business Update: Blogging

A lot of you may be asking with Social media and all the opportunities there why would I want to focus my efforts on something as ‘boring’ and slow returning as blogging?

Simple: SEARCH.

Here’s the thing. I will still do some social media. A little Facebook and a little Instagram.

But, in the end I want to do something that can gimme recurring revenue FOREVER. Hence the answer: SEARCH.

my business updateWhat do I mean by that? What I mean is that when you post something on Facebook or Instagram its available for a few days for people to see in their feed. 7 days AT MOST. Yes its still available thru your profile but hardly anyone ever goes thru looking at your content. I know, I’ve tested multiple platforms for almost a year now.

With blogging on the other hand, and more on this in the YouTube section, your content is available forever basically.

Especially if you write a good article that ranks. It’ll be available as long as that algorithm remains. And Google know exactly what they’re doing.

So my focus is to create great Google search content that I can rank for forever. This way even if they update their algorithm I know some content updating will get me ranked again.

Especially if its great content that people loved and engage with.

Blogging is my mid term focus. And what I mean by that is I know it’ll take 6 to 12 months of hardcore work to get consistent quality traffic from.

I’m fine with that however cos I know once I build it and have my footprint in the game its only going to get better as I continue to step it up or maintain.

My Business Update: YouTube

YouTube is my short to mid term focus. By short term I mean you can get results almost immediately. And that makes it super powerful!

But its also a mid term project because doing anything properly does require consistent effort.

I’ll build my channel to be a hub of amazing information. My goal at this point is to have 1,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

my business updateThis is a huge goal that I’m unsure I can honestly reach because I only have 281 at this point. And, the end of the year is only 3 months away. But its a worthy goal and well worth striving for!

YouTube is powerful because its the second biggest search engine in the world. And, shock horror its owned by Google!

So my plan is really quite simple: Create great blogging content, use that content to create a video, and leverage both platforms to my advantage.

And, i’ll use my social media channel’s to spread this message through out the online world.

Again, the main reason behind YouTube is SEARCH results.  And, once created the content will be available for my future audience to find and consume building my authority as they go to my channel and find more and more valuable stuff!

SEARCH is super power. Especially on video. We all know that we prefer video instead of text. So not having video in your arsenal is just asking for trouble. Some do prefer text however hence the blog as the other end of it to help with search exposure.

Basically my purpose for both blogging and video is to create valuable content ONCE and it be available for people to consume FOREVER.

I had a customer that here in 2017 alone paid me over $900 for a handful of videos, on a topic he loves, which I created over 5 years ago. See the power in that? #ContentMarketing is GOLD.

My Business Update: Email

my business updateMy business update for email isn’t necessarily something that I like but is impossible to ignore just like video with YouTube.

7 and 8 figure earners claim anywhere between 80% and 100% of their profits come from email marketing efforts.

I’m talking about big time marketing super stars like:

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Eban Pagan
  • Russell Brunson
  • and honestly the list goes on forever!

So in other words these marketing geniuses are making anywhere from $800K to 10’s of millions of dollars from their email marketing efforts.

I’ve always understood the power of email marketing. Even 7 years ago when I wasn’t doing email marketing.

When I heard the concept it just made perfect sense! There are so many notifications and distractions, especially now and it seems to be getting worse, you want a platform you can speak privately with your followers on… hence email 🙂

My Business Update Summary

Basically the goal between this 3 pronged attack is to continue what I’ve already done but furthermore to really focus in on it and take it to the next business update

More importantly i’m producing valuable content using that as my primary marketing method. Which I believe is the most powerful converting marketing method available.

And, then i’m using email marketing to convert my followers into customers hence building the business.

So now you know my entire game plan for probably the foreseeable future meaning 6 to 18 months as I continue to grow as a marketer!

Now its your turn. Comment below and tell me if 1 of these 3 focuses of mind are a focus for you and your business in the coming 18 months? If yes then why? If not, then why not?

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