How Did I Make My First $1,000 Online?

This question is something that I know sit’s on most peoples minds; How Did I Make My First $1,000+ Online?

Well, first let me predicate this with saying that it DOESN’T matter because I first got online and made my first $1,000 online 8 years ago.

Back then its almost irrelevant to this day! Seriously i’m not exaggerating.

Back then you could get away with something as simple as copy pasting links and make SOME sorta cash…

So, i’m going to answer this question in 3 ways to be fair:

  1. My first $1,000 what I did and how I did it
  2. My first $1,000 in online business
  3. My first $1,000 in marketing online

This gives you a real depiction of how I started at different stages of my life but also different stages of online businesses.

Ready? Let’s rock!

My first $1,000 Online – What I Did

How I Made My First $1,000 Online?

Posted by Sam Nuku on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So My first $1,000 online I ever made was actually through audiobooks believe it or not.

And no it wasn’t through affiliate marketing which would’ve been a much smarter way to do it.

Instead, I bought rights to certain books and put them into audio.

Also, I went and found classics that everyone, believe it or not, can produce RIGHT NOW and sell online.

I didn’t go through eBay because there was too much competition there but I went thru TradeMe.

This is New Zealand’s version of eBay and there weren’t a lot of audiobooks at the time which meant I could sell more and easier.

And that’s honestly what happened.

My first $1,000 Online – Audiobooks Biz

My First $1,000 OnlineSo how I did it was I dug up books which the copy rights had expired to.

I’m not going to go into detail because you can find a tonne of information online elsewhere.

Instead i’ll tell you my process.

I found public domain audiobooks or books which gave me the right to reproduce them and sell them to make a profit.

So My first $1,000 online was through audiobooks.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love audiobooks! I mean I listen to them daily and are a huge part of shaping my reality and where i’m at financially, emotionally, mentally…

I found these audiobooks, listed them on TradeMe, and then sold them.

Once I did that, due to TradeMe’s rules and regulations I had to create the physical product.

I used Nero to burn the discs and a Canon Pixma to print the discs and then lined up a local courier as a small business and got discount signature bags which gave me an extra $1.50 per sale.

In doing this within about 2 months I made my first $1,000 online 🙂 I ended up making probably close to $10,000 over a span of 18 months of doing this which helped with bills at the time but I wasn’t entirely focused on it.

My First $1,000 Online Business

Now, I never really saw the audiobooks as a business even tho technically it really was.

The thing is that it wasn’t predictable or reliable which meant it helped with bills I had at the time but I knew it was very limited.

So how I made My first $1,000 online business is through sports betting.

Yep SPORTS BETTING. And anyone in the knows understands that sports betting is just like trading the stock market.

So before you judge read and learn 😉

My First $1,000 Online – Sports Betting

My First $1,000 OnlineHow I made My first $1,000 online thru sports betting is a legitimate question.

Especially considering 95% of people didn’t make money or worse they LOST money gambling.

So how I made a $1,000 doing that was creating my own sports betting systems and investing in them.

It required A LOT of work and I still have profitable systems to this day stored on my hard drive.

Will I ever get into sports betting? Possible… as something to do but not as a reliable income.

So I had 2 ways of making money from sports betting eventually which was selling systems and memberships but also investing myself.

And, I made My first $1,000 online business with sports betting just thru investing my systems and it took me about 3 months.

It was very exciting but it wasn’t something I wanted to do long term. At the time I thought it was but no because of the limitations.

Sports books online are how I made my money. And these people monitor what you’re doing very carefully when you make money and they stop you from betting when you make 6 figures and I had bigger aspirations then that.

The other reason is that in sports betting people who purchase your products and memberships really expect to buy your system today, bet a million dollars, and be able to buy a Ferrari tomorrow.

I’m sorry but there is no business in the world that can deliver that. And sports investing is no different.

My First $1,000 Online Marketing

Now the third and final question which I believe my followers will be mostly interested in!

Learning how to make My First $1,000 Online wasn’t as complicated or took as long as I honestly thought It would.

With that being said I decided to get a mentor earlier on who gave me the perfect advice and that was the difference.

The way I did it was purchasing a license to have the right to sell this product on their behalf. Or not just sell it but to promote it also.

And I built an audience through content marketing which is honestly the BEST long term strategy you could ever apply.

My First $1,000 Online – Online Marketing

Now lets break this down a little further shall we?

Making money online was like sports betting – exciting but showed that majority of people don’t make it.

Why? Because the same problem… people had a gambler’s mindset!

They think they can buy into an idea, post links on Instagram or Facebook and make millions. My First $1,000 Online

Sorry but it doesn’t work that way frankly.

And, if you’re willing to do the work this business can be VERY rewarding but you do have to put in the work just like any other business.

I started blogging as a way of putting out content.

I’d then create a training video to accompany that blog post and put it on Youtube.

In doing that I offered people to join my email list which I email daily offering what I offer. And not in a sleazy way. But in a professional way that showed benefits but used stories and value to help people with what they’re doing. I call this the Seinfeld Methodology.

Doing this got my first customer which was worth over $1,600 USD and brought in a further $150 in passive income so it was worth over $1,750!

Not bad for one sale that I didn’t make right? Online business is powerful! And, thats why I’m in it.

My First $1000 Online Summary

As you can see there are many way’s you can make your first $1,000 online.

I’ve done it 4 times, and am on my way to my 5th, thru:

  1. Selling audiobooks
  2. Sports Investing and Membership
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing (I started counting again beginning of 2017 and i’m almost there 5 months later)

What you need to do is choose something that you’re passionate about, and that has a big enough market for you to make money long term, cos like with sports betting it sucked to get to the point to realise they limit your betting to less than 6 figures per year!

Question in the comments below any way you wish regarding my blog post on how to My First $1000 Online

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