My Perfect Day – The Things I’d Do On My Perfect Day

The other day I was listening to an audiobook and it asked the question: what would YOU do on your perfect day? As I thought more and more to myself I got quite excited! Cos my dream day is just that: A DREAM! I’ve certainly done all things pertaining to my perfect day but I’ve never lived a perfect day – I came close last Saturday tho.

This prompted me to think: I’d like to motivate my followers, readers, and watchers of my YouTube channel to also think of their perfect day.

Its a great feeling to have to be honest and I wish to give you that gift.

To take it 1 step further i’m thinking I’ll give you the * number of things i’d do on my perfect day to hopefully spark some ideas for you that perhaps have laid dormant since high school!

I hope to inspire you to the point where you’ll think many things yourself, and start working towards that perfect day you have in mind like I always do.

Not only that I want us to walk thru together what a perfect day looks like so you can really, not just listen and read, but start to create your own perfect day!

What Does a Perfect Day Look Like

So, what does a perfect day look like for you? Yes! Have you ever asked yourself that?

Cos at the end of the day, my perfect day is MY perfect day, but its really up to you what you wish to experience 🙂

A perfect day will have anything from 5 to 10 elements which are extremely valuable to YOU.

For me for example my Top 4 priorities in family are:

  1. My partner & kids
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Business
  4. Mindset

There are a few things that go into a few of these points because… LIFE lol.

But, for me in order to have a perfect day all 4 of those priorities must be a part of it if not ALL of it.

Describe My Perfect Day

My perfect day I imagine has great weather, blue skies with lots of sun, some white clouds and a gorgeous breeze!my perfect day

For me to describe my perfect day it also has to contact laughter and fun with friends and family.

I imagine things like good food, but also healthy too.

I think of something difficult I overcame in my business, which leads to high ticket happy clients.

I also think of things like basketball because I love the dam game so much!

A perfect day wouldn’t be complete without quality time with the love of my life.

It also wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have my babies in there too.

I’d also have to have my morning and evening rituals in there cos my mindset is highly important to me.

To describe my perfect day isn’t the easiest thing in the world but I’ve imagined it over and over again, time and time again!

I think its about time that I wrote it out and put it out there in the public to see what the response is like 🙂

My Perfect Day Story

So, here’s one of the first “my perfect day stories” I’ve written in 10 years:

I wake up at 5a.m and its peaceful… calm… waves rolling in to the front of our house where our private beach and property is… My kids and partner are sleeping still.

I get myself a litre of water, real water not tap, and get comfortable in my mind dojo and get into my morning rituals. I did my box breathing, visualising, goals review, and

my perfect day

Completed by 530a.m I then get dressed and head to a pick up basketball game which runs from 6a.m till 7:30a.m. I dominate and have so much fun against good basketball players who are also friends I love and respect.

I get home at 8a.m and have a shower then hang out with my kids playing with them for 30 minutes before I drop them to school.

I get home just after 9a.m and I work hard on my business. I discover a problem that is fixable and shows potentially profitable returns! As I work thru this issue with my team we uncover what the problem was. We have it fixed quickly and the sales start pouring in!

By 1pm i’m done working. My team takes over the remainder of the tasks as I go to enjoy the remainder of my day.

And I sit down to a healthy and very tasty lunch, as I break my 18hr fast, my beautiful wife has cooked for us. We enjoy this meal on our front deck as we look out at the ocean filled with gratitude for the tasty healthy food and the beautiful blue water view. Not to mention each other’s company!

After lunch we do yoga on the beach then for a quick dip in the blue clear waters. By the time we are done with yoga, a swim, and shower and get dressed the kids are home just after 3pm.

We spend our afternoons doing fun filled family activities! Today we hung out on the beach playing together. Laughing and being kids together. Totally filled with love we head into the house at 5pm and I sort out the kids while my gorgeous wife prepares a very healthy dinner for us all which we enjoy together at 6pm.

We do quieter family activities at this point of the evening once home work etc is done. Tonight we decided to play Monopoly. I lost but Jyrah won. We had a good game, a close one, but in the end he won – this is a good thing cos he’s super competitive! lol.

At 7pm the kids are doing quiet activities. Meanwhile my wife and I relax in the lounge watching a great movie together which was very enjoyable. At 8pm its lights out as we hug and kiss the kids goodnight. They tell us we’re the greatest parents ever. And, tell us thank you for a great day and say they love us. The movie finishes around 9pm.

At this point I go thru my evening ritual. I read 10 pages of a brilliant book. I drink a healthy detoxing tea. Do some meditation and check my business stats. I discovered again I had an awesome day with a clear profit of over $1,370 for 1 day of 4hrs perfect day

I get to bed by 10pm and have amazing sex with my wife! What?! BE honest your perfect day HAS to have perfect sex! Its too good not to lol.

11pm its lights out and we go to sleep as I put on night affirmations to continue to condition my mind for the next perfect day!

My Perfect Day Summary

So in summary my perfect day covers all my 4 passions and priorities of life:

  • My partner & kids (quality time and activities)
  • Health & Fitness (basketball, yoga, and healthy foods)
  • Business (4hrs spent, over $1,350+ profit)
  • Mindset (morning and evening rituals)

You can tell by my bullet points my personality type lol. And, you can tell by my priorities I know what I want in my life. Friends would be part of this list, for a couple of hours in the evening, but ultimately I can have an amazing day with or without them.

There’s no right or wrong answer: SIMPLY DO YOU. That’s the right answer. What’s awesome for me might be bat shit boring for you lol.

Build your dream life! Create my perfect day. Its a lot of fun do it, do it now, and review it regularly for motivation love life and inspiration 😉

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