The Know, Like, Trust Principle

What is the Know, Like, Trust principle?

Before I get into that lemme just set the baseline here: Its EVERYTHING!

The fact is that people buy from those they know like and trust that includes bigger brands also.

As a small business owner the know, like, trust principle is the difference between you making good money and no money at all.

I wish I were exaggerating but its the truth.

Even for big corporations like Nike and Adidas for example everytime an athlete does something negatively it reflects in millions of dollars in sales loss.

For us solopreneurs and small business owners the know, like, trust principle is a huge factor in our success.

The Know, Like, Trust Principle: Breakdown

Let’s break this down a little further but it really is as simple as its stated to be honest with you.

I’m telling you in fact that you should make this a company mantra and work towards its fulfillment.

The more of the Know, Like, Trust Principle you have the more success you will have in your business.

The Know, Like, Trust Principle: The KNOW

The Know, Like, Trust PrincipleWe all work to be known. I mean isn’t that why we advertise?

Or put our services out there so that we become ‘known’? Absolutely!

So the first part of the formula is that we MUST be known to the world so that we can start the process.

You can do this in a few ways free and paid for example;

FREE Way’s to build The Know:

And many more.. For PAID Way’s to build The Know:

  • Paid Facebook
  • Paid Youtube
  • Paid Instagram
  • Ad’s on Forums
  • Google Ad’s
  • Bing Ad’s

And many more.. Basically there are many way’s you can advertise, free or paid, to help get your companies name out there.

Depending on whether you want to approach the free or paid way of building the Know, Like, Trust principle is the first decision you need to make.

The Know, Like, Trust Principle: The LIKE

The Know, Like, Trust PrincipleThis may be a little more to get out there you’re thinking! But.. lemme tell you the truth..

We all have that attractive factor within ourselves whether you realize it or not.

What we need to do is bring more of that character to the fore front of our followers minds so that they can start to ‘like’ us.

The fact is that people buy from those they know like and trust and it must be all 3 so you must work on this ‘like’ part of the formula.

The way to do this with your online business, and even offline you can apply the same principle, is have the ‘networking mindset’.

This means that you always want to be building relationships. A great way to do that is to be helpful.

A big mistake many people like is they try to sell stuff ALL the time.

Now, lemme stop for a second.. there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell all the time I know I try to sell daily.

But, I build up my ‘good will currency’ by being helpful before I ask anyone about buying anything.

When starting out online you might think: How can I be helpful? I don’t really have much to share!

Uh, yes you do you just don’t know it yet.

If you learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday SHARE THAT because there is someone else out there in the same position YOU were in but now you’ve learned how to do that thing, right?

So learn skills that are valuable to other people, apply them to yourself and your business, and then start sharing/teaching what you’ve discovered.

Always keep the long term of the relationship in mind.

Don’t be trying to cash in all the time be helpful and people will naturally start to like you.

And, just like that you’ve built the 2nd part of The Know, Like, Trust Principle! Onto step 3 now and arguably the most important.

The Know, Like, Trust Principle: The TRUST

I think it goes without saying that TRUST is everything! Especially in our online businesses.

People are tired of being scammed and used and treated like numbers they want to do business with REAL people.

When I said that people buy from those they know like and trust I was being serious. And you need all 3 parts.

This is like a recipe if you only have 1 or 2 if won’t work you must have all 3 ingredients to make this really work in amazing fashions.

How can you build trust? Well, the first point is to carry on from the Like factor.

You want to be helpful. Do something to help people FIRST before you ask for anything. This’ll build trust.

And, the quicker the results and more tangible the quicker the will trust you.

Another way that we should build trust, and its my main strategy, is to put quality material.

It doesn’t matter if its a blog post, a Youtube video, a Facebook LIVE video, an Instagram post, an opt in lead magnet, or a paid course..

EVERYTHING I put out there with my name on it I do my best to give the best that I can because I want to gain peoples trust.

I want them when they see my name, Sam Nuku 😉, they think: quality!

Thats how you build trust when it comes to your production.

Be consistent. This one is huge also. We don’t realize how important this is to us all.

Be the person that always shows up. If you’re doing Facebook LIVE do it consistently. Whether its once a week or once a day.

For me for example I currently do 1 business video LIVE every day Monday to Friday and will eventually be DAILY.

I want people to think, Sam Nuku, yep he’s the online business guy and every day I see his videos: I’ll ask him about this business opportunity he’ll know!

See how that works?

If you’re the person who does Youtube video’s daily then make sure you stick to it!

Its really obvious with the Youtube video’s whose consistent and whose not because you can just go to their channel.

And its almost a graveyard of life and death, virtually that is lol, when you get there you see one video produced per month or 5 videos showed up one week and then nothing for 2 years.

Do you think people would want to do business with someone like that? I wouldn’t! Even if they had 100 valuable videos.

I’d rather do business with the person who did 1 video per week but showed up every week for the last 2 years.

Make sense?

Consistency is the key factor to so many factors of life, think about life habits and you’ll see what I mean, and frankly an online business is no different!

The Know, Like, Trust Principle: Stack Your Deck

Now that you understand what the The Know, Like, Trust Principle and how to go about building it be sure to apply it to your marketing daily.

More importantly work on the idea of Stacking Your Deck.

What this is is basically you building a good will currency if you will.

Every time you do something good you add a little more of the ‘cool guy virtual money’

The more of these cool things you do:

  • Useful blog posts
  • Helpful training videos
  • Meaningful Podcasts
  • Social media value posts etc…

The more ‘good will’ you’ll have in your fake virtual currency account. This is you stacking that deck.

Then, when you do ask for something like recommending a program for someone to buy you’ve already build the know, like, trust principle AND stacked your deck you’ll be able to start making some serious money.

The more you do for your followers, customers, clients, watchers.. the more you will stack the deck in your favor you will be able to cash in and make something worthwhile rather than the odd small sale here and there.

The Know, Like, Trust Principle Summary

I believe by now you are well aware of the know, like, trust principle.

And that people buy from those they know like and trust.

So go about applying this to your business immediately!

The quicker you implement the faster the results you seek will come.

Because let’s be honest.. tell me.. last time you spent money was it on a person or a brand that you knew liked and trusted? BOOM! There’s your answer 😉

Comment below: how are you going to use the know, like, trust principle in your marketing strategy moving forward?

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