The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing Success: Instagram and Facebook

This morning I was l was listening to some training on Instagram and heard a concept the woman called The 3 C’s. I started thinking, what would be my 3C’s of Social Media Marketing Success?

And thus was born this blog post! I do want to go in-depth not just touching base but talk about stuff you can implement today and see results.

I will breakdown how they’re applicable to each platform as well because each is unique into and of itself.

So today let’s discuss content. Anyone whose followed me for any amount of time knows i’m a content retard! Like, I love the stuff. Because that’s my biased, that’s where I get value from.

Not from people pitching me every single day. That honestly just annoys me.

Content is King! Always has been and always will be.

How you apply it to different market’s are where it is quite different in my opinion.

For example what work’s on Instagram doesn’t necessarily translate to Facebook or Pinterest to LinkedIn for example or even YouTube to SoundCloud.

They’re all platform’s to market your content but the way you do it is different for each one. Let’s talk about

Social Media Marketing Success Using Pictures

Social Media Marketing Success on Facebook and Instagram can be done in a number of different way’s.

I’ve seen it successful in almost every way you can imagine.

Facebook Marketing Using Pictures

Pictures are gaining the least amount of reach, how many people Facebook will show out of your friends at a minimum, these days but I still find value in them.

I believe the pictures need to be quality and convey a good message.

As Facebook is primarily for friend’s and family things like family pics, social outtings, animals are very popular.

How do you use it for your business tho? Good question.

The same way… you don’t have to but you can integrate your personal life with your business.

Just remember this however before you post something, especially something negative, ask yourself:

If I came to this (your) timeline and looked at the content would you want to do business with this person?

Wholesome pic’s of friends and family. Animals and kids, though some would argue they are one in the same lol, are very engaging for people so utilize those to build your brand of who you truly are.

Don’t go posting negative pics about drugs or alcohol or anything like that.

Take a minute to breath before posting drama and b.s going on in your family or with friends.

Stop the urge to want to complain about this or that because it just comes off very badly.

Especially if you don’t know the people and they’re looking at your profile for the first time? First impressions do count! As shallow as that notion is its a human reality and fact.

Instagram Marketing Using Pictures

As for Instagram? Wow! Pictures are just about EVERYTHING.

And the way you utilize that in Instagram is by using high quality pictures. As high as you can possibly find.Social Media Marketing Success

With Instagram its also less about you and more about your brand which is where its very different from Facebook.

Its also different in that its 80% more engaging then Facebook. And using basic strategies like the subscribers ONLY training will get you 10X’s more engagement. Seriously, no joke or exageration.

This is why i’m putting more and more effort into Instagram because the engagement is on another level. There’s a reason why Facebook bought it for $1 BILLION dollars back in 2012 they KNEW Instagram were onto something they couldn’t compete with.

As pictures are the primary method for Instagram you absolutely need to take it seriously.

And by seriously I mean pick brand colors, pick a brand theme, pick quality pics and a method in which you’re going to deliver them and stick to it.

When people visit Instagram profiles to decide whether or not they wanna follow they’re there because whatever they saw they liked, right? Or they wouldn’t have come to follow.

So it makes sense to have a similar theme, similar colors, similar message…

Click here to see an example of the new brand i’m building up for myself called YourSuccessCoachSam on Instagram and you’ll see exactly what i’m talking about.

Here’s an example of a motivational quote image, using my branding colors and layout, which I share on Facebook Instagram and will eventually spread it to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (all from 1 piece of content)

Here’s an example from Facebook:

Comment which one you're after? Coach Sam

Posted by Sam Nuku on Friday, July 7, 2017

And an example on Instagram:

Comment below! In what way's do you self-sabotage? #business #entrepreneur

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Social Media Marketing Success Using Text

Social Media Marketing Success: Using TEXT for FB and IG #OnlineBusinessTips

Posted by Sam Nuku on Monday, July 10, 2017

Facebook Marketing Using Text

You can apply content marketing using text with Facebook but not with Instagram – don’t lose hope tho I can easily show you how to repurpose this also valuable content. Don’t worry I got you!

So with Facebook when it comes to content marketing using text motivational and inspirational quotes work really well.

How do you find these? Get to reading! When you do that, or listening to audiobooks is the equivalent for my listeners, you’ll generate a tonne of ideas.

Otherwise, a simple Googling of Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, will give you a lifetime supply of stuff you can copy paste as your status.

Text with Facebook does get more reach then pictures do. I really don’t understand why.

My theory, and that’s all it is, is that when pictures became popular in 2012-13 marketer’s abused the reach it was being given and Facebook dialled all the way the weight it gave it.

So feel free to copy paste stuff, share what you read or what you listen to that caught your attention, and lastly – give credit if you’re directly quoting someone ok?

Can you do it yourself? Absolutely! Its what I do. I’ll see a quote that I like and I’ll put it in my own words and post it as mine then I look like a genius lol.

How can you apply this to Instagram? Well, remember I said pic’s are everything with Instagram.

What i’d suggest is find a common theme text type and colour and use a program like Canva to design great looking graphics and copy paste your quote into there. Now you have content for both platforms #winning

Social Media Marketing Success with Video

Video is without a doubt the most powerful of the 3 there’s no disputing that. But both platforms are once again different.

Facebook Marketing Using Video

With Facebook you can share normal video’s same from YouTube or Vimeo however you’ll get 3X less reach.

You’re better off directly uploading to Facebook a video as they’ll show it to more people.

Remember, Facebook and YouTube are both fighting for video supremacy. And while I don’t believe Facebook will ever win that battle you bet your sweet behind they’ll give their own videos more of a boost then anything you’ll ever share on Facebook directly.

If you don’t believe me try it yourself. Upload a little 1 minute video directly onto Facebook and then do the same thing on YouTube then share the YouTube video onto Facebook and see what happens.

You’ll get more views likes and comments on the video directly uploaded.

Instagram Marketing Using Instagram

Content marketing with video on Instagram I’ve seen in a few different way’s be successful but again to me some of it doesn’t make any sense haha.

On one hand I’ve seen people upload videos really just about themselves not doing much at all and it gets a tonne of views and engagement even tho Instagram is much more suited for brand building rather than personal.

It goes to show if you’re consistent, topic hint there, you can build your personal brand on Instagram also.

Very quickly, i’m not saying you can’t build your personal brand on Instagram i’m saying its better to build a business brand on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Success with LIVE Video

Why Facebook LIVE for Your Business? #Onlinebusinesstips

Posted by Sam Nuku on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Both Facebook and Instagram offer their own version of LIVE video and both have their advantages you just have to see it for what it truly is.

Me personally I prefer Facebook LIVE video simply because the content when done can be uploaded to your profile and from there you an repurpose, share, and engage way after the content is done. I mean last night I got a like on a video that was done over a week ago.

With Instagram its the opposite. Are you seeing now why Facebook bought them out? They’re the perfect complement!

Completely dominant social media platform that people love but so different in many way’s its everything Facebook isn’t and vice versa – a match made in social media heaven.

Anyway, so with Instagram you can do LIVE videos but once you’re done its gone forever. Well, at least for now anyway I don’t see that happening permanently to be honest with you.

How is that an advantage? When you build something engaging that people enjoy when they see you go LIVE they’ll WANT to watch KNOWING that this is their one and only chance to see this particular content.

See the power in that? Again, both are great in their own unique ways which is why its important to focus on and apply both in their own unique ways too.

Social Media Marketing Success Summary

I trust this training on social media marketing success was valuable to you! Or why else would you be here still reading, right?

We did cover quite a bit in this post. So make sure you get the free training shown in the images down the right hand side of this post so you can take your social media game to the next level with either Facebook OR Instagram – your choice!

Your turn now 😉 Please comment below which of these 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing Success are you going to apply today to gain some results.

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