Tools Of The Trade

Hi, Sam here.

As with all walks of life there are always tools that make a trade better. Internet Marketing is absolutely no different.

And on this page i’m going to share with you the tools that make this trade a lot easier!

My Tools Of The Trade

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Tool # 1

Email With GetResponse

GetResponse is a great Email Service Provider marketing platform. GetResponse is my distribution and communication channel for me and my customers.

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Tool # 2

Website Hosting

This is the starting point of all websites. Without hosting you cannot have a site. Hostgator is awesome for hosting in so many ways you’ll be glad you picked them.

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Tool # 3

A Domain Name

Everybody needs a domain, or a name for their website, in order to build a website. I’d recommend getting your name (eg. so you can start building your brand.

How To Setup Shop With Namecheap

Tool # 4

A WordPress Blog

WordPress is the foundation of my website and the blog is its life line. I believe every online marketer needs a blog. Its the best way to build your brand and bring in business or customers.

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Tool # 5

Online Business System

I believe whole-heartedly in this system! And, if you’re going to get serious about internet marketing this is a brilliant place to start.


Tool # 6

Click Funnels

This is what I use to quickly, easily, & professionally build all my pages! I used to pay hundreds for this sort of quality but not any more! I do it myself.

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Disclaimer: Some of the resources I’ve provided here are affiliate links but this shouldn’t put you off, because these are my tools of the trade, & I only endorse products that I like and use myself.