4 Considerations When Figuring Out What Does The Customer WANT?

Can you honestly tell me… what does the customer want?

More importantly… what does YOUR customer want?

No knowing our customers wants and needs is business suicide.

Obviously you need to know their wants and needs or you won’t know what to offer and therefore no one will buy.

In this blog post I really want to dive into 4 main topics:

  1. Customer want definition
  2. What does the customer want
  3. What does the customer need
  4. How to make money with customers wants and needs

All right let’s start breaking this down

Customer Want Definition

So what is the definition of a customer’s want?

In google the initial answer I found was this:

“A want is the desire for products or services that are not necessary, but which consumers wish for.”

Now that is some what accurate I do have to admit BUT a want doesn’t necessarily mean its NOT a necessity.

Dam, say that quick 3 times lol

Not all customers know what they NEED but alot of people know what they want.

That doesn’t make them wrong they just haven’t quite identified the true product needed but instead they just have a want to buy and want to put that to rest by purchasing it.

We’ve all had a ‘want’ in a moment, retail therapy comes to mind, then we get buyers remorse right? haha

But in that moment that want was real. And, its what we wanted at that time.

So why then do we get buyers remorse? Simple… the NEED wasn’t fulfilled… and we’ll talk about that shortly

What Does the Customer Want

What Does the Customer WantSo, what DOES the customer want? That really is the question!

Typically when it comes to purchasing there are certain things customer’s want and there’s nothing more you can do than to offer that particular product or service.

Whilst you may know the true desire or need for a product or service they aren’t ready nor are they interested in listening to what you have to offer.

Reason being is that most of us human being’s are emotional creatures. Scratch that MAJORITY of us are emotional creatures.

And, as a result we only see what we actually want.

So the real question is what DOES the customer want?

Your job is to figure out what the customer really wants and sell it to them.

That may seem shallow but that’s only half the formula to really making money and in fact probably only 30% maximum of the potential profits that could be made…

I do also believe that this’ll also help with this topic of uncover what does your customer want:

Let’s get into something a bit deeper:

What Does the Customer Need

what does your customer wantSo, what does the customer need? There’s a definite difference between the 2:

  • What does the customer WANT?
  • What does the customer NEED?

You must figure out BOTH. We’ll touch more on this in the next section of this blog post training.

For now, this is what I found re customer’s needs initially from Google:

“Every aspect of a market offering, including the nature of the product itself, is driven by the needs and wants of potential consumers. A need is a consumer’s desire for a product’s or service’s specific benefit, whether that be functional or emotional.”

So in other words what a customer NEEDS is something that they don’t necessarily want.

What you’ll also find is that a customers need isn’t always something they’re even aware of either.

To give you an example of a case study I learned about in a course once about the dating niche.

What men wanted were pick up lines they could use in bars to pick up chicks.

What they needed were personal development courses to develop their all around game.

Yes some really just wanted nothing more than pick up lines to get a chick home.

But, the surprising thing was that most guys really wanted meaning full dates and relationships and also weren’t even aware that what they needed was a complete make over from the inside out! (personal development in other words).

So, the example looks like this:

  • Customer Want: Pick up lines
  • Customer Need: Personal development

So, what did this business do? We’ll talk about that in this next section…

How to Make Money With Customers Wants and Needs

What Does the Customer WantThe ultimate question, of what this is really all about, is turn over right?

I mean you want to know how to make money from customers wants and needs, don’t you?

Its okay to say yes don’t feel bad about it.

If you’ve done all the hard work to uncover a customers wants AND needs, and more importantly have the ability to deliver a product or service that solves that issue then awesome!

You have the moral obligation, yes I said moral obligation, to deliver that product or service to that specific customer to serve their wants and their needs.

They’re going to buy either way as we’ve identified in the ‘want’ section so why not deliver both what they want and what they need while fulfilling that true desire with a viable product or service?

Moral OBLIGATION – commit it to memory!

Now, revisiting the example we were discussing earlier what did this multi million dollar online business do?

This is basically what they did:

Customers Want: Pick up lines – they offered free pick up lines for customers to have something of value for free to opt into their email marketing list.

Then, they used the emails to connect, engage, and educate people on what they really needed by:

Customers Need: Personal development – once prospects saw that the pick up lines actually worked they wanted to know more and only at that point would they dig deeper.

With daily emails coming thru providing value, connecting with people, offering great stuff for free thru email prospects opened up to what was now being recommended.

They would then buy the recommended personal development courses and even go to seminars offered on self confidence and defining true qualities wanted in a woman so the men would not only end up with everything they needed themselves but also wanted in a dream scenario.

Do you see how that works?

First, they delivered what the customer WANTED, then they delivered immense amounts of free value, then in doing so they created the know, like, and trust factor which they then leveraged that influence to provide what the customer REALLY needed.

Powerful stuff understanding and utilizing the two factors together in your business marketing plan!

What Does The Customer WANT Summary

So, I trust this blog post was helpful if you’ve read this far and well done to you for doing so!

Most people aren’t so committed so it already shows you’re ahead of most of the pack. Just keep going, okay?

Now its yours turn. Please comment below which of these points:

  1. Customer want definition
  2. What does the customer want
  3. What does the customer need
  4. How to make money with customers wants and needs

Was most helpful to you and please advise below what does the customer want, and what does the customer need, and if you don’t know either comment that also below so we can get you sorted

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