What is Money? An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Obviously you’re here because you’re searching for answer’s to the question of What Money Is?

I’m guessing you’re searching because you’re unsure where you’re at in your life.

Perhaps you don’t know how to feel about money, or whether or not you should feel guilty for wanting it.

I’m here to tell you: DON’T!

That feeling comes from social conditioning and is a MUST NOT DO if you want to be financially successful in life.

Why is this blog post an entrepreneur’s perspective?

Cos frankly the way business people and employee’s look at money is very different!

How did I create my perspective? By listening to and studying giants like;

  • Tony Robbins
  • T Harv Eker
  • Grant Cardone
  • Gary Vee and honestly a TONNE more…

So, Let’s break this down step by step before we go any further okay?

What is Money Definition

By definition as I found in Google Money is:

Most of the money in a modern monetary system is what’s called fiat money. Fiat money is money that has no intrinsic value but is used as a medium of exchange because a specific government deems it so. In Latin fiat means “let it be.”

Now, of course you’re thinking dude really? I came here to read your blog post so you can tell me something I already found in google? LOL no of course not!

So, let me share with you what money really is;

Money is a tool! A tool you can utilise to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve materially.

You see many people confuse what money is.

Saying that money is the root of all evil. That desiring money is greedy.

The conditioning comes from different institutions that are honestly simply trying to control you and your life through fear.

Don’t be. Be better than that! Go after the money you really want.

Set the goals, then start working towards them, and never stop till you attain it!

But, let’s dive a little deeper into this deep dark world known as money…

Psychological and Mental Conditioning of What Money Is

What money isI mentioned that there are institutions literally conditioning you to think money is some how evil.

That it is somehow wrong to want to make money.

They’re totally wrong and literally manipulating you as to what money is.

I don’t want to dive into the psychological side of why they do that, that’s your journey if you really want to know what and why, but rather i’d like to discuss the 2 main culprits behind these negative and debilitating social conditioning!

So who are the 2 institutions crippling your money mindset as to what money is?

1. Religion
2. Government

Whilst initially it may not seem like it let’s go a little deeper into this rabbit hole (mwahahahahaha! some what long evil laugh)

Religion on What Money Is

Whilst religion DOESN’T teach that money is the root of all evil it certainly doesn’t encourage most of us to make it.
And for some of us our spirituality conflicts with money because apparently its materialitic.

Which its not but thats another topic for another day 😉

For now what do religions really do?

They say having too much money and its being greedy wanting it but then what does every single religion have? It has a TITHE.

Which is somewhere in the ball park of 10% of your PRE-TAX (we’ll talk about this b.s shortly) and you give it willingly or you’re not spiritual!

If thats NOT a contradiction then I have NO CLUE what it is…

Its straight up hypocrisy to condition people to think and feel that way and pass a basket around AT THE SAME


Oh my lord i’m getting so fired up my fingers are burning from typing too fast lol.

So, understand that what books like the Bible really teach is that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil because it can create greed which leads to some pretty bad things.

But don’t fall for the idea of mindset that making money is bad.

What if you made $200,000 and had everything covered at $100,000 and then decided to give $100,000 to charity?

Does that make you a bad person?

However, what if you made $20,000 and you need $50,000 to cover all your costs?

It certainly doesn’t make you a bad person however it does make you selfish cos now you have to take $30,000 from somewhere else.


Government on What Money Is

what is moneyGovernment’s condition us daily whether you realise it or not.

And again i’m not going to get into the psychological side of it that’s for you to determine whether you want to or not and go find the answers yourself.

For the spectrum of this blog post i’m going to stick to fundamentals to drive my points home.

Through the TV and Newspapers and Radio we are conditioned daily to be poor and broke and that its okay.

How is that okay? Did you read the example above?

Where if you had money abundance you could literally give half away to help people?

But if you didn’t have enough you now have to take from somewhere or someone else just so you can survive?

I’m sorry if this is like hitting you with a metaphorical baseball bat but the truth is in the 21st century you NEED money in order to survive.

Remember once again what is money? Money is nothing more than a tool!

And, for government’s to condition us that its okay or that its the right thing to do to be broke and struggle every single day and then ask us for TAX?

Are you freaking kidding me?! Hahaha.

I know you’re feeling my fire on this particular topic thru the words i’m typing.

No i’m not trying to preach to anyone. I’m merely speaking my truth.

And if it resonates that’s awesome. If not feel free to remain in fear and be broke – not me! No thank you.

What is Money to Me?

This isn’t something I typically do but I thought i’d share with you my mindset of money.

As i’ve mentioned already a few times that what money is is simply a tool.

And we are the master’s behind that tool not the other way around. At least it shouldn’t be anyway.

So, if we look at money like a hammer can the hammer do anything without a hand controlling it?

Right… did you just have a light bulb moment?

I know I did when I first heard it! And, I sure hope its a financial/mental break through for you 🙂

Now that we’ve established that how do I utilize money? And, why do I want it in my life?

I want money so I have options!

One of the biggest challenges I have in my life at this point is that my kids live in Australia and my fiancee lives in Philippines.

Little bit of a Geographical issue one would say more of a challenge I like to say 😉

So here’s the thing… if I didn’t have any money who would I have to choose?

My fiancee or my kids?

And how does one even make such a decision?

Thankfully I DO have money and I spend majority of my time with my kids and travel back and forth to the

Philippines to spend quality time with my chosen one.

I am also using money to build a business and my dream is to have a $500,000 business pure profit per year – that’s cash money in my bank not some property that the bank owns and I owe 95% of the money too.

Who in the heck needs 500K a year? No one frankly lol.

But its my goal and I know reaching that goal will help me achieve a lot of my other goals because in the 21st century if you don’t have money you can’t do jack.

Don’t believe me? Think love is more important?

Try paying your rent with love and see how long you have a home.
Try paying your electricity bill with love and see how long you have power.
Try paying for gas with love and see how far your car will take you.

HAHAHAHAHA c’mon you gotta be laughing by now?

Am I saying money is more important than love? NOPE.

But i’m trying to get across that money IS important too.

And the real reason you don’t have any is because you have energy blockages.

Now blockages are beyond the scope of this post but at least now you’re aware you have them.

What is Money Summary

Now, now we’ve discuss quite a bit haven’t we?

We’ve broken down what is money complements of Google and yours truly.

I’ve also given you the 2 main institutions, directly or indirectly, influencing your beliefs on what money is.

And, i’ve given you my 2 cents (pun intended) on what I think money really is.

With that being said comment below what was your biggest take away from this “What Money Is” post?


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