Why Buy A Domain With Namecheap?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGZSnKeXp14″][vc_column_text]Namecheap: Buying a domain with NameCheap is a relatively simple thing to do.. ..

Buying a Domain with all provider’s is relatively simple…or is it? Or is it? Hmmm….

I’ve bought domains from many sources in the past. And whilst its a very simple task to get thru. Fact is that some providers make it alot more difficult then it should be.

I like namecheap because they do keep it simple. I’m technically challenged to put it lightly so i like to keep things stupid simple.


And thats my main point for namecheap. Its easy to buy a domain with namecheap & with such a simple task a simple provider is what we want.

For more rational reasoning of why you should Register a domain with namecheap:

  • You can register a domain as low as $5.47 a year
  • Generic top level domains available whether it be .com, .net, .biz etc
  • Country code top level domains like .de for Germany or .eu for Europe

Another reason, that is worth expanding on, that namecheap is good to look at is the security, convenience, & value all from namecheap.

There are some key features to consider that namecheap cover all:

  • DNS Performance: performance delivering across a global network of DNS servers.
  • Flexible Control: Advanced control panel allowing you to customize parking a page, nameserver registration, and domain push all included in every domain registration.
  • Solid Security: Every domain registered with Namecheap gets 1 full year of WhoisGuard privacy & 1 year of Comodo PositiveSSL certificcate for just $1.99. Finally registrar lock, grant modification rights and security notifications by email.
  • Support: I always harp on support when it comes to services! Namecheap are there for you. Just like HostGator Namecheap provide 24/7/365 support to answer your questions.

Basically, there are a multitude of reasons technical & rational to buy thru Namecheap.

Its easy to say that Namecheap make registering, hosting if you wish, and managing domains for you, & at an affordable price.

How To Buy A Domain Name With NameCheaps Service:

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So, go ahead & purchase your domain by CLICKING HERE NOW with Namecheap.

To Your Success! Make It Happen.

Sam Nuku

P.S. who have you bought from previously & what was your experience with them? Comment below now.

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