Why You MUST Give Away a FREE Lead Magnet

Are you aware of what a free lead magnet is?

I’m trusting you do because that’s why you’re here reading.

I’m going to cover this and a few other topic’s as well like:

  1. Lead Magnet Meaning
  2. Free Lead Magnet and…
  3. Create Lead Magnet

First off before we get into it do you know why you should give a lead magnet away for free.

Do you know why that is? I’ll cover that too so by the end of this post you’re well aware and educated on the topic.

At which point you can create kick a$$ free lead magnets that your prospects WANT to sign up for!

Lead Magnet Meaning

The meaning of lead magnet is quite simple in my opinion but it was confusing when I first started.

And not for the term’s meaning but as to why… we’ll talk about that soon for now let’s focus on what I’ve learned over time:

Basically what it is is something you’re going to offer someone to get their name on your email list.

Free Lead magnets are also known as;

  • Content Upgrades
  • Ethical Bribes

I’m confident there are other names but off the top of my head these 2 are the only 2 I can think of.

What about a tripwire? No. A tripwire is a low cost product someone buys typically priced between $7 and $17.

But the names content upgrades and ethical bribes both point to 1 thing:

A free lead magnet is to be given away for something… and for us online marketer’s it should be for an email list.

Why email lists? Let’s explore…

Email Marketing – Building a List For Max Profits

Email marketing is still to this day the most profitable form of marketing.

And the reason being is that you have people’s undivided attention when they open that email.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram or even Youtube there’s so many things fighting for their attention.¬†FREE Lead Magnet

Attention is a legit commodity these days and all businesses are fighting for their customers.

So email is powerful because you have them 1 on 1 with no one else bothering them.

This is your opportunity to really connect and get your message across to them with little to no interruption.

This is why having a free lead magnet is so important!

Giving them something, of value not crappy, will make people want to opt in for your email list in exchange for the cool free lead magnet you’re offering.

Then you can use the Seinfeld Method of emailing to ensure you start banking on those subscribers!

Free Lead Magnet

If you’re new or just getting going with this online marketing thing and you’re not 100% sure what’s going on here you may be wondering… why a free lead magnet?

The reason being is that giving away a free lead magnet build’s unspoken, really subconscious the know, like, and trust factor.

And that’s really what your goal is with online marketing as a solopreneur because that’s when people will say subconsciously “yes, I want to do business with this person”

At which point you have them.

And it starts with a free lead magnet you can put on your video content or blog content or even audio if you’re doing Soundcloud or a podcast.

So yes absolutely having a free lead magnet, free being the key word, is really quite important.

You WANT to exchange a free lead magnet, with something of value, not just cheap crappy worthless PLR material for example.

Spend the 30 minute’s to create a content upgrade or building an ethical bribe so people know you actually give a dam.

I’m sure you’ve downloaded a free lead magnet before only to be highly disappointed with what you got.

That’s me often with graphic/image magnet’s because i’m not exactly visual I prefer an instructional video or pdf.

To each their own the lead magnet format isn’t necessarily important just make sure its worth both theirs and yours time and efforts.

But, you understand now why you need to give a free lead magnet away right? Good! Let’s keep going

Create Lead Magnet

Now this is a topic that is ALWAYS confused. And it really comes down to a question:

How do I determine WHAT to give away for free?

I won’t really get into depth, because honestly thats a training in and of itself, and i’ll probably blog about it soon enough anyways.

But, basically what you want to do is in a blog post or training video you want to focus on teaching WHAT someone needs to do and WHY they need to do it and then use the HOW TO as the free opt in. Did you get that? It can be a little confusing but just continue to re-read that and i’m sure you will. Its one of the best way’s I ever heard on how to figure out the contrast.

And I use that mindset whenever i’m looking to create a lead magnet to give away.

I urge you do the same thing! It’ll really help you figure it out.

How to Create Lead Magnet

So diving into the how to a little further I will say this: its NOT as confusing or in-depth like its been made out to be.

Far from it in fact sometimes simple really is the best!

What kind of free lead magnet do you want to create?

I mean when it comes to a pdf its as simple as; right click, save target as, and choose the pdf version – DONE!

Want to create a video lead magnet? There are so many tools you can use to do this free like screen-o-matic for example.

It really is that simple, don’t need to make it any more complicated, even tho the tendency and biased is to. STOP!

With lead magnet’s you really only want to teach 1 more step because that’s all people are concerned with at that moment in time.

If you’re wanting a lead magnet checklist ¬†then, click here to learn more, cos I know that’ll help you out a lot with this stuff.

Now, in terms of the content it self? You really want to look at this Content Upgrades blog post I’ve done which really explains in much better detail.

But, if you don’t want to basically you want to create something that’s relevant to the content you’ve just put together. Its what they’re interested in it only makes sense to give them more. Especially if they’ve consumed YOUR content to the end!

A lead magnet example let’s say you write a blog post about email marketing then you could create a free lead magnet about 5 tip’s for more profitable email marketing.

Got it? It really is that simple! How can that be? Quickly let’s touch base…

When it comes to content people want they just want something that’s helpful.

It does’t have to be a $97 course because chances are all those topics and all that information is actually going to overwhelm them!

That doesn’t help them OR YOU so what’s the point?

1 piece of content, 1 purpose, that should be your focus for all content and that includes your free lead magnet you’re putting together.

Free Lead Magnet Summary

I trust this blog post was really helpful for you which is why you’ve read this far!

And, I thank you for that like i’ve said before people’s attention is the world’s biggest commodity which is why all corporation’s are fighting for it from Coca Cola to Facebook.

So what now? Well, if you found this helpful then go and implement this stuff!

Also, download this blog post’s content upgrade and put it into action along with anything you’ve read here that was helpful.

Finally, please comment below and tell me what part of this free lead magnet blog post was most helpful to you and your business and any questions you have!

Thank You For Sharing
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