WordPress Website Review: Well, Sort Of Not Really!

This is not a full review on WordPress. There are plenty of pages & info out there about just that.

Instead, I thought i’d share how i’ve used wordpress in my business to build my website. So, this is probably more of a tutorial post then a full WordPress Website Blog Review.

WordPress is amazing. And, I thought it was difficult! How wrong I was. Its seriously as easy as using Microsoft Word.

You add in your text. You can ‘Add Media’ for videos & pictures. You may be thinking…. that sounds easy? Well, that’s because it is!

What’s best? 4 things in my opinion.

wordpress website review

  1. WordPress is FREE: You simply need to connect it to your site (easily done thru your hosting provider).
  2. Plugins: You can add ‘plugins’ which allow you to do really cool things with your site (and you can do alot of it free as well)
  3. Customization: You have full 100% control of your site! No one else controlling what you do & how you do it
  4. Tutorials: WordPress is SO popular (1/4 of all internet sites) there are a lifetime supply of free tutorials through YouTube to learn anything you want

—Breaking It Down A Little Further—

WordPress is FREE: Site builder’s out there can cost as low as a one-off-payment of $67. Which is actually more of a plugin then a stand alone site & is a terror to install. Its going to cost a fair bit more just to have a professional install it. On the higher end you can see to the tune of $30 a month. Which is seriously like 3 times the price of quality hosting.

Plugins: Plugins are something i’m seriously addicted too! And, I have to be careful as to not overload my WordPress Website & actually even my WordPress Blog because there are so many cool plugins you can put into your site that actually can slow your site down if you’re not careful. Installing a plugin seriously takes 5 seconds. Search my site for WordPress Tutorials including installing plugins & what plugins are best to use & keep your site working for you.

Customization: I love the fact that I have full control of my blog & website. Using previous site builder’s I wasn’t allowed to essentially do what I wanted to do. Which is completely against my #1 belief in the online world: Build Your Own Brand! See, when using a site builder you’re more building their brand then yours. And, you’re paying THEM to do it! With wordpress I do what I want, when I want, how I want.

Tutorials: Probably my favorite point of all. With wordpress being one of the dinosaur’s of the internet age there are a TONNE of users. As a result there are a lifetime supply of kick ass free tutorials available on YouTube! I love YouTube for LEARNING & marketing/advertising (free value giving). I have my own full list of WordPress Training Tutorials up! If it’s not there right now be back soon because you’re going to love what I share.

wordpress website review

If these 3 reasons aren’t enough to convince you to stay away from those Site Builder’s out there then consider some more rational reasoning behind the purpose of using a WordPress Website or WordPress Blog:

  • WordPress Websites power 24% of the ENTIRE internet. With that much presence you have to assume they know what they’re doing & that they’re kind of good at it. Let’s put this into perspective. Everyone know’s Nike & their ‘Just Do It’ slogan. Did you know here in 2015 they have a market share of athletic footwear of just Nike Market Share? WordPress has 24%! In other word’s as it pertains to their relevant market’s WordPress is actually doing a better job than Nike is. Just saying…
  • WordPress download’s are in the region of 50,000 per DAY. These are some seriously insane numbers! In fact there are 34 countries with ENTIRE populations less than what WordPress get’s NEW CUSTOMERS on the daily. Number’s don’t like & there are certainly powers in them. Surely, this many people can’t be wrong? If they are then i’m proudly one of them lol.
  • Search Engine & SEO friendly (plugins will make this super easy for you). Whislt I don’t necessarily condone SEO as its popularly known for I practice SEO daily to ensure Google understand’s what my content is all about. Not attempting to cheat the system for higher visibility. More on this another day 😉
  • Easy to use. When I initially delved in the reason I used site builder’s is I thought it was difficult. Boy was I wrong! It was just as easy as using a site builder. And furthermore It was very satisfying learning to visualize, create, & birth a site! Seriously its crazy. WordPress Is so easy I liken it to using Microsoft Word where there’s some basic options to use & provided you know what’s what its pretty dam simple.
  • Use your own domain name. Not a generic software built one you have no choice over. Site builder’s & network Marketing blogging systems are good internet of them already being setup (saving you maybe 1hr – no exaggeration) BUT they limit the customizability which means you can’t truly make it YOU. You can’t build your own brand. And, guess what? I came to learn that if they don’t like what you’re blogging down they can simply shut up shop on your business. You think with 50,000 new daily customers wordpress cares? NOPE.

When there are organizations like TIME magazine & CNN news who build their websites & blog’s using WordPress themes and WordPress templates you have to assume they KINDA know what they’re doing 😉

I love wordpress! And, I think you will too. Whilst I could go on & on & on about it the best thing is to just Go ahead & connect your website with your hosting, then go to your C Panel, & get your WordPress Website or Blog going with just a few clicks.

Want assistance to setup your wordpress website or blog? Watch this tutorial:

***This isn’t my tutorial. Skip to minute 5 & Have your domain ready to go***

[huge_it_video_player id=”3″]

To Your Success! Make It Happen.

Sam Nuku

P.S. What wordpress tutorials would you like to see? I’m building my how to’s & anything you need to know i’m happy to put in there for you. Comment below!


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