40,000 Reasons Why This Sales Funnel Example is Wrong?

In this blog post I want to give you a sales funnel example and why it can be so confusing!

There are a few things I want to discuss like:

  • Sales Funnel Meaning
    • Why complicated sales funnels are stupid
  • Sales Funnel Example
    • Sales funnel danger
    • How to Connect and Engage thru email
  • Sales Funnel Stages
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Conversion
    • Lead Optimization

My purpose for writing about this today?

Recently I saw a sales funnel example which honestly is so wrong!

And this is how people get stooped into paying $40,000 for a ‘done for you funnel’ that you can actually model and put together YOURSELF in just 1 day for no more than $200-300.

First and foremost we must lay the foundation so:

Sales Funnel Meaning

So looking thru google this is the initial sales funnel meaning I found:

“The definition of the sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model.”

So yes this is a great definition it really goes into detail but it can be made even simpler.

For me personally the meaning of sales funnel is simply the process which we take someone thru from prospect to customer.

That is all, nothing more nothing less 🙂

Complicated Sales Funnel Stages Are Stupid

In this video I go further into literally why complicated sales funnel stages are stupid:

Sales Funnel Example

So the image I was talking about as to why i’m writing this blog post today is right here:

Sales Funnel example

This is where we’re going to spend the bulk of out time today we’re going to break down why this sales funnel example is wrong and how its $40,000 DANGEROUS for you!

Sales Funnel Danger

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we’re new is shiny object syndrome. Basically we buy up the next latest greatest thing.

Then we get to a point where we think we kinda know what we’re doing and learn about this sales funnel thing and we’re basically convinced thru fear based competitor driven marketing that we need some complicated sales funnel that only gurus can build us that we have to pay $40,000 for!

F*** NO!! Don’t fall for that b.s.

Sales Funnel Example is WRONG

So whilst this graphic looks awesome its totally wrong.

Email marketing isn’t the top of the stages nor is it used for lead generation. We generate leads thru our website but a better definition is content, noted here as Stage 2 but should be Stage 1, and email marketing is really stage 2 and 3 combined.

You see when you generate leads you use email marketing to connect with people personally and privately.

With social media out there on Facebook and Instagram its very easy to lose peoples attention.

And whilst the landscape is different it really is the same thing with YouTube also cos people can just quickly and easily click on the next cool video that grabs their attention.

On the other hand however email marketing is 1 on 1 time. Just you and your prospect or customer or client.sales funnel example When they’re reading your email, when they click that open button, there is nothing else that has their attention at that point in time.

Your job, at this point of the sales funnel, stage 2 as I said NOT stage 1, is to engage them with info-tainment.

This means you have to provide them 2 things;

  1. Info: information that’s valuable that makes it easier for them to justify spending their time on YOUR email you’ve written to them
  2. Tainment: entertainment! We all want to be entertained, well majority of us anyways. So we must make our content entertaining so that we can engage and connect with people.

How to Connect And Engage Thru Email

Email marketing is often confused as some big technical and confusing thing but really its not.

Yes its a skill that needs to be refined like any other skill whether it be doing a LIVE video, Facebook marketing, or a content video for YouTube, or even a blog post for your website.

Sales Funnel ExampleI received some of the best ‘writing’ advice I ever received from my mentor and was confirmed by something I heard from the great Dan Kennedy which was to…

Make all your writings as conversational as possible.

What does that actually mean? It means write just like you’re talking to a friend.

So don’t stuff your content with keywords, don’t be so instructional you sound like a robot, write just like you’d talk with someone and that applies to everything:

  • Video whether its LIVE or Youtube
  • Blog posts for your site
  • Emails for your subscribers
  • Social media posts…

People subscribe to our email lists cos they like something about us not because we sound like someone else.

So when someone says yes, I like your content upgrade, and I like you – at that point they opt in and they want to know more about you and the lead magnet you’ve offered.

So, now that i’ve stated what IS wrong what should the sales funnel stages look more like?

This is what my thoughts are:

Sales Funnel Stages

Sales Funnel Stages 1: Lead Generation

This is the stage where you are create more leads for your business.

That means you’re taking people from just being followers to actual subscribers.

Like taking someone from watching your YouTube videos to being an email subscriber.

Sales Funnel Stages 2: Lead Conversion

Once you turn people in stage 1 to stage 2, which is from follower to prospect then you can work on lead conversion.

Lead conversion is a fancy way of saying you want to turn a follower into a paying customer.

At this stage we want them from;

“hey, you’re interesting” to “hey, I wanna work with you”

So they’ve gone from spectator sitting on the side line checking you out to paying customer saying you’re worth it and very interesting I want to work with you.

Sales Funnel Stages 3: Lead Optimization

Sales Funnel ExampleStage 3 is lead optimization because once you make someone a customer you also want to make as much money as possible.

This is honestly where integrity is highly important and a lot of people really fall off.

They make a sale and completely forget about their customer not realizing they’ve done all the hard work this person is your best chance of making real money moving forward.

People who’ve actually spent money on you really believe in you and your product and badly want to be a part of it!

Its now your job to optimize your lead by offering them the best possible products and services to help them along with their journey and whatever else they need help with.

This may seem wrong. Trying to ‘get more money from someone’ but actually that’s not the point at all.

The point is you’ve been thru the ropes yourself, so you know what tools are most helpful, which courses and training is most applicable, or what business is best suited for their personality or goals.

Isn’t that better than not offering anything else and they end up spending $20,000 unnecessarily with some ‘guru’ that isn’t what they’re trying to learn and costs 10X’s more than what they should’ve learned elsewhere?

Isn’t it better that you show them which tool is most helpful for their situation instead of wasting 6 months testing different tools and wasting their time and getting tech-frustration?

So yes its absolutely your job, i’d even say your moral obligation, to optimize your customers to help THEM not just unnecessarily sell them shiznit… okay?

Sales Funnel Example Summary

So we’ve covered quite a bit in this blog post that’s for sure.

Definitely enough technical stuff for the time being anyway, don’t you think?

But for now please comment below and tell me… was this sales funnel example and break down useful for you and would you like to see more of this type of content in the future?

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