7 Step’s to YouTube Video Optimization

When it comes to ranking our video there truly is a formula and now i’m sharing my 7 Step’s to YouTube Video Optimization.

In this article I will share with you the 7 Steps I take to optimise my most important videos that I want to rank.

Later on I will give you my guide to also further maximise your opportunity to rank your video in Youtube and in Google.

Follow these 7 steps to ensure that your videos have the best opportunity to rank in YouTube and in the search engines.

YouTube Video Optimization 7 Step Formula

Youtube Optimization #1. Rename Video File YouTube Video Optimization

The first thing that I do is I rename the actual video file on my computer BEFORE I actually upload it to Youtube.

What do I mean by this? It can be a little hard to explain so instead let’s walk thru it step by step by picture.

First, Find the video file you wish to upload

Second, right click on the file itself and click ‘rename’

Third, Rename the file to your main keyword for your video then push enter

Fourth, now your vidoe is ready to be uploaded to Youtube for the next steps

Youtube Optimization #2. Video Title

This step is much simpler when you upload your video you will see available options for you to fill out before releasing your video into the Youtube stratosphere.

Let’s start with the video title..

You want to use your keyword FIRST somehow.

There will be times where you’ll need to get creative in order to do so but it is always do-able.

Secondly, you want to use the keyword again IF POSSIBLE but if not its okay.

What you’ll want to do instead is find related keywords for example in Google or Yahoo or better yet Youtube keyword suggestion and use it in the second part of your title.

For example what I would use as a keyword title in this case is something like this:

Youtube Optimization: Youtube Video Optimization Tips 2017

Whilst 2017 isn’t there it IS 2017 so it’d make this video relevant and no doubt people will search for it for the rest of the year.

Alternatively, you could use something from Google for example if Youtube doesn’t give you a suggestion you think fits with your video title:

Use your keyword at the beginning, and if possible, duirng your Title description

Youtube Optimization #3. Video Description

I’ve already written about this particular topic in much more detail which you can read here.

But, let’s touch on it briefly here in case you don’t have the time tho be sure to go another time and read the full write up it’ll give you much more detail.

1. In the very first line add the keyword first: Then your URL you wish to promote Followed by the second part of your video title:

Youtube Optimization http://samnuku.com/ how to optimize youtube videos for seo

2. Write your mini blog post: write up using the keyword, where its POSSIBLE, meaning don’t just stuff it in there every possible chance, optimally every 50 to 100 words is what I do.

3. A feel good ‘thank you’ statement: reinforcing the value of the training you’ve put together along with a call to action.

4. Related Keywords: I always add ‘Related Keywords’ section to advise youtube and the search engines what this is all about

5. Add a “Share: URL” so that bloggers and people on social media sharing know what the original source of the video is and can find you to subscribe for more.

6. Video Category: Put into a relevant category tho try to stick with 1 for all your content

7. Tags: Add relevant tags

Here’s an image of a video i’ve done that covers these elements described:

 YouTube Video Optimization

And the video itself is here:

Youtube Optimization #6. Thumbnail

Name your thumbnail file your keyword & choosing something engaging or intriguing

Youtube Optimization #7. Call to Action

At the end of every video be sure to have a call to action. Give a direct command. And keep the instructions to 1 or 2 ‘things to do’

YouTube Video Optimization Training

To help you out even more here’s the Subscribers ONLY training for making your YouTube Chanel look professional to maximise your chances of getting more subscribers and therefore more business:

YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube Video Optimization Summary

So, I trust this article was helpful to you in your quest to rank more videos on YouTube.

YouTube is an amazing platform well worth taking the time to master it!

I broaden my YouTube knowledge by studying high-end courses every month so I can keep up with what’s happening. In turn I relay all of this information to you; my loyal reader.

So thank you for reading! Now, its your turn to write and share 😉 Comment below which of these 7 YouTube Video Optimization strategies are you going to implement immediately to ensure you start ranking higher for your content?

Thank You For Sharing
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